Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank You

Seriously working....

Very seriously working...

Damn 9 seriously working and...

Today too, I just felt that I need to thank this special friend of mine who loaned me her car while I am awaiting for my car being repaired in the workshop. If it is not because of her, I seriously do not know how am I going to work. Thanks a lot Meow, a good dinner on me k.

At the same time too, I accidentally locked the car and left the key inside, thanks to kind colleagues who helped me through the process. Thanks to Roy, Chai, Stephen, Sathia & Senthi. I seriously appreciate your help. Perhaps we should change our profession to locksmith instead???

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My brother just became a proud owner of Nike AJ1, a rare shoes under the Air Jordan flagship, if I am not mistaken there is only about 50 pairs in Malaysia only. It comes in a package of 2 pairs, the box itself is rather special with 2 tiers decorated with Jordan's grafittis and trademarks.

It is a typical AJ mid high and valued at RM900 at the street value now, this is definitely a collectors item and in times to come it might even rake above RM1k, I wish I can get hold on one of these.

My earlier posting on PRADA phone had triggered some of the enthusiasts and followers of this masterpiece. Good news, it will be launched in June, just like the AirJordan, it will be something really exclusive and rare, we plan to bring in about 500 pieces only and will only be available at selected outlets. Price TBA.

Bumped into my ex-housematey @ Sanctuary, The Curve. She had been a great friend & companion and thanks for being the ears during my very first few months after my breakup. Perhaps someday we can catch a drink out again. I was in Sanctuary last night too with some of my friends, now it is only 11 am, I already received call from friends to meet up there tonight.

***Latest update: Tonight change place to BLACK HOLE, Sri Hartamas instead. Save Water, Drink Liquor.***

Friday, May 25, 2007

Devil Uses PRADA

While everyone is so anticipated about this phone (Sis, i know you will be jealous with me), I am one of the few homosapiens in Malaysia to get a taste of this avant garde masterpiece by LG & PRADA, it is tagged as KE850 in LG Mobile flagship but simply known as PRADA Phone to many enthusiasts. It is expected to hit the market in July and will be priced in the region of RM3k and above. Though this phone is only equipped with a basic GSM functions for a phone but do trust me it catches attention almost immediately when you flash it out in the public, thanks to the word P.R.A.D.A embedded on the phone itself.

Camwhoring with my new PRADA Phone, everything perfect but please excuse me of my bad hair, just after shower shot, and god I am dropping hairs!

Played badminton for the first time perhaps since my secondary school days, my whole left arm is so sore now, can feel the muscle pulling while typing this posting as well, nevertheless, it is a great session with lots and lots of sweats. Angel, if you are reading this, dont laugh at me when you play badminton with me can or not? Give me some time, I will catch up with your pace ;)

Li Chin been so sweet, she bought me a pair of magnet while she was on her training-cum-holiday in Korea. Thanks dear... I cannot wait to get behind the steering of 1.3ltr monster, do let me know ya.

It is confirmed. I will be going to Chiangmai, Thailand from 9th-12th June 2007 for my new phone launching KE770 (Shine Bar). Besides the launching, there will be city tour, and this is my first trip to Chiangmai and rest assured, I will post more interesting and eye opener posting on Chiangmai. Stay tune people.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

LG Camwhoring

Serious session of camwhoring during LG Grand Convention @ Shang. Pinky pinky me!!!

Andrew, OK Jung & Roy. 2nd pic with Jason & Andrew.

Joanne, Roger & Ernie. 2nd pic Jason & Andrew again. God they love camwhoring!

My most respected dad and Vincent.

Caught in action with Roger & Chai.

Brother Andrew & Jason (the strong SEE people) & GSM team.

My CFO, KK Kim & my best buddy-cum-colleague, Andrew.

Logistics powerwoman, Ms. Tan, Andrew & Francis.

The ever loving Mandy & being flanked by 2 hot chicks, "It's getting hot in here!"

Camwhoring with Mandy never been so fun. And JB Lim, the best and most approachable Korean PM.

Most eligible LG APM and best buddies, Andrew, Roger, Roy & Nikki.
Finally, my 2 new best lunch companions, Joanne & Li Chin ;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Weekend

My weekend was alrite but was spoilt by an SMS which reads like this "Please discuss with Zitron on Monday & suggest to me what models you want to concentrate this month to increase KL sales". To increase KL sales??? How when the most fundamental rules are not obliged? I will just try my best to do it, sincerely my very best to do it. I even came back on Saturday to plan what am I going to do this week. It is not an easy motherfucking position to hold in this company, I am so stress now.

Saturday - came back to office and finished off my emailing and reporting at about 2pm, then accompanied Kenneth to check out tattoo designs in Kepong. Catch up FA Cup Final with bunch of my buddies in Selayang, match between the Devils & the Blues. We lost, too bad we lost. A goal that cruelly sent MU home but a simple masterpiece classic goal that I got to admit Blues is the better team that night. Perhaps we can do better next season.

On the bright side, for avid Devils out there, do not be disappointed, we are most likely to have an additional powerhorse in our team, Owen Hargreaves, a long time target for Sir Alex will finally be part of the Theatre of Dreams for 17million pounds. Hope we can sing the treble song next season, and thanks to Badawi intervention, we will be able to catch a glimpse of these superstars on our soil come this July. Cross fingers, they will be here.

Sunday - finally Kenneth got himself inked. 2 tribal Ibanese on both upper shoulders. And each & everytime I accompanied someone to this kind of place, there is a sudden surge of androlines in me to be inked as well, perhaps I will, perhaps. This parlour is located in Kepong Desa Jaya, easily visible and there are 2 artists who are doing the job, Deck & Calvin. Chong, do not forget your commitment with me ya.
Overall, not a bad weekend minus the SMS my immediate superior sent to me. Tomorrow is someone's big day. And Cynthia, if you are reading this, I can't wait to meet up with you tomorrow. More updates coming along mates!!! Cheers!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Am Old

Last nite, had a great 2 hour sessions of futsal @ a new turf - Sunway Extreme Park. Much better field I got to say but the journey to this place is hell. Not many people turned up so got to play most part of it. Damn tired, whole body aching now. Imagine a 80 kilos running around the field, my leg gave way last nite, can't even walk properly. Nevertheless, got to camwhore my sweaty look, sexy huh? ;) Anyway, I feel I AM OLD....

A friend msn me why for the past few days I have not been updating my blog, I am deeply sorry and in fact I had been busy with work. Since the SHINE launch, I hardly have time to be in the office, most of the time I got to go out the market meet those big dealers, checking the response, arranging promoters for them, follow up on problems with the phone, etc. But, SHINE been a great companion with me now, I am using it at this moment and most of the time when I come across something I feel I need to post in the blog, I will snap it with my SHINE.

I was in Low Yat on Wednesday, as I am doing a promotion with a dealer there at the concourse area. Nature call, went to their toilet. KNNBCCB... freaking RM 1 for toilet entrance, damn 9 sohai right? They call it premium toilet, premium my foot lar...

On Tuesday (15/05), I just cannot forget this girl's birthday, cos she made me to remember it, see what she did to my calendar?

I thought I am unable to celebrate with her as I need to go Klang that day itself, but in the end also we made it happen for her. Joanne, happy birthday and sorry for my late update here. She is a new addition to LG and been a great friend so far. We threw a surprise to her @ the office and took some of her lovely pictures on her big day.

Her lovely cake (before) (after)

Look at how monsters in LG molested her cake. Excuse me, I did not even had a piece of it, I was the cameraman of the day ;)

I like this picture, at least I know I took a better picture than those newspaper photographer who took her picture and posted in the newspaper ;P Agree Joanne?

This month is going to end soon, already celebrated 2 birthdays this month alone and another one more to go next week. My car, when can you be ready? Should I change to a new car? Or shouldn't I? I am looking forward to an outing next week, so definitely more pictures and more updates soon. MUACKS everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Will Follow You

I do think DiGi got the best marketing plan ever, I love the song and their new product in "Fu-Yoh", this shows that how important is Malaysian market to them, how do they adapt to Malaysian culture and way of doing business. Sometimes I just wish my company can understand and adapt to our culture better but sad to say it is not. Koreans are aggresive which to a certain extent I have respect for them, but sad to say their arrogance and inflexibility had caused many unrest in this industry.

It is always luckier to be the softer gender in my company. We had small birthday surprises for our lovely colleague Li Chin. Went Secret Recipe for lunch with a bunch of close colleagues. Secret Recipe, your food sucks big time, your bolognaise sucks! Your tomyam spaghetti sucks! Your fish & chips sucks! Nevertheless, no deny that your cakes are good. Lucky Li Chin had 2 cakes for her birthday.

Happy Birthday again Li Chin, she is in Korea now while I am posting this, enjoy your training there and sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well throughout the trip, get well and shop more ya.

Finally for my car, I got everything done. From police report to insurance company, rushing around to get the paperworks done. Now in the workshop, hopefully to get my car in 3 weeks time. Hope everything will be fine, perhaps I do not have to change my car so soon though I got plan to do so. This few days, working been hell. Luckily Angeline loaned her car to me while she was away, thanks dear. I owe you a treat.

After this posting, I need to go out to meet some customers, today is one of my colleague's birthday as well. Happy birthday Joanne!!!
ARRGGHHHH @#@&^#&$ .... I am stressed!!!