Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Handsome

Happy Birthday to my brother, birthday itself is not a big deal to all of us, but the feeling of togetherness & our brotherhood. I am glad that we cross path during our adolescent. Thanks for being there for me when I needed most, thanks for your presence, thanks for the words of encouragement, thanks for support & thanks for being a true brother.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

300 Askar Berani Mati...

Sorry for my inconsistency in updating the blog lately. Fellow homosapiens, I am triggered to write something about this movie after watching it for the 2nd time in the cinema today. But sometimes, our very Bahasa Melayu can be really annoying judging from the title of the movie above. But I have to give credit & my utmost thanks to our generous censorship board this time for allowing this movie worthwhile to watch in the cinema, guess it will give the DVD pirates a run on their money on this particular title this time around :)

This beautifully crafted epic is retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (starred by Gerard Butler) and 300 Askar Berani Mati fought to the death against Xerxes (I still find difficulties pronouncing his name) and his massive Askar Persian Tak Berani Mati.

Any girls out there who are mad about this movie??? Well, I am willing to date you, perhaps for the 3rd time maybe? ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Emmery

12th March... always a date to remember, it is my ex-gf's birthday... 2007 is the first year I never got to celebrate this special day of hers with her. Nevertheless, I managed to send her gifts although the surprise did not turn out the way it supposed to be. And I am glad whatever I arranged for her this year please her in a way. So what did I get for her this year?

1. A dozen of white roses
2. A giant birthday card
3. A special gift

In this special post for her, I would also love to walk down the memory lane of how I had celebrated with her over the past years. I guess I had posted before in Mikemmery, this is just a recall of we had been through during this special day.

2004: My first year as her bf, we had a simple celebration at TGI Friday's One Utama. Ya, I remembered my first ever gift for her, a FCUK top and we had great dinner then.

2005: Second year, as her big day falls on a weekend, we decided to go back to my hometown in Malacca. With my brother's cooperation, got her a bouquet of flowers and a cake from Secret Recipe.

2006: Our third strong year, we went to Redang for 3days/2nights stay at Berjaya Redang. Great and fun birthday, had a surprise buffet dinner for her with birthday cake.

2007: Our first year apart, hope she found happiness and she will always remained my precious forever. Hope she loved what I had arranged for her.

2008 and so on: Hopefully I still in the position and strong enough to continue my love and care for her.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Special Token of Appreciation

Take this opportunity too to thank a few important people who helped me pick up my bits & pieces.
Thank you Sugar Jo, Ploy, Cming, Meow & Suli.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Singlehood - Month #3

Today again marked the anniversary of my breakup with my girl. It is the 3rd month. Along the way, I met some really new nice friends who helped to occupy my time and mend my loneliness. I had coped well I guess. I even found myself a new job which I will start in April. I think it is about time for me to put my focus on my career. On relationship, frankly if you ask me now, there is still that particular one girl which I once had dreams with which I want to share my dreams with badly. I have no intention to open up myself as yet at the moment. Deep down I am still missing her badly.

Her birthday is around the corner, I hope she will like the little surprise I had arranged for her. Eventually things will get better, I hope.

Happy Singlehood to all Singles out there. God has a better plan for us. Go! Go! Jia Yu!