Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Place & New Chapter

Guys & gals, fellow bloggers, I had finally moved to my new place, after so many years and moving and shifting is hell to me, so many arrangement need to be done. After so much hard work, finally got my own cosy place to chill. Plus point: My new place is equipped with wifi, so hopefully when there is inspiration, I will try to blog more, keep tuning in... I am currently staying with a friend, she had been helpful in the sense that of being a real good listener.

And by any chance, Emmery is reading this, for the past few days while shifting, it is pretty a heartache to move every single thing in our so-called "HOME", well, finally I had done it and hopefully you will find your happiness @ your own place. My sincere best wishes to you in everything you do, all the best, although fated not to be together, at least we had crossed into each other life and I never regret any bit of it, let us work and play our part to keep this friendship alive.

Yes, loser or not, weaklings or not... yes, I still miss Emmery alot, hell a lot... ;)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wedding Dinner

Attended my ex-colleague wedding dinner last night. Everything was fine, the food, the drinks and the environment. I thought I am OK until all my ex-colleagues all start asking about my ex-girlfriend, for the very first time when the question blurted out, I was OK to answer it but as it went on the whole night, I was kinda upset. As I thought I fully recovered but actually I am not. Hopefully as time goes by, I will be fine. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Beginning

10 days into new year 2007, while others already had their new year resolution set on the very first day of the year, I just started to see a new beginning myself today. Maybe today a little special as it is exactly a month after the breaking up ordeal.

Updates to my readers: I had found a new place and I will move in on the 1st of February, will bunk in with a friend who I just met for the very first time last Monday. So while I am busy at my work, I will be busy shifting and moving my stuff little by little, too many stuff in my current place now.

And this Chinese New Year, I will be going for a trip on the 2nd day of CNY, just keep myself more occupied, it will be rather irritating to stay at Malacca at this very point because I believe all my relatives will start to shoot me questions about my ex-girlfriend. In a way, my ex is pretty close and had won most of my relatives heart, so not easy huh? And for the past 3 CNY, she had been accompanying me back home in Melaka, well just need to chill off a little and sooner or later they will not ask me the same old questions again.

Wish me the best of things for a new beginning in 2007 mate!

10th January 2007

This date which is today, marked exactly one month after breaking up with Emmery. A month had past, slowly and little by little I am recuperating from the cut inside although at times I will still think of her, I mean I am just human, cannot fight the feelings. Anyway, my tears already dried up and there is no more crying over spilt milk.

I am picking myself up and do the best in me and at the same time too, I wish my ex-girlfriend the best of things in life, perhaps a separation will do us good. There is a saying "distance makes the hearts grow fonder".

Who knows what will happen in the future right?


At times, when a misfortune happened, you can just feel the negative aura coming your way. I just had my Myvi window (driver side) smashed last Sunday, SMART TAG stolen. What a day to round up my overall fortune. Luckily managed to get it fixed on the day itself.

Perhaps based on Chinese calendar it is not new year yet, hopefully the coming year all the good things will come along my way. I am positive about it, wish me luck mates...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007

New Year, new beginning, new chapter, new start... this are the few words I got from my ex-gf. Well, I will be moving out pretty soon to start a new life on my own. Keep on rolling over here, more updates...

Happy New Year to all...