Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My New Hairstyle

I just got my hair done. New hairstyle, and this is the first time I ever did something like this to my hair. Lots of positive comments so far and of course feel good about it. Will maintain it while it is still hot! Anyway, my next mission is to reduce weight. 10KG to go!!! Go, go, JIA YU!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Went to consult doctor yesterday, was not feeling well. Flu and coughing like hell. Doctor prescribed me some medication and one day MC. Stayed home do nothing much, just play PS2 whole day.

Today back to office, still unwell but still manage to finish most of the stuff my boss requested me to. But now approaching late evening, headache like hell, so heavy, everything tumbling down. Need some rest. Arrgghhh...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Miss Those Days

I was looking at some old pictures last night while working on my desk and I realised how much I had missed. And now 27 years of age, while I am walking into another episode of life planning my career, my family and stabilising my income & career, the opportunity cost I paid for opting this route can never be described.

These bunch of people will always be the most remembered person beside my family. They are the reason behind who mold and shape the person I am now. They made my adolescence life the one to be remembered, the one to cherish.

Rim, because of this guy, I found the meaning of love. Thanks for those days when I was in my lowest point of life. I bumped in his house for 2 months when I got no where to stay at one point. Chong, quiet but wise. Albert, our brotherhood not a coincidence though we are not from the same course but we are destined to be. Hey the VCD you guys made for my birthday, I think it was the best ever gift I had ever received, the contents, the making, the message were reallyThanks mate for everything. Really this blog is for you guys, I had been wanting to say this to you all. The tears I shed for you guys had been worthwhile, thanks for those times when I need you all. My time for you guys might be limited but inside me, you guys live forever.

Love you all...