Monday, September 26, 2005


The aftermath of working during the Warehouse Sales was terrible. Sore leg & body, got slight sunburn. Last Saturday & Sunday, woke up even earlier than normal weekday to travel to Northport, Port Klang (the location of the warehouse sales). Terrible!!! I do not care how much they going to pay me on the weekend but overall my weekend was spoilt and the car I am travelling with my colleague who was driving got booked by the police for speeding while we were on our way back. Sucks! Job management, I can tell you Korean culture is totally different from any other company. But so far I had been sincere with LG, it is now my 4th year here. I do not know and I cannot promise how long I will stay here. If there is a bigger opportunity with a bigger responsibilities for me to take care, why not right? My designation here is Assistant Product Manager but sometimes I feel my jobscope is too large, if not it is huge!!!

On the question from my beloved friends who visited this blog on my marriage. Many just wondering. No worries ya, my sincerity, my love, is not the question. To get married is easy but to maintain a healthy and hold this kind of responsibility we must think over properly. Anyway, I already told my gf's parents that we will be registering next year. It is confirmed! To officially hold the wedding ceremony, I do not think it is possible at the current moment, cos my and my gf expectation of a wedding is so high. Our dream wedding dinner, we want to hold it in a Mandarin Oriental ballroom, with a nice backdrop, no fancy fancy karaoke session but a 3 piece band to play some classical music. A very particular Mat Salleh style of wedding. Many said why spend this kind of money on a wedding but if we seriously want something to remember, something to resemble the true meaning of eternity, then why not right? Then there is engagement ring, wedding ring and photo session at Cover Shot. So all this might happen only in my 2 years time lor. So many things to think off.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Working Life... Duh!?!?!?!?

Lots of people might want to join this company, some may envy me being in such a big company like LG but frankly speaking working life sucks here.

Stipulated in our employment contract, we supposed to work starting from 9am~6.30PM, but actually we have to punch in by 8am every morning, the HR is monitoring everyone at executive level and above. And normally we work like mad dog until middle of the night.

And tomorrow is a Saturday, shit we have to be in Port Klang warehouse for warehouse sales. Saturday & Sunday have to work also. No quality life, and not being rewarded as we are suppose to get.

Damn! I complain and yet I still love to stuck here. Funny huh?


Finally my girlfriend moved in with me. Yes, we are staying together now and I believe a lot of people had been asking me when am I going to settle down. Well, we (me & my gf) had planned to get register first perhaps next year. Will inform you all. But to officially hold the wedding dinner and etc it might be 2 years from now lar.