Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Horse Put To Test

I am not a very superstitious man, many had reminded me that this year is not going to be a smooth running year for the horse. The reading on Astrology.Com stated the rating for horse this year would be 32% (3 neutral & 9 unfavorable months), freaking 9 unfavorable months!!!

This year as well, the Horse will offend the Tai Sui (simplified Chinese: 太岁), thanks to Mom who is doing the praying on my behalf. I try not to believe what is going to happen to many other Horses this year as my dad is one of the Horses in the family as well but as of to date, luck had not been on my side, I really put my belief of "2 Choices" to a very strong test.

Horse Wealth ~ Just before the Chinese New Year, my car was diagnosed with a serious illment and had to be admitted & I was left without a car to travel during the long holiday break. I just recently collected my car and I am poorer by RM3,000 in the very first lunar month itself. Related post here.

Horse Career ~ As I had set sight to make my career this year a remarkable one, I had put a lot of my focus this year here only to receive a call today at about 11am from Singapore that a RM3million deal had collapsed. Freaking RM3million. It did crushed my heart as I had put a lot of my heart & soul onto this project but I chose to be positive about it, and thanks to that someone special, who called & SMSed to console me, I need that a lot dear, thanks.

Horse Health ~ For the past one week or so, I had been missing and not been updating as frequent as I want to. All this down not only my tight schedule on work & personal but also because I had been unwell. I cannot even confirm with Splashmilk on the new design of my blog that he had finalized & waiting for my call to transfer everything. Mikel, if you are reading this, I sincerely apologize for the delay of my site, I sincerely wanna push it through. For the past 5 days, I had consulted doctor 3 times, and today I received a referral letter from my panel doctor to refer me to Damansara Specialist Centre. I was diagnosed with a 2-inches lump on my right ear which I am in need to go under the knife. It is a minor surgery and wish me fine. I will be admitting this Friday and get it done soonest possible as I want to practise my right as a Change Agent on the 8th March 2008. Wish me luck & wish me well... I will have limitation updating for the coming few days :)

Thanks to the special one for the words of encouragement & support given. If I am dead bored in the hospital, you promised to accompany me ya :P

Horse Relationships ~ When tough time been on the Horses' side, this is the part we seek for solitude, this is also the area that will bring us happiness, I believe at least. Though time is not right as yet, it is best to exercise patience & understanding. I also believe my family will be at my side during the time I need them the most especially Mommy & my other siblings.
Overall, it had not been a great month but I chose to be positive. It is not a farewell post but I would like to thank all my readers who had been sticking with me through thick & thin.

I will be back much stronger than ever and hopefully with a new & more refreshing look. Do vote ya!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

200 UMNO Mat Rempits, One Lone Victim Kicked & Beaten Up

I do not understand seriously what is this freaking country gonna be. The police, the authorities, the judges, the politicians, corrupts! Do we have to live our life in fear? Quote from the movie V for Vendetta, "People should not be afraid of the Government. The Government should be afraid of the PEOPLE!"

Check out this video of this poor man, more details here...

I am ready for a CHANGE... do you???

Monday, February 25, 2008

Vote for Change

It had been a while since my last update. Too many things happened which I dont know where to start updating. I checked my hotmail this morning @ office, saw a banner and mouse over, guess what? BN trying to win votes from the Net-izens. After bloggers being labelled and called monkeys, liars, etc. The banner is so misleading, Vote for Malaysia? Should be changed to Vote for BN instead. I do not want my country to suffer eventhough I do know our PM had been working so hard for Malaysia.

To many things happened to me, mainly bad. Shall elaborate more when I do feel like to vomit it out. For the time being, enjoy the below video, it's blardy cool...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sickness.... Please Go Away!

Thanks to Mikel for the mention in his blog about my new makeover attempt. He had been so far one of the best designer I had worked with, no pressure and understands what I want through the writings he went through my site. Let's cross our fingers, the makeover project should be rolled out soon, I have yet to launch it, still awaiting the right moment. Mikel, be patient ya, will let you know when is the right time.

I had been not well for the past few days. Am trying to sleep early but just couldn't sleep well due to the muscle strain and pain. But for the past 2 days, my condition is improving. I hope I can be fully fit again to focus on what I am doing now.

After the Black Humor post, thanks for all well-wishers and your kind concern. Situation is not as bad as I think, I am not rejected nor she said "No" to me, just that the moment is not right. "But when will be the right moment?", some asked. Well, as long as I have faith in fate, then fate will have faith in me, I believe so.

I will be getting my car tomorrow, total damage: approximately RM 3k. What a way to start the new year. As much as I do not want to believe the negative aura that will hit all the Horses in this year of Rat, I cannot help but to believe it after all that happened. But the 2 Choices always helped me in confronting all these glitches in life.

Till my next more colorful & happening post, I am very in the mood of listening to this song, enjoy peeps....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black Humor

I am down with fever & flu. There goes my Saturday resting at home.

Remember my Valentine Girl in previous post? I guess it was a black humor, it was not I thought it is suppose to be.

Latest update... I am still single

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Girl

How was your Valentine's?

This year I exchanged gifts with someone I fond of, someone I attracted to. This year too, I bought my biggest Valentine's gift ever. Brought the gift for wrapping services in Borders, The Curve. They indeed have difficulties to get it done but thumbs up to both Hallmark staff there.

4 and 1/2 wrappers & 2 rolls of ribbons all together and I am done.

She got me something too.

We have yet to be an item as yet, I had confessed. Let's see...

Lastly, a lovely track from the 80s to all Mikemmery's readers.


Valentine Girl - New Kids On The Block

There's not a star in the sky
That could equal to the sparkle in your eyes
This card is only one way
To let you know just how i feel


Will you be my valentine girl
And i'll give you my heart
Be my valentine girl
And i won't let you go
No never

All of the flowers i've sent
Could never take the place
Of being there
Although we only just met
You're everything to me

Repeat Chorus

Be my, my valentine girl
I need you
I want you
I want you in my world
Valentine girl

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SHITs Raining All Over

I am feeling really SHITty right now, living in a nation where shits raining all over almost everyday.

I cannot deny the fact that we have a PM who bullSHITs? Malaysian Parliament was dissolved yesterday 13.02.08, details here on how he lied. We have the weakest but the most hardworking (as he claimed) PM in Malaysian history, scandals after scandals, free-for-all corruptions, the rising cost of living with price hike in toll, fuel, etc. SHIT!

Look at the way he dressed himself up & his beautiful command of English during one of the CNN interview, look at his eyes - there is no passion, he is so sleepy. SHIT!

Our judiciary system are bullSHITs thanks to VK Lingam. Everything also correct! SHIT!

Shocking finding, even our BPR or ACA in international terms are bullSHITting all this while as well. SHIT!

All the promises are simply bullSHITs. We seriously need a change, and I am one in millions of Malaysians who is willing to be the 'change agent'. Save the nation from further SHITs.

Click to enlarge

I end this SHITty post with this beautiful song by Sam Hui.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will You Sleep With Edison???

With the news circulating, much hotter than our very own Dr. Chua, I recalled there was a time, a friend of mine who I can categorize in the "pretty" bunch mentioned that she will do anything if she ever has a chance to sleep with Edison Chen (陈冠希).

27th January 2008, approximately 8.30pm, the first photo of Chen & a girl resembling Gillian of Twins emerged on the internet. The rest would be history. Chen had just had his latest credit card advertisement pulled, his HKD10million/annum career is at high risk, with sponsors like Pepsi, Levi's, Samsung, EPS and Jacobs & Co. still in the wait and see situation. He also got his latest movie with Stephen Chow, Jump, pulled as a result of the scandal. Full stories here.

This reflected how brave of a ex-Health Minister we had with his confession with his personal friend, unlike Mr. Chen who denied at first with look like me, lick like me, steam like me but had since issued a media statement apologizing to the victims involved and pleading the public not to spread the photographs.

The Victims

1. Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐 (104 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Gillian Chung (left) of Twins. Always potraying pure innocent girl-next-door image. She made such a fuss during her concert in Malaysia on our security where peeping Tom managed to get a shot when she was changing clothes.

The recent scandal with Chen where she done the fellatio act on Chen, she had apologized to the public blaming to her silliness & naiveness and she had now grown up. I had a feeling that Twins will be disbanded soon as there is a better brighter future in Charlene. Good luck Ah Gil.

2. BoBo Chan 陳文媛 (116 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Out of so many victims that Chen screwed, I pity Bobo the most. She had left the showbiz industry in 2006 after meeting her investment director boyfriend Philip Kam (金紫耀) and had been preparing to marry into the high society. It was rumoured that now the marriage plan will be called off. No career, no rich husband, that's tragic.

3. Cecilia Cheung 張栢芝 (143 photos as of 9th February 2008)

Hong Kong "Britney", would not affected her much based on what reflected from her past life. But rumours saying Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) is upset and the marriage is in the rock. I believe Nicholas would want Lucas (their newborn baby) to have a normal and healthy growing up.

4. Rachel Ngan 顏穎思 (11 photos as of 9th February 2008)

5. Candice Chan 陳思慧 (48 photos as of 9th February 2008)

6. Mandy Chen 陳育嬬 (40 photos as of 9th February 2008)

7. Vincy Yeung 楊永晴 (3 photos as of 9th February 2008)

So girls, will you still dying to sleep with Edison?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

10 Best Things About Mikemmery's CNY

Just reached KL after the long CNY break in Melaka (my hometown). Finishing compressing all the pictures and this is going to be a super duper long post with plenty to share about my happenings on the CNY.

Thanks to Chris for giving me a lift back home to Melaka on Wednesday, it is a very much needed break I had been looking forward to after a long hard days at work. The anticipation to meet up my sis who came back from Hong Kong, meeting up my other siblings for dinner and my mom's cooking which I miss a lot.

I am going to share about the best things about CNY for me...

1. When I open up the fridge... free flow of soft drinks, beers & stouts... kekeke...

2. The reunion dinner - where mommy will cook super delicious food and I have no valid reason to go on diet :P

Mom's Signature Curry Chicken

Assam Fish Head

Chap Choy

Pork Knuckles with Sea Cucumber

Rice Wine Chicken

Salted Vegetable Soup

Fatt Choy

Fried Bee Hoon

3. Plenty of junk food, cookies & bak kua - which till now it is no help to my cough, flu, heaty body... but... WHO CARES???

Bee Cheng Hiang & Wo Lai Yeh

4. You got the reason to gamble without nagging from anyone (mahjong, blackjack, Ngau, Rummy, etc) - damn I lost this year: hopefully gonna win later as I am going for mahjong session after this post :P

5. I got every reason to get new clothes to pamper myself. Before everyone thought I am filthy rich with the pictures below, something to clarify: I did not buy any shirt this year, all below were gifts from my sis & my uncle ;) THANK YOU!!!

Nautica Checked Shirt from Sis - HKD580 (RM290)

GAP Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD600 (RM300)

Polo RL Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD1,200 (RM600)

Polo RL Long Sleeves from Uncle - HKD1,200 (RM600)

The only thing I bought myself from FOS total RM38 :P

6. To meet up my hometown childhood friends - tcss sessions, snooker & futsal :)

7. To get wasted.

8. To be still receiving Ang Pows eventhough I am hitting 30 now.

9. To be around with my siblings... and lastly....

10. Knowing that I do not need to work & can sleep like a pig.

How about you guys???

Monday, February 04, 2008

Year of Rat

I believe many already gone for the week long break applying leaves and heading back to their respective hometown. Myself, I am still very much on work, finishing pending matters so that I can go for my CNY break in peace. It had been a freaking mixed day for me but overall it is a good one.

I am expecting many colorful events to happen this year, mostly I believe all will be positive stuff in this year of rat. My gut feeling is telling me something big is going to happen and I believe it will all be good make it individually myself or the nation with the general election approaching.

I am having a big laugh seeing the tagline in The Star "Bersih Is Rude" , so if clean is rude, dirty is polite ya? No wonder we got some front liners of BN practising free-for-all. Talking about politics, it is never-ending here, too smelly, it's good that some poli-TIKUS actually tackling the issues with a braveheart. My salute to all, I wish to be a poli-TIKUS someday :)

It will still be a full working day for me tomorrow and I shall be going back to my hometown in Melaka either tomorrow late night or early Wednesday morning. So any of you plan to drop by Melaka during this CNY, do buzz me, bug me, email me, I will bring you guys to paint the town red.

I would like to take the opportunity too to wish all my friends, loved ones & readers a very prosperous Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai. To those travelling back, safe journey home ya.

I shall be right back... lots of XOXO...