Monday, March 27, 2006

Fitness First... Road to Getting Fit

Joined Fitness First with my girlfriend at The Curve on the 1st April 2006, never miss a class ever since, hope to get back to where once I am. Hehehe, joined most of the Group X workout almost every weekday. Crystal also a very devoted member, see her almost every day too. Anyone wanna join me?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Farewell Redang

Day 3 (13th March 2006 - Monday)
Final day, leaving the island with a heavy heart. Can see sad faces on everyone's face. Leaving no stress land for a life sucking land. Overall, a very good trip, thank you to all who made this possible not only for me, but also made her birthday a memorable one. Final days pictures... Reached KLIA about 8PM, tired and rest waiting for a brand new day...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Redang Island

Day 2 (12th March 2006 - Sunday)
Started the day with breakfast buffet at the hotel's cafe. Then proceeded for snorkelling trip to 5 destinations. Lots of corals, brown corals, green corals, and also went to see turtle and sharks. Also drop by at Pasir Panjang where all the resorts grouped together, a little sad though looking at it as so much different compare to the last trip there. Too commercialised.

After snorkelling, went for lunch, looked tired and rest before proceeded for dinner buffet at Berjaya.

Dinner time. Actually went to Redang for a very very special occassion, my girlfriend's birthday. It was on the 12th March. Gave her a surprise lar, Happy Birthday my dearest Emmery, love you my dear. Look at the pictures...

The cake complimentary from Berjaya... and she must be very happy with it...

Ended the night, all drunk and high, we took 2 bottles of red wine... happy happy day...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Redang Trip

Went to Redang again. To be exact my 4th time but this time a little different, I stayed at the Berjaya Redang Resorts. 3days 2nites trip. Went there with my girlfriend and 3 of my colleagues (Chai, Andrew & Sandra)

Day 1 (11th March 2006 - Saturday)
Woke up at about 4.30am, taxi pick-up to the airport at 5.30am, our flight to KT scheduled at 8.00am. Reached KT at about 9.00am, bad landing, must be a rookie pilot. Airport transfer to the jetty, we got the whole bus by ourselves.

At Shahbandar jetty, ferry transfer took approximately 1 and 1/2 hour to reach our destination, BERJAYA REDANG RESORTS. Pictures at the jetty and inside the ferry.

At the beach, sunbathing, look at my piggy body, must get thin fast... wonderful beach, we got the whole beach by ourselves, very very exclusive, highly recommended for honeymooners and couples... though a little expensive... but worth it

Had dinner outside the resort, cos it is pretty costly to have our dinner inside, good dinner though. Took a photo in front of the resort.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Farewell Party

An unforgetable night for me, my colleagues in LG arranged a farewell dinner for me at the Friday's The Curve. Colleagues, friends and some of ex-colleagues came, about 30 pax all together, had a great fun. The Friday's staff sang Auld Lang Syne and I was forced for a speech. Very touching as like I said in my previous posts, it is not easy decision to make. Almost cried while making the speech. The party ended well with a group photo. Here are some of the photos taken. And finally, the bill... of course, not feed by myself... thanks to all...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Job Hopping? Good or Bad?

Guys, what do you all think?


Today kinda special... my very last day in LG. Reached office early after sending my gf to her office. Very sleepy as last nite a very busy night for me, went dinner with all my Korean bosses. KK Kim (my CFO), OK Jung, Brian Ahn, JB Lim & Steve Han, thanks for the expensive dinner. Had dinner till about 10.30pm, immediately proceed for Kenji's farewell dinner @ Milwaukee (hope I spelt it right), Kepong. Hang out with those monkeys till about 2.30am.

That's why came to office a little drowsy, sleepy... checked my mail, and to my surprise I got a total of about 50 well wishes email about my departure. You can think of the nicest words, they got it for me, anyway, was happy to know that many people still see a value in me.

Later will need to pass back my best companion back to my HR, my laptop :( . Sharp today at 1pm, I will be punching out.

