Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Happen To Nuffnang Global CPC Ads?

Guys & gals, I noticed lately, I had not been receiving ads even I set to Global-CPC settings. I am just wondering if any other bloggers having the same experience? My 2nd blog also experiencing the same.

And perhaps Nuffnang can get someone to be active in famous forum like, there is a discussion thread about Nuffnang vs Advertlets. Hope that I will get some ads soon.

And for LG KS20 enthusiasts, I had been having difficulties looking for a screen protector to protect my finger print magnet KS20, I found one compatible in this site. Wondering anyone had actually tried applying it? Need some advice.

Beautiful Sunday, the Devils is a step closer to be crowned the EPL champion. See you on Monday guys!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mentally Tortured... I Need A Break

In the office now, taking a bit of time to chill my tortured mind and update what's happening. I will be going to Macao to attend a commercial seminar in Macao, never imagine I can ever step my foot in The Venetian, this is my chance and I am going to extend my stay to visit my sister in Hong Kong. My business trip is scheduled on the 14th April 2008, will take about a week off from work.

Secondly, my best wishes to Nicole on her quest to conquer the world. All the best and safe journey ya. You indeed made Malaccans proud!

In addition to that, I line up brand new iPhone for sale in my online store. Feel free to browse through it and serious buyer please contact me.

OK, back to work a little bit more and I am off to my buddy's place for the weekly EPL chillout.

Sharing one of my favourite YouTube video of all time, it helps to de-stress my brain a little. Enjoy!!!

Baby Love

You know when you are single, once in a blue moon, listening to these kinda song, watching the MV reminded you of the girls you once loved before. Ya, I am missing someone now. Can I find the one? Can she be the one? Is she the one for good? Can I make up my mind once and for all? Oh God, enlighten me please...

Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger featuring

I remember like it was yesterday
First kiss and I knew you changed the game
You have me, exactly, well you want it,
And I'm on it

And I ain't ever gonna let you get away
Holdin' hands never made me feel this way
So special, boy it's your, your smile
We so in love
La la la la
We so in love
La la la la la
And I just can't get enough
Of your la la la la love
Yeah we so in love, love
I want you to know
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything

Been a minute and we still holding it down
Butterflies every time you come around
You make me, so crazy
It's crazy, oh baby

And I don't ever wanna be with no one else
You're the only one that ever made me melt
You're special, boy it's your, your style
We so in love

La la la la
We so in love
La la la la la
And I just can't get enough
Of your la la la la love
Yeah it's all I'm thinking of
Love, love
I want you to know

You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of
[Baby Love lyrics on]

You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything

Everything, everything, oh
Everything, everything, oh

You're my always and forever
You're my sunshine
On my mind, constant
Think about you all the time
You're my everything

Everything, everything, oh
Everything, everything, oh

You my new school (love)
You my old school (love)
And it's so true
You're the one I'm thinking of

You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
(You make the sun come up on a cloudy day
You're my number one, you're my special thing)
You're my every, every, every, everything

Everything, everything, oh
Everything, everything, oh
You are my baby, baby, baby, baby love

Everything, everything, oh
Everything, everything, oh
You're my everything
You are my baby, baby, baby, baby love

ps: Who's my baby love??? I am not sure myself, God is playing me out, I guess :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kuan Yin Ma, Tolong Lim Peh... Poh Pi, Poh Pi

Was rather a hectic day for me today. This morning, I put my car to test the full throttle as I am rushing to an important appointment at Putrajaya at 10am. The outcome of the meeting is pretty convincing and I came out a happy man.

But my happiness does not last long, again my car giving me problem. First, the aircond was not in working condition and second I realized some kind of smoke came out from the engine compartment.

Worrying and having the thought of my car will go in flame, I came out from the car to check what went wrong. Then the smoke subside and I tried to start the car again and drove to the nearest workshop I can find.

And after parting with almost RM3k from the previous repair works (and I still owe Alan the balance of the payment), the mechanic diagnosed that my compressor leaking. And I officially announced that I am broke, as in super broke, broke as in no money to even buy bread to eat :P , so do look look see see in mikemmery:forsale or feel free to email me if you ever need any gadgets, electronics or electrical stuff ya.

And Kuan Yin Ma, please poh pi poh pi me, let me go through 2008 more smoothly. Limpeh planning to buy house somemore leh, poh pi lim peh make more money so that enough to change this problematic car somemore. The moral of the story: Do not bang toll!

On a separate note, a while ago, my ex called me to update her the latest happenings in this country, she stressed anything at all but not politics. She said she remembered I used to read The Star almost everyday the time when I was still with her. Little does she knows, I already banned all local newspapers, thanks to her too, after the broke up, I spent more time in the blogosphere, then I got to know who is Jeff Ooi when I worked with him on a project. Thanks to many other political rodents who blogged and enlightened me on what is actually happening in this country.

I therefore urge all my readers to ban this so called 'The People's Paper', read more here. And the corporate companies who chose to advertise on this paper frequently, be wise and do not allow all your media buy through the agency. If there is more people like me who got so influence by the world wide web, beware how much the www gonna influence our buying pattern on certain products.

MAKKAL SAKTI applies on everything!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

R35 GT-R... Something You Might NOT Want To Know

Short talk: My 2nd blog is ready. Check it out here. Saya budak baru belajar, kalau ada silap & salah sila tunjukkan.

Hold your breathe, it felt like cutting into my own flesh for each & every single word I typed for this post today.

Many guys would have heard before the champion of all Japanese cars, the Nissan GT-R, I believe many would sacrifice their gf for this, limpeh is pretty sure about this. Just some enlightenments to those who know nuts about GT-R, do check out the links below;
Nissan GT-R Press Photos & Details Leaked!
Nissan GT-R - Wikipedia

First introduced in Japan in December 2007 and will only be released internationally in June 2008. Living up to the 'MalaysiaN Boleh' tag, we also have this in our very own soil - unveiling first GT-R in Malaysia, budak Kedah tu...

Not only that my friends, curse & shout your lungs out loud after you see the pictures below... Sigh.... Good bye half a million ringgit...

And yes, it happened here recently. See the similarity of the below pictures? Confirm we are better driver than the Singaporeans :P


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hidden Treasure of KS20

Someone played with his phone and his intention was to do a soft reset and accidentally found out the hidden treasure of LG KS20.

Here is the step by step and hope it will be a great use for all LG KS20 owners. When your phone is in sleep mode, press "SEND" and "VOLUME DOWN" keys simultaneously. The keys are highlighted as per below pictures.

And voila, the camera flash will on and it will act just like a torch light. So you will now no longer afraid of the dark. Yippee!!!

And to deactivate the flash light, simply just press the "END" button.

Mikemmery pandai kan?

Monday, March 24, 2008

From Kops To Corpses

I am amazed with the quality of pictures taken with my LG KS20. Picture taken above was without flash, white balance = auto, 2.0MP, super fine settings. I was at The Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon last night to witness the demolition of Liverfool Liverpool.

Myself, Chris & Jason, we arrived there like 7.30pm, my first time to Amphitheatre, and I got to say I love the above picture, overseeing the main landmarks in Sunway, pictures taken with my LG KS20. And accidentally bumped into one of my reader, Ms. Chek who happened to be a VIP for the event.

Since we were early, we got the best seating in the Stadium, equipped with a few packs of beers & soft drinks, we enjoyed the atmosphere throughout the night. I got to admit that the Reds overshadowed the Devils in term of crowd last night but we Devils had the biggest laugh in the end of the day when the Kops were transformed to Corpses. To the Reds that reading my blog, better luck next time mate, no hard feeling... HAHAHAHAHAHA :P

We were entertained by the EPL dancers and there were few EPL legends that joined the event. I only blardy recognised Phil Babb & Ray Parlour only, the rest tak kenal-lah.

And at the very beginning when the Reds in the Stadium were chanting away their songs, they were silenced by Wes Brown fluke goal. I was telling my buddies, tonight we will thrash them and indeed the scoreline (3-0) did the talking. Corpses out there...

SIR Alex Ferguson
SIR Matt Busby
Bill Shankly
Kenny Daglish

Can you spot the difference? We are indeed different, not same level lah babe.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mikemmery's Weekender

It's Sunday and I had dull weekend really. It is more of a home affair this weekend, no dates and no happenings. My parents went up to Genting for a breakaway. Should have follow them but anyway here's the summary of my weekend;

- Saturday noon, I went back to office to finish up my stuff till about 7pm *mike no life*
- I am working on my 2nd blog. Will reveal the final version once I got it done.
- Someone called on my mobile & threw tantrum, I am guessing what had I done wrong and it felt like shit really.
- Luckily Sunday, someone important chatted me up over MSN. I wish her all the best in her quest of getting what she dreamt of.

And what's on tonight? I am going to watch the clash of the titans tonight @ Sunway. Luckily I still got a bit of life this weekend... DAMN!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lim Peh, Lim Bu, Din Nau Bu

Today lim peh wanna take a break writing about the phone. Quite a number of lim peh's friends making noise already saying this blog gonna be another liewcf already. No lah, lim peh excited mar new phone, sure write more lor, OK now lim peh write another thing can? Don't angry lim peh k.

Since it was a national holiday yesterday, lim peh went to the much talked about "Ah Long Pte. Ltd" with one chio bu. Overall, lim peh found that the story line not really good but if you wanna have a good laugh, lim peh highly recommend you but be warned, you must understand Hokkien in order to enjoy the jokes like lim peh did.

Day before lim peh also went for a Thai movie, "Deadly Ghost". If you like Nang Nak & Shutter, lim peh guarantee you sure like this wan one. Actually lim peh's date suggested this movie wan, she actually very scared wan, so sat beside her, not easy lor. Lim peh's shoulder kena cubit like hell. Nabeh, her fingernails damn blardy long, luckily lim peh got a lot of flesh to spare. Overall, lim peh also enjoy lar.

And now, those lowyat & mypdacafe kaki going to complain d, saying lim peh write too much about movie. Sorry lor, lim peh never forget you all wan. Lim peh wanna share some cun pictures taken with the KS20. Although it is not Schneider Konek (I dunno how to spell lar) lens, still no complain about the pictures, lim peh dunno how to use Photochop wan, so don't accