Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquake & Tsunami Warning

UPDATES: A regional tsunami warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre immediately after the quake but the alert was cancelled at 7.31pm.

Most of us here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia felt the tremors! I was in a building and everything in the office was shaking!

My first time experience and to be frank it's pretty scary. Until now I still having weird feelings on my legs. Whoever thought this kinda thing will happen in Malaysia?

Upon checking the web, it's confirmed that there was an earthquake of 7.9 magnitud in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Freaking 500km away from us and we felt it! And now there is a regional tsunami warning issued out. More details here. So friends in Georgetown & Port Dickson, avoid the beach ya!

And the scene at KL Monorail @ Chulan station.

Everyone is talking about it now... but there is absolutely no education on this... from what I know, for survival - don't panic, get any filled water bottle and hide under the table.


Back To School Days

I felt like I am back to school days. You know those school days when the school will invite your parents to school after the mid-term examination to collect report cards.

Somebody read my blog and called my dad to complain that, "hey your son is writing this this this, la la la", yes it did pissed me a little as my parents called me up to remind me as a 30 years old man to avoid writing about it but I am too weak to feel angry as I had been sick since last Saturday.

Straining my relationship with my family will only come to one conclusion - you making things worst than ever! I will not want to mention names here, but as saying, "Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas!"

I mentioned one post earlier, I meant happiness now, I want all well ends well, no threat, no forcing. You can't force me to see someone that I do not want to see right?

And for the people that felt offended reading my post, there is a red X button on the top right of the screen if you are Windows user, and if you are MAC user, there's always one on the top left corner. Nobody ask anybody to read this blog. If I am writing nonsensical stuff, you can choose not to read it, go and read more interesting stuff, now get out of here lamers!

Ok, ciao outside and medicine time now!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Plan

Well, I am unwell for the past 2 days ever since I am back from Genting to cover an LG event up there. Really hope for a speedy recovery as I am flying to Thailand this Friday for a week, then back here to Malaysia for few more days before flying off to Hong Kong (HKG) to spend my remaining days & months of 2009 there.

This will also be the very first time that I am out of the country for a long time and to be frank I am really anticipated about it. What I will miss most of course my family & friends here and not to mention the food here.

And to my brothers - Rim & Chong, don't worry I will be back!

What prompted me to do such decision to leave? Am I not worried leaving a stable job in LG and venturing into something that I am totally green about it? Yes, I am especially seeing my bank account decreasing day by day. But at 30, I looked at what I had achieved in LG, I told myself I had enough, I rather stay happy & healthy than to seek & fight for something that I do not foresee that I can achieve there. Happiness play a key role to my decision, and last I heard my junior who I had been working with close to 2 years leaving too! So to the public reading my blog, I should not talk much bout my ex-company, it does not require a genius to understand the culture and work-like there. Brother Jeremy, I wish you the best in your undertakings, been a pleasure to work with you.

So what's my plan next? Travel only? Nah... I am taking up a job of website revamping in HKG, submitted my quotation, been shortlisted and will still need to do my presentation to client and hopefully can beat the rest of competitors mainly from HKG. Should the project be awarded to me, I will be there to coordinate the implementation up to the execution stage.

Since it is the last quarter of 2009, HKG allows Malaysians to stay up to 90 days, meaning I can at the same time celebrate my X'mas & New Year there, an opportunity that I do not want to miss. I will also be meeting up friends in HKG & Macao (Josie & Sexy, see you people soon!). Plus, will have few friends visiting HKG during my stay there, Deric & Alan, see you guys there!

And this period will also be the best time for me to be a bit slimmer. I somehow lost weight each & every time I travel, the place I am staying in HKG will have all the facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool & jogging track. Must be disciplined enough to look better myself!

For those who want to contact me, sorry peeps, I will be suspending my maxis line before flying off but rest assured I will share with you guys my HKG number on facebook ya! And for friends who want me to help them buy stuff in HKG, email me and visit my other blog @ Shop With Mike, I will try my very best to get it for you all ya!

And cross fingers, hopefully I can spare time to visit China, got my China visa standby as well.

I shall be back in February 2010 just in time for Chinese New Year here. And what's the plan ahead? I am seeking a full-time employment job or perhaps a joint-venture in Bangkok, Thailand. Why Thailand you may ask? Well, it's complicated and remember earlier in my post I mentioned, happiness is the key.

Till then people, more updates on my travelogue!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

On Blogging & Friends

I had recently received 2 special notes from 2 different friends on how I had inspired them to start their own blog. I am grateful for those comments and to be frank I have never thought that I had made such impact on blogging especially among my friends.

Come to think about it, I am now entering my 5th year of blogging and it had been the better platform for me to express myself better. And through blogging, I had made many new friends, be it readers or people I met during some gathering. The name MikeMmery had been a part of me, people who know me through here would recognize me by that name although going back my 600 over postings here, the name itself had a significant meaning to me, but I had since moved on.

Introducing The PurpleV Heart authored by Cynthia Chen. In fact, the chemistry I had with her is mainly through the cyberworld, despite that, she got to know me better through my blog and had been at times a very very loyal listener to me on my very personal stuff. Thanks for the nice words you dropped on facebook and I am glad that you started your own blog as that will draw me closer to your world. And babe, I MISS YOU!!!

And yesterday a very dear ex-colleague of mine, Ms. Seow, had started her own blog as well, check out Blog with miee. And Ms. Seow, thanks for giving me the chance to be part of LG Life's Good Blog family! Thanks for listening to my suggestions and put LG Electronics as the first electronics company in Malaysia to start its own blog, it's a feat that I am very very proud of! And keep the blogging spirit alive ya!

Time to go, till then... c u peeps soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gary Cao vs Justin Lo (Real Footage)

Malaysia BOLEH!!!

This happened last night when Gary 曹格(Malaysian singer) whacked Justin 侧田. This is one hot news. Check out the video below;

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chinese Guy Loves Boobies

Some may feel offended by him, some call him racist but like it or not... he made his money with his videos and made millions laugh with his offensive videos.

With his cool sunglasses and crazy Chinese accent, I find Peter Chao is more hilarious than offensive--and that's why he's taken the YouTube vlogosphere by storm. Find out why he's featured in today's Who's Who on YouTube.

I particularly like his "Chinese Guy Loves Boobies", it's very frank and yes which guy doesn't like boobies? Enjoy the video & chao outside mothaf**ker!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Serena Williams, Kanye West & Emmanuel Adebayor - September Jackasses

So what the above 3 celebrities have in common? I officially award them the September Jackass Awards. They better go for anger management therapy with Dr. Buddy Rydell.

See for yourself, then you tell me if they are jackasses or not.

Adebayor Malicious Stamp On Van Persie

Serena Williams sayings "I swear to God [bleep], I'm taking this ball and I'm shoving it your [bleep]"

As for Kanye West, the video was somehow disabled by YouTube due to copyright issue. He's such an ass, how can he did that to Taylor Swift?

Talking bout anger management.... Froossswaba!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My 2nd Blog

So a week in Thailand, felt rejuvenated and at least I am finding passion in what I am doing. I started yet another blog site for my friends, in summary, I am currently managing 3 blogs at a go (MikeMmery, LG Life's Good Blog & Shop With Mike).

Soon, I will be traveling extensively and taking this opportunity to share my experience with my travel log on MikeMmery, LG news on the Life's Good blog and shopping made easier at Shop With Mike.

More updates to follow! Do checkout my new blog here.


Monday, September 07, 2009

Diamond Voice

I am about to share videos of inarguable the best male voice of the world. I particularly like this song.

Present to you "Dedication" by Vitas, each and every time I listen to it, it felt different all the time. There will be time that you will lay tears after hearing this song, there was also time you felt like you are on cloud nine or missing someone or thinking about my mom. I got no idea under what genre should I categorize this masterpiece.

Enjoy the video! Pay attention on the 2.40 of the first video and tell me if you are not impress.

And I forgot to tell you guys, this is also hell of a good song to 捉-KICK (catch kick) if you are high.

Marvelous! Bravo! Come to think about it,
Vitas can actually speak to dolphin.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Things To Do During Weekend to Kill Time

Watch Peter Chou on YouTube

This is one good shit channel in YouTube. More entertaining than those TVB soap opera drama series.

Peter Chou, you are one good shit mother****er Chinese!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Humble or Hamba?

Sorry dude, I know I had neglected yet again this site. There are a lot to share and I do not know where to start.

Let's talk a bit of what's happening at work of late. Few senior managers spoke to me (I mentioned SENIOR MANAGERS) came up to me and gave me a piece of advice "be humble". I nodded and did a bit of thinking about this.

Being my vocal self and always seem to be a fighter in the company, I evaluated those words conveyed to me, "HUMBLE". Let me share a bit of my working style here before I indulge deeper on the word "HUMBLE". I am a fighter, I always stand in my customer point of view, I always debate on my justification over a decision I made. To me, any decision made in business, business sense MUST prevail!

Early last year when I took up the role of business development, practically I headed the department with one of my junior who I had no issue with and we worked closely and get things done and secured. Things changed until early this year when the organization decided to place a Senior Manager whom I need to report to. This had not been an issue and I had tried my best to work with him as much as I can. Being myself, I had numerous occasions where I had constructive arguments with various departments in the company but my intention was good, everyone knows that, blame it on the respective KPIs that everyone got to meet. So therefore certain business decisions I made, I had no choice but to overlap a lot of people in the company and went straight to MD who most of the time sees the logic behind my justification (thanks MD!)

This had in fact angered many parties whom in the end of the day I did went to each and everyone to apologize and hope that they understand that whatever we argued was for work and nothing personal. Outside, I am seem to be a nice person, I can mix well with people in & out of the company. I am glad that some people really understand and accept that Michael Song is what he is and it really take a very tough manager with strong personality to mold me as a future leader. I learned the hard way, during the SEE days, I learned a lot from the top management there and still keeping in touch with some of them.

So back to "HUMBLE", my upbringing and to friends who know me personally, I do have qualities of being a humble person. My clients can prove it. Then come to think about it, is it that some of the Senior Managers want me to be a "Yes Man" or in another word, a "HAMBA" instead of "HUMBLE".

Just as I count my days down in my current company, here by are some really nice testimonials given by my clients.

"He is a fighter. He always at his best to fight for us and very unfortunate that he is taking up bigger role & challenge elsewhere" - Citibank

"He is a very prompt person, very helpful at most occasions and he even came to ground to do installation" - Ireka Land

"Michael is the most friendliest supplier under my list. He had been helpful and supportive in the call to promote Korea tourism. From a relationship of a supplier-client, we are now friends!" - Korea Tourism Organization

"Very helpful and informative, committed even though our delivery dateline to him was tight" - Super Coffeemix

"The only person that I can rely to when I need information and support, great job done in assisting my prize giving ceremony, certainly a good experience working with him even though for a short one" - Berjaya Sports Toto

So "HUMBLE" or "HAMBA"? You make the call!