Adios LG.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Thanks to All in LGEML

This post is specially dedicated to all of you. Thanks for all the helps and assistances. It had been a great pleasure to work with all of you. All the staff previously transfered from SEE or the new staff, I am honoured to work with all of you. It is sad to leave and it is all of you that I will miss the most.

I am sincerely sorry if by any chance during the work processes or daily conversations, I might have hurt your feelings with my direct approach. But I hope that Michael Song will always be remembered for his style of working, direct and precise. No matter where I am, I will definitely cherish all the best memories about this company.

Last but not least, keep in touch and for my whereabout updates, please frequent this blog of mine. I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can. Miss you all GREAT PEOPLE.

Da Vinci Code

Ever since I throw in my love letter, I have many spare time to do things that I had no chance to. I just bought the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown after much heavy publicity from the media about this book. It is an interesting book and the thickest that I think ever since my college days.

Highly recommended to those avid readers about suspense. I bought the illustrated version (with pictures), i give the rating of 10/10 for this book. A worthy investment.

My First Farewell Gift

Zippo lighter with my name engraved on it. My farewell gift from a very best friend. I will definitely going to miss him. Thanks a lot Chai....

My Final Days In LG

Came in the morning today, got 2 boxes and start to pack my stuff... I realised that I got so much to pack!!! After finished packing, start to settle down on my sit and try to fully utilise my laptop for the very last time, checked my mail and start to draft a "goodbye & thank you" mail to all my lovely colleagues, business partners and friends... to my surprise, within minutes I received many well wishes reply from them and it is so touching that some mails got their personal touches.

Tomorrow (7/3) will be my last day at work. I will only have to work for half day and coincidencely I will need to attend a 2nd interview at a company which is not convenient for me to reveal at the moment. I will keep you guys updated in my blog when the time comes.

Now my feelings are mixed, happy, sad, everything comes at one time... hehehe... oh ya, my colleagues will be throwing a farewell party bash for me tomorrow, I believe it will be a super big party, venue @ TGIF Curve. Gonna enjoy to the end.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Favourite 4 (Tagged by Crystal)

I found it interesting, and thanks to my old friend, let me share my favourite 4s with all of you. It goes like this ;

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life
1. Baskin Robbins Crew Member (while waiting for SPM results, YUMMY!!!)
2. Customer Service Office (Upon graduation from TARC, in KLIA, those days suffering)
3. Sales Executive (SNE time, selling Plasma & LCD TVs)
4. Assistant Product Manager (LG, time for me to look into my 5th job... hehe...)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1. Forrest Gump
2. Money Not Enough (Singaporean lame movie)
3. Stephen Chow's movies
4. Lord of the Rings trilogy

4 TV Shows I Have Love(d) to Watch
I do not know will this be considered show but I hardly go for any drama as it is too draggy
1. Fear Factor
2. National Geographic
3. Discovery Channel

4 Places I've Lived
1. Malacca
2. Setapak
3. Selayang
4. Damansara

4 Places I've Been On Vocation To
1. Most of the Pulaus "Islands" in Malaysia (Pangkor, Redang, Tioman, Manukan, etc)
2. South Korea
3. Bangkok, Thailand
4. Singapore

4 Places I Would Rather Be In
1. My room
2. Redbox Karaoke room
3. Kampar, my gf's hometown
4. Selayang Mall (hehe... with the freak guy)

4 Of My Favourite Foods
1. Anything with Pork and more pork please...
2. Any type of fish, any style (Chan Sow Lin's Fish head is my favourite)
3. Bak Kut Teh
4. Kampar Chee Cheong Fun

4 Websites I Visit Daily
1. (Bursa Saham KL)
2. (to check my personal email)
3. Carlingnet official Fantasy Soccer Site
4. Yahoo Fantasy Soccer Site

Special Thanks

My big thank you for my girlfriend for giving me the courage, for lending the support to do the decision of my life. I hope with my this decision, it will a turning point in my career for both of us to achieve what we dreamt for.

And special thanks to my dearest Crystal, without her, I would not even know how to draft a resignation letter. Thanks for the first step. I owe you one big time.

Thanks to all the supporting words, the encouragement from colleagues, suppliers, clients and friends. Keep in touch... Muacks!

Bangkok Trip 2006

I was invited for a Bangkok trip by Universal Music on the 25th February till 27th February 2006. When I told people that I am not going with my girlfriend, everyone is like thinking that I am going there with some male friends to jolly and have some fun.

In fact, this is my first trip to Bangkok, normally for Thailand I will only go to Hatyai. Well overall the trip was really good. Bangkok gave me an impression of a very energetic city compare to KL. Actually I went there for concerts. 2 CONCERTS at one time, in my whole life, I only went to concert once and that was like 3 years back. This Bangkok concert was my 2nd.

First I went for RAIN's concert. I think most of the girls know him, for those who does not know him, he is now the biggest Korean singer in the world. He acted in the drama FULL HOUSE and his tickets for Tokyo concert were sold out in 30 SECONDS!!! The concert starts at 8pm but we got there like 6 something. Bought some merchandise and the crowd is crazy. Most of the girls really dress to kill and I can confidently say that out of 10 girls, at least 8 is very pretty. Saw some die hard fans with RAIN's shirt and come as far as from Korea. Crazy huh... overall concert hall was well set up, my ticket is worth of RM 400, so it is not cheap to watch concert in Thailand, though mine was complimentary. Opening act for concert was a Korean lady who sing the main theme for the drama FULL HOUSE, then followed by RAIN, will not elaborate further on the night but his dance moves and his teasing looks made the girls all crazy bout him. He is a great entertainer overall. Then on the following day, went for some quick shopping. Mostly bought stuff for my gf, dunno what to buy for myself though. Then went for some praying at the Four Face Buddha temple. First time there, so not sure about the proceedings, bought some flowers from stall outside the temple. Was told by a friend that I was conned lar by those people cos the flower is so super expensive but anyway it is for praying sake, I do not mind lar. Make a few fulfilable wish and hope it will comes true. Went back to hotel, tired and exhausted cos the weather in Bangkok is killing, hot and humid!!! Took a shower and get ready for my second concert.

Pick up for us from the hotel. Second concert is what I am looking for, it is 50 Cents & G Unit with opening act from Mike Shinoda and Fort Minor. Reached the Activ Square, venue for the concert. To cut it short, it is awesome, the concert can never be seen in Malaysia. Too many obscenities and too many vulgarities but I love it. Every now and then, 50 Cents will re-energise the crowd by saying " Put your mother f***ing hand in the air, I want to see your mother f***ing hand or else I will stop singing ". He is awesome!!! Experience of a lifetime.

Then in the airport manage to take a picture with Mike Shinoda, for those who do not know him, he is the main singer for Linkin Park. What a trip... enjoy most of it...

Goodbye LG

It is true, I had finally tendered my resignation on the 15th February 2006, a day after the Valentine's. It is unappropriate of me to comment negatively on this company but for all those who questioned my departure from LG after almost 5 years associated with it, well, I got a better offer and it is not easy to make a decision to move on especially after working with some of the great colleagues here and so used to the working culture here but like I said we cannot be enemy to MONEY, if there is an offer that is hard to resist, move on...

My last day at LG will be on the 7th March 2006 after deducting my annual leaves entitlement. It will be pretty soon and I will take a good rest before I decide on my future. There is a firm offer in which pay wise is good but still skeptical about the working condition and culture. I will be attending a second interview this coming Tuesday (7th March) and cross finger, hopefully I will get it.

Well, inside me, I will miss my colleagues and friends the most. This is the only thing that I will definitely 101% miss. And of course not to forget my ever loving Mr. Jung, I love you man, without you, I would have not know so much about TV. And my colleague who is currently under a lot of stress for taking over my pending jobs, I sincerely apologise for the burden but eventually I believe it will make him a better and greater fighter in life. I really hope he achieved his objectives and mission here and be a big man for TV.

For my colleagues and my working associates, my clients, my customers who is reading this, I apologise should I ever hurt your feelings during our business or personal transactions when I was with LG. I will keep all of you updated about my whereabout and who knows we will cross path again in the future.

Love you all.....