Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Too much to say about November. It should be one of my best month as my birthday falls in the month of November. There are too many uncertainties which I am confronting now. Career & work, politics in the office, rumors & gossips, all this does not help to motivate myself to be the Michael Song I am used to be.

Last monday (28/11), I received a call from my brother. It was one of the worst and shocking call I had ever received. I was told that mom got liver failure problem. My mind was blank and black out for a moment, I decided to go on Emergency Leave. I came back to office to delegate some of my tasks to my colleague for him to follow up, I thank and owe him a lot (Chai) on this. When I was about to leave, I informed my superior as well, and he asked me to delay my trip back as there were critical issues back in the office, I looked at him and told him nothing is more critical than my family and rudely answered him back.

From that moment on, I totally give up on my new superior. I just changed to a new superior without prior notice. I miss my old boss a lot (Jung), the good and bad times, the laughters, the jokes, I miss them all. I really really miss him and got this urge to talk to HR to transfer me to IT department. In life it is all the same, happiness are the key to everything. Even in work and at work place.

There are too many uncertainties in my work place. One day they can say this the next day change without prior notice and with immediate effect. I am uncertain too how long can I live in this organisation, I am uncertain of my work, who knows one day they will transfer me to another department. I am uncertain who is my boss, I am uncertain who will leave and who will stay. I am uncertain whether our ideas, our suggestions as a product management team will be respected or not. I am uncertain whether our product can sell or not. I am uncertain whether all managers can be trusted or not.

They stressed on trust management and LGE Way, with all this uncertainties who care about LGE Way anyway?

But one thing I am CERTAIN, my love, my care for my family, my girlfriend and my friends. This is on top of everything in life. When you are at the lowest point of your life, it is your family, your love and your friend to back and cheer you up. In work, everyone is selfish (I am not saying some of my very nice colleagues), everyone fight to eat the same pie.

So my friends out there, let us wish for the best to come along the way. No company is perfect, it is us to motivate ourselves to work and carry on in life, when other opportunities come along, grab it and no regret about it.