Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Me, Thank You My Dearest

Another memorable birthday for myself this year. As my big day fell on a weekday, me & my gf took a day leave and we went all the way to Genting to celebrate. It had been a while since we last went to Genting together. If not mistaken it was 3 years back, it reminded me of how we both survived a relationship full with ups & downs, I wanna take this opportunity to express my gratitude for making my birthday a memorable one. Also I want to apologise at times you have to bear with my fluctuative mood and temper. Not to forget too, I want to say "I Love You"...
Genting (06/11/2006)

Thanks for arranging such a lovely dinner for me @ T.G.I. Friday's. Great dinner, thanks for little lovely note you wrote for me
Dinner @ T.G.I Friday's

TQ 4 Your Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to all the birthday wishes I received for the past few days. I had a quiet birthday but a memorable one though.

Thanks to FeiRim, Ah Fung, Meow, Chong & Gooi for the cake and celebrated with me @ a mamak nearby my house as we cheered to Chelsea lost to Spurs.

Not to forget too, the SMS wishes I received from Crystal, Andrew, Mandy, Roy, Lai Huat, James Ng, John Chang, Shirley and my youngest brother KokRong.

And for those who called, thanks to Siew Ling, my brother Kok Yit & my mom.

Thanks to those who sent me messages via Friendster & mail, Poh Keek, Amy, Anitha & Myke Ang...

Thanks a lot and I appreciate it... Happy Birthday 2 Me!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vietnam : Day 3

Day 3

Full day City Tour around Ho Chi Minh city. Below just some of the places I visited. Enjoy!

City Hall built by the French.

The White House of South Vietnam, formerly official residence of the President of South Vietnam, after the unification, it had become a museum.

Catholic Church built by the French.

The post office, another building by the French.

Chinese temple in the middle of the Chinatown.

The War Museum.

The Bazaar at Chinatown.