Friday, April 28, 2006

My Baby's Update

Just a quick update on my baby. Got it on Wednesday, went for tinting on Thursday, AIRCOOL brand together with guninkia. Quite satisfied with the outcome.

And yesterday nite went for polishing, waxing and detailing. 2 hours wait. Here you go, my baby
Nice number too, WPA ***, 3 digit number. Will add more pictures in future.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wedding Angpow Guidance

Friends, just wanna know your view and opinion on the angpow for weddings. Normally how much you all give? For me, KL always I standard RM 100. And lately too many friends getting married and I start to burn a hole on my pocket, that is the reason I start this thread.

Myvi My Baby, My Passion

Got a call from Perodua on Monday saying that my Myvi arrived... finally.... but not the ebony black which I booked earlier, I will be getting a Mocca Silver 1.3 Ezi instead. Can't wait till I get the car. Got big plan to make my baby outstanding.

First thing to do, tinting... anyone got a good recommendation? I had been surveying around, too many brands out there and I do not know which is the reliable film. Don't ask me to go for V-kool, super expensive, got quoted RM 1,600 for the whole baby.

Secondly, wanna change the rim. Originally 14", wanna add another inch to it. And of course I need some good recommendation from you all lor. I heard from a friend Klang got pretty cheap sports rim there.

Then, wanna do detailing. Wash, polish & wax. Which shop provided the best service?

Somemore wanna change car seat, armrest, carpet mat, strut bars, etc... gonna spend again... DAMN!!!

And guys, advice me ya

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Missing Him

Sometimes he might be annoying but less than a week he went away, I am starting to miss him. This joker ruined my life. When are you coming back? And remember my souvenier ya.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tribute to Pinky Chong, Master Yip & Monster

The other day, Master Yip & Monster Rim came to my apartment to play mahjong, in the end I let them win because it is Master Yip's belated birthday present and secondly Monster Rim going to HK and he might need the money for emergency. In the end of the day, I am the only person who lost, both of them went home happily cos both also won. Anyway, Im lucky to have their company as well lar. Enjoy the mahjong session.

About Chris Chong who got a new nickname Pinky Chong, well i think it is a great name for him, suits him a lot, i think Pink color resemble a significant meaning for him, God knows what. And my sincere congratulations to him when I heard from Feirim that he bought a new house. When house warming leh? I will buy some fruits and maybe one suckling pig for u. :) And Pinky ar, im sorry ar if i betray u before, i do not mean it lar, i willingly to take the blame for the rest of my life.

Master Yip birthday I think too quiet, just far too quiet. Next year I plan to have a parade in front of his house like we normally have during Wesak day, and on his big day, I plan to eat one week of vegetarian, 3 days before and 3 days after his big day. What about this?

Rim, enjoy ur trip to HK ok. Make sure u buy me something with the money u won the other day sucker!

Anyway, I love you all!!! only 3 of u only ok!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My New Job

Started my new job 1st April 2006, location of office is a little akward, somewhere in Puchong lar. Totally new beginning for me as I do not have experience at all in this industry. It is an event management company. Doing a lot of branding and roadshows for clients like Honda, Maybank, HSBS, etc. This weekend got a Honda Civic roadshow in One-Utama new wing. Tonight will be doing the set up. Interesting job, small company and yet a lot to learn. Hope that I got a motivation in this company.