Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Reality of Being a Malaysian

A friend had just sent me an article and in the article contained hard facts, facts that I cannot deny. I am not too sure if you feel the same as me, I realized that friends & relatives around seem to get lesser & lesser.

Those years when Chinese New Year drew near, all sorts of gatherings & appointments filling up the diary but somehow this year 2010, I felt emptiness inside. Even the phone calls & face to face meet up had become much lesser.

Perhaps they are busy with their own things to do or perhaps people nowadays prefer to stay in. However, this is not entirely true, thinking further, actually all my old friends & relatives are very much alive and well, the hard fact is indeed they left the country, Malaysia.

Take my sister for example, she has plan to buy a property in Singapore and eventually settle down there with her husband.

My friends, Myke, Damian, Steve and a few more had already settled down in Singapore. All of them are already PR and some were offered citizenship too. Most of them are enjoying an income much higher than most of us here who still stuck in Malaysia.

Another friend, Lawrence had migrated to US, Kenji & Loh to Japan. My cousins in Canada & Australia. These are just few names that I mentioned here, the list can go on & on...

At first, I thought these are individual cases but after further thought, these are more than individual cases, in fact these are general symptoms of our society. These are big numbers and the statistics as follow.

Department of Foreign Affairs released the figures and confirmed that the situation is real. From March 2008 through September 2009, a total of 300,000 Malaysians migrated to other countries, among them 200,000 left between Jan - Aug 2009 (in the span of 8 months).

Cumulatively, a total of 2 millions Malaysians migrated, this number is close to the number of Indonesians workers in Malaysia today. The difference is, those who migrated are mostly professionals & middle class people. Hard fact indeed!

Those who migrated have many reasons to do so (even myself); to pursue career development, for the future of their children, in search of better life & environment. In short, they actually lost hope on Malaysia. With the recent racist remarks thrown to us Chinese as prostitutes & fellow Indian as beggars, not forgetting too attacks on churches & temples. What is happening in this country?!?!?

50 years ago, people said Malaysia is very good, far better than Hong Kong and even Japan. 30 years ago, people said Malaysia is not bad comparable to South Korea & Taiwan (no more mentioning bout Hong Kong & Japan). 20 years ago, people said Malaysia can do-lah, at least better than China & Thailand. 10 years ago, people said no matter how bad Malaysia is, cannot be worse than Vietnam & Indonesia (China had since booming into first world country).

Today, the economic growth rate in the above mentioned Asian countries had far exceeded Malaysia. Social & intellectual development had also developed tremendously. And we had politicians in the ruling party comparing us to Philippines, Myanmar & Zimbabwe. Sigh...

However, an economist who recently surveyed Philippines foreseen that in 20 years to come, Malaysia will replace Philippines as the world exporter of Malaysian maids.

Over half the century, Malaysians live in the big old imperial housing complex, closed up and survive on properties left behind by the ancestor; continue to consume up social resources, wasteful, and drive away talents; they never talk about competitiveness, totally neglect productivity, and hate meritocracy.

When Asia economic storm hit in 1997, Malaysia closed their doors, thinking we beautifully avoided a disaster, there even think of themselves as genius, being able to handle the situation so well. However, just look at other countries in our neighborhood, they stand up, face the storm, and walk out of the storm. They overhaul the system, improve the processes and march forward, they moved up to a new level. And Malaysia, still walking on the spot.

These are all hard facts. It is not my choice to be born a Malaysian, even if other fellow Malaysian from other races would hurl racist remarks on us Chinese, it is indeed not my choice. Why don't we work together to build the nation so that we can once put Malaysia on the map of the world? Why all the negative publicity about us Malaysians?

Time to wake up, we are very very late now...

Thursday, February 04, 2010


This song rather brought a lot of memories. Kian Leong, if you are reading this, I remember we sang this song together during our secondary school days, Form 3 or 4 if I am not mistaken.

And all of sudden, someone I chatted on MSN today triggered me to listen to KRU's songs again. And this particular song's lyrics matched the message that I want to convey to a person far far away.

Enjoy the song...

Monday, February 01, 2010


Since my return from Hong Kong, there are massively a lot of things happening. Things that sometimes I myself can't define whether it is good or bad. But as I grow older, I tend to see things in a more positive manner, my family also can see that change in me, even my siblings commented that my temper changed dramatically.

A lot of things inside me, I am glad that I have 2 best buddies to listen to me. They seem to be like my pillars of my life now. And for my family, of late, I managed to handle certain problems wisely which I do not feel comfortable to share it here, but there ain't much concern now because we managed to pull it through.

Secondly, as predicted, I am romantically linked with someone out of the country. Something which I will not deny but I had recently calling it off because it will be better for both parties. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, every decision must be justifiable and must be processed through sanity. Without sanity, every decision will be impulsive and the consequences will be bad (that is at least how I feel). For meantime, we both had decided to chill off a bit, let's see what the future will be. I guess this has much or less answer a lot of questions posted by caring friends who want to know my relationship status :)

Thirdly, I am still working on my project right now and will be back to Hong Kong probably after CNY to conclude it. Then my plan, I might go into employment again depending on offers that are coming. I am glad that there are offers coming in at this point of time, but to me, the right offer & position will be the key factor for me to join into employment again (keeping fingers crossed)

And of late, I have few friends who ended their relationships. One is my schoolmate buddy, another is a close friend who I had been lending my ears to her. I had been thru that stage, it is not easy and trust me, everyone can pull through it. I am always there for you people. Love you!

Ciao for now...