Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Too much to say about November. It should be one of my best month as my birthday falls in the month of November. There are too many uncertainties which I am confronting now. Career & work, politics in the office, rumors & gossips, all this does not help to motivate myself to be the Michael Song I am used to be.

Last monday (28/11), I received a call from my brother. It was one of the worst and shocking call I had ever received. I was told that mom got liver failure problem. My mind was blank and black out for a moment, I decided to go on Emergency Leave. I came back to office to delegate some of my tasks to my colleague for him to follow up, I thank and owe him a lot (Chai) on this. When I was about to leave, I informed my superior as well, and he asked me to delay my trip back as there were critical issues back in the office, I looked at him and told him nothing is more critical than my family and rudely answered him back.

From that moment on, I totally give up on my new superior. I just changed to a new superior without prior notice. I miss my old boss a lot (Jung), the good and bad times, the laughters, the jokes, I miss them all. I really really miss him and got this urge to talk to HR to transfer me to IT department. In life it is all the same, happiness are the key to everything. Even in work and at work place.

There are too many uncertainties in my work place. One day they can say this the next day change without prior notice and with immediate effect. I am uncertain too how long can I live in this organisation, I am uncertain of my work, who knows one day they will transfer me to another department. I am uncertain who is my boss, I am uncertain who will leave and who will stay. I am uncertain whether our ideas, our suggestions as a product management team will be respected or not. I am uncertain whether our product can sell or not. I am uncertain whether all managers can be trusted or not.

They stressed on trust management and LGE Way, with all this uncertainties who care about LGE Way anyway?

But one thing I am CERTAIN, my love, my care for my family, my girlfriend and my friends. This is on top of everything in life. When you are at the lowest point of your life, it is your family, your love and your friend to back and cheer you up. In work, everyone is selfish (I am not saying some of my very nice colleagues), everyone fight to eat the same pie.

So my friends out there, let us wish for the best to come along the way. No company is perfect, it is us to motivate ourselves to work and carry on in life, when other opportunities come along, grab it and no regret about it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My New Hairstyle

I just got my hair done. New hairstyle, and this is the first time I ever did something like this to my hair. Lots of positive comments so far and of course feel good about it. Will maintain it while it is still hot! Anyway, my next mission is to reduce weight. 10KG to go!!! Go, go, JIA YU!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Went to consult doctor yesterday, was not feeling well. Flu and coughing like hell. Doctor prescribed me some medication and one day MC. Stayed home do nothing much, just play PS2 whole day.

Today back to office, still unwell but still manage to finish most of the stuff my boss requested me to. But now approaching late evening, headache like hell, so heavy, everything tumbling down. Need some rest. Arrgghhh...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Miss Those Days

I was looking at some old pictures last night while working on my desk and I realised how much I had missed. And now 27 years of age, while I am walking into another episode of life planning my career, my family and stabilising my income & career, the opportunity cost I paid for opting this route can never be described.

These bunch of people will always be the most remembered person beside my family. They are the reason behind who mold and shape the person I am now. They made my adolescence life the one to be remembered, the one to cherish.

Rim, because of this guy, I found the meaning of love. Thanks for those days when I was in my lowest point of life. I bumped in his house for 2 months when I got no where to stay at one point. Chong, quiet but wise. Albert, our brotherhood not a coincidence though we are not from the same course but we are destined to be. Hey the VCD you guys made for my birthday, I think it was the best ever gift I had ever received, the contents, the making, the message were reallyThanks mate for everything. Really this blog is for you guys, I had been wanting to say this to you all. The tears I shed for you guys had been worthwhile, thanks for those times when I need you all. My time for you guys might be limited but inside me, you guys live forever.

Love you all...

Monday, September 26, 2005


The aftermath of working during the Warehouse Sales was terrible. Sore leg & body, got slight sunburn. Last Saturday & Sunday, woke up even earlier than normal weekday to travel to Northport, Port Klang (the location of the warehouse sales). Terrible!!! I do not care how much they going to pay me on the weekend but overall my weekend was spoilt and the car I am travelling with my colleague who was driving got booked by the police for speeding while we were on our way back. Sucks! Job management, I can tell you Korean culture is totally different from any other company. But so far I had been sincere with LG, it is now my 4th year here. I do not know and I cannot promise how long I will stay here. If there is a bigger opportunity with a bigger responsibilities for me to take care, why not right? My designation here is Assistant Product Manager but sometimes I feel my jobscope is too large, if not it is huge!!!

On the question from my beloved friends who visited this blog on my marriage. Many just wondering. No worries ya, my sincerity, my love, is not the question. To get married is easy but to maintain a healthy and hold this kind of responsibility we must think over properly. Anyway, I already told my gf's parents that we will be registering next year. It is confirmed! To officially hold the wedding ceremony, I do not think it is possible at the current moment, cos my and my gf expectation of a wedding is so high. Our dream wedding dinner, we want to hold it in a Mandarin Oriental ballroom, with a nice backdrop, no fancy fancy karaoke session but a 3 piece band to play some classical music. A very particular Mat Salleh style of wedding. Many said why spend this kind of money on a wedding but if we seriously want something to remember, something to resemble the true meaning of eternity, then why not right? Then there is engagement ring, wedding ring and photo session at Cover Shot. So all this might happen only in my 2 years time lor. So many things to think off.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Working Life... Duh!?!?!?!?

Lots of people might want to join this company, some may envy me being in such a big company like LG but frankly speaking working life sucks here.

Stipulated in our employment contract, we supposed to work starting from 9am~6.30PM, but actually we have to punch in by 8am every morning, the HR is monitoring everyone at executive level and above. And normally we work like mad dog until middle of the night.

And tomorrow is a Saturday, shit we have to be in Port Klang warehouse for warehouse sales. Saturday & Sunday have to work also. No quality life, and not being rewarded as we are suppose to get.

Damn! I complain and yet I still love to stuck here. Funny huh?


Finally my girlfriend moved in with me. Yes, we are staying together now and I believe a lot of people had been asking me when am I going to settle down. Well, we (me & my gf) had planned to get register first perhaps next year. Will inform you all. But to officially hold the wedding dinner and etc it might be 2 years from now lar.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August Month End

Today 30th of August 2005, how time really flies, we are now in the end of 8th month of the year. And we are going to celebrate the 48th National Day.

Kinda stress as pushing for sales for the month of August. Since morning, we had done a non-stop pushing & billing trying to reach our target. It is not easy to work in the Korean company like LG. Everything is so tough, so competitive, we have to fight to emerge the winner in the end of the day. Lucky for me is that this company culture is like battling in the war, everyone is like a fighter.

After fighting for today, I will be on a long stretch summer. 31st August is a public holiday and I am taking 1st & 2nd Sept on leave, going back to my girlfriend's place tonight. Trying to rest & rejuvenate myself so that I can start afresh again on Monday and fight again.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Korea Media Tour 2005

Had been to Korea a few times but the Media Tour that I joined this year was the one that I really see Korea in a different angle. It was basically a tour with some local media & press people. My previous visits to Korea were normally on business purposes & factory visit most of the time.

This time around, managed to visit Seoul, Korea and visited the shooting site for the so so famous Korean drama now in Malaysia, Daejangum. I was a freak about all this Korean drama myself. I had just finished watching FULL HOUSE. Also visited Jeju Island, where Daejangum was shot, nice people, nice food though their living standard is one of the highest in the world. I had stayed in one of the hotel which cost about RM 3,000 per night! A very much recommended place for honeymooners.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Great Company Great People

Life is so routine that sometimes you tend to neglect the important people around you. At school, college, university and not to forget too people around you at work place. As for myself, this year will be almost my 4th year associated with LG Electronics, one of the best company to work with. I am very fortunate to have bunch of colleagues who always there for me. This blog is specially dedicated to them.

My best colleague & friend at work : Andrew Tan, a specialist in its own division. Bright character and very popular among girls, he somehow got that kind of charisma to attract girls. Very aggresive at times and when he blows his top. Sincerely giving me good advice and constructive criticism when I am in the wrong path. My Futsal buddy as well. Love his girlfriend a lot and secretly told me he definitely going to marry her, same here mate with my Emmery. People in the company saying us like brothers, we were born in the same month and same year, only 6 days apart from each other. Andrew, appreciate our colleague-ship, brother-ship & friendship. This is for you k.

Sometimes when meet up with my friends & relatives, when discussing about work, some might critically critisized their superior, some might say nice things about their superior. For myself, I considered very fortunate to work under a Korean boss, although position wise, he is my superior and my boss but frankly this few months of working with him had been a pleasure for me. He is by far one of the best boss I had worked with. Aggresive and loud character, I think I am influenced by him, becoming a little more loud compared to the past. A very passionate character about his work and his product. Nevertheless, he played his role well taking very good care of us, me and my other product guy Chai. Mr. Jung, thanks a lot for everything.

My other colleagues that I want to show my gratitude for being the best companions in the office. Chai, the guy sitting beside handling DVD & Audio, funny character, just look at his picture and you will know. :)

Jason Teoh, the guy who only happened to be selected for a press ad who always call himself celebrity. And Mandy Mah, girl who drink alcohol like water, girl with bad mouth, always with bad words but that make us closer. Thank you people!

Thank you all... Love you all!

Best Things In Life

In life, a lot of times we ask "WHY" and "IF"... but in life, if you think of the best thing that ever happen to you, you will be happier and you know the reason why you have to keep going forward without looking back.

I want to share with the people around the world about the best things in my life. Firstly I would start with my love, she is not my first but definitely will be my last one, the only girl that understands me the most, the one who I am willing to spend my whole entire life with, the one who is willing to share my ups & downs, always. Thanks for being there for me all the time, your supports, your loves, your understandings and your everything. Knowing you as a friend as a start and to develop to this phase of our life together are the best moments thru my adulthood process.

The best things in my life too, not to forget my family for being supportive in whatever I do, for the trust and guidance they poured on me. I am who I am because of you all. Without them, who is Michael Song? They will be the reason for us to fight on, I believe every human, every soul in this world share the same view as I am.

So my beloved friends, when you feel that you are at the lowest point of your life, look back at what you have then you will know that life is not bad after all with all these best things around you... right?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Blogger

I happened to browse thru one of my best friend's blog, most of them are in Chinese which is too bad for me for not understanding Chinese language (my only regret). I found that it is quite interesting to share certain values in life, informations among friends and those who interested in it.

For a start, looking at my blog name, it reads "Failure Today, Success Tomorrow", just to share some of my motivation thoughts with all of my beloved friends. This remark really helps to urge us to think more positively in everything we do. Of course yes sometimes we complain, sometimes we got frustrated but it is part and parcel of life. Life without challenges will not be a life, life is like a roller coaster which i always believe, sometimes u are up there and sometimes u will be down.

My mentality mindset might be influenced with the company I am working now. Great Company, Great People...

I hope my new blog will create a stir and be one of the best.