Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ma Semaine

Ma Semaine is french word meaning my week. Many things happened this week and I will share as much as I can remember;

  • Work results been satisfying - 2 mega projects secured, another few potentials coming along but ain't really happy with the unreasonable and messy reportings that I need to do. Shall set sight on opportunities available.
  • Confirm my Bali trip early July. A few more trips yet to be confirmed - Chiangmai in September & Hong Kong in November.
  • I fell in love with someone, that someone showing no interest, the end, full-stop. Time to look forward!
  • Met my sister & her new bf. Nice guy and plenty to learn from him.
  • Met up with my cousin and got to know a new banker friend, Suzanne.
  • Watched the stage show BreakOut, my rating: 11/10. Also watched Terminator Salvation, nice movie, nice camera skill.
  • House hunting - settle down with Kelana Mahkota for the time being, doing all the necessary now, agent, booking, loan, etc, blah blah blah.
  • Another girl telling me her breakup story. I always think I am a good listener, 3 girls told me their breakup stories this year alone.
  • Met up with my best buddy who is residing in Japan. Congrats on your new job bro! Ate a lot this week with him, drank the most expensive red wine with him accompanied with Bak Zhang (chinese meat dumpling). Had great time catching the old days. If AirAsia flies there, I will be there next year!
  • Officially hooked with Facebook whenever I have the freetime, this is not a good sign.
Tired, lazy & sleepy, my apology for the simple update.

Will I fall in love again?

Monday, May 25, 2009

My 600th Post

It is almost a week since my last update. This is my 600th post and I am somehow proud of this feat. Looking at what I had scribbled on this journal for the past 4 years, the ups & downs of life, the achievements & failures, it had been amazing.

Many asked where do I get the courage to share everything especially the emotional part of me with everyone, be it my friends, clients or strangers. I am not sure myself either, I just enjoy writing and I guess by writing I can express myself better. At least this will be the first place I come to vomit whatever it is inside me even before I can share it with my family or my best buddies. It had been a part of me. This blog is Michael and Michael is this blog, it just work that way.

And very recently, my best buddy had finally found his missing piece of puzzle. Congratulations dude! I am certainly happy for you, and what a way to celebrate this occasion which coincides with our 10th anniversary of friendship? Again, congrats!

As for me, I finally erased the ghost of the past and yes I do have someone in mind that I am fond of, I thought I am unsure about this feeling but it becomes certain when you realize that besides work, it is her that you think of. And when you are having stresses over work and it calms you down just by visualizing her chirpiness. And why don't I make the move then? This is a tough question though, I do not feel she has the same intention, I do hope she will have someday. And most importantly I do not want to risk this friendship & companionship that I have with her. And if you are reading this, yes you, you had made me felt love.

A very exciting & challenging months ahead this year, new house, a new car perhaps & maybe a girlfriend? Pray for me *wink*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week Ahead

I realized the entries on my blog had lesser picture these days. The other blog that I am handling had been more colorful.

Thanks for all the concern I had over FB & SMS-es I received over the last entry. I guess the feeling will fade soon. Some of my few friends commented that I should give it a try, it is not that I do not have the guts to but I do not want to lose a friend as I am expecting a not so favorable answer.

Well... let's put that aside. I can see good things coming along. So I had an expensive but successful launch for LG Blog 2 weeks ago. Good to work with bunch of diligent peeps to make it possible. Glad that Nuffnang did a great job too, the bloggers were awesome, it had enlightened many of the LG staff & my MD who always in monkey suits working in the office not knowing what actually the blogosphere is like. Hell of a party!!!

Then last Tuesday, I was at KLIA to send my brother off. He will be away to the States for 5 months. It took him a lot of thinking, considering the swine flu outbreak that hit the America pretty badly. But I told him, whatever will happen, it will happen, just get out and enjoy!

Had 2 friends who broke up last week. I had been through that and I know that lousy feelings and if you are reading this, I will always be a good pair of ears for you.

My sis is coming back again, this will be more like a surprise trip back. What's the surprise? I am not sure myself.

I am expecting a busy week again. There will be a BreakOut Dance Show which my company is the main sponsor, for my readers who interested to get the free tickets, drop at LG Blog to find out more. I will also be attending the premiere movie of Monsters vs Aliens 3D with the rest of the invited Nuffnangers this coming Wednesday. Then guess what, I am already an uncle, I will be going back to Malacca next weekend to see my nephew for the very first time.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Am Fond of Her But...

It finally rains. Perhaps that somehow sum up my feeling.

There definitely plenty of good things that I should blog about - the successful launch of LG Blog, the mega project that I had recently secured, my progress on house-hunting in PJ but well of late I am distracted. Perhaps after letting it all out here, I would realize what I need to do.

Yes, it had been a while. I had this fondness for someone. I do not use "like" or "love" at this point of time because I have not done anything about my fondness for her. I thought it might just be some feeling that will just come and go, but I am sure of my feeling when I realize my mind tend to think of her.

At my age and after a few stints of failed relationships, I am careful with my approach and of course I do not want to lose and scare off a friend like her definitely, and even if good things happened for me, she will also be someone that I want to spend my whole entire life with.

The thing now is that I cannot feel the same brainwave from her, that's why I am a bit hesitated to make the next move. On many aspects of life, I might have confidence but on this, strangely I felt the reversal. My heart & feeling is telling me that she's not interested.

And when you realize you are fond of someone, there are tests sent from up above of some potential candidates whom I do not have such feeling towards them. I do not pursue those though I had the chance, I believe I deserve to find someone I am fond off.

I wish I could tell her this:

Anyway, Michael Song - focus on what you do best in life, stay & believe on your own philosophy of love, "have faith in fate & fate will have faith in you", do as what your heart tells you and go with the flow.

True enough, I should focus on what I do best, let's not change anything as yet, I do not want to lose her as friend as well. Unless she shows some interest, do not pursue anything as yet.

Hmm... I guess I felt better expressing myself virtually as if I am talking to her. I believe God has a plan for me. Enlighten me please, enlighten me.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

LG Blog Launch

I am all glad that it turned out good. Thanks to the Nuffies especially Robb who had been great assistance to make this launch party a successful one. I had just updated the Life's Good blog, uploaded some pictures onto Facebook LG Malaysia Fan Club. I will compile & upload all the photos onto Facebook once I got hold from our agency.

My special thanks to all Nuffnangers who really dressed up for the launch party. Hats off to you guys! Thanks to the corporate clients who also decorated this very first corporate blog launch in Malaysia. LG Life's Good blog now will be officially on all LG marketing collaterals and many more surprises for the online community!

Time for me to take a good rest after weeks of planning & coordinating this launch. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all Buddhists a Happy Wesak Day and to all mommies, Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who is Your Best Wonder?

I was enlightened by this Korean song from my mate. Being in a Korean company myself for a bit, I got to agree that the Koreans are making their stamp on every industry, be it in the electronics or even entertainment.

I wanna share this catchy tune, Nobody by the Wonder Girls. While drafting this post, the lyric of the song keeps on lingering on my mind and made me thinking of someone (someone that I am fond of, quite recently). Anyway this post is not venturing into this today, what I really want to share is this special song and how it had taken the world by storm.

1. The original MV by Wonder Girls

2. Wonder Boys

LMAO... These Thai boys really got talent, aren't they?

3. Wonder Yankee

Mat Salleh also know the moves OK!

4. Wonder Ukulele

I think this version is pretty interesting.

5. Wonder Teens

I think the one on the left, her moves are better.

6. Wonder Wannabe


7. Wonder Lover

Trisha might like it but certainly not me.

8. Wonder Rockers

This version is cool, it reminded me of the Korean guy who did the Canon rock version.

9. Wonder Vocal

Her voice is good and I got to agree her Korean is good!

So who's your best wonder???

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I am just back from a very much needed holiday. Now back to reality, working life as usual and all geared up for this coming Friday, check it out here. And do allow me a little bit of time to do compilation of the pictures taken during my holiday.

I miss you peeps :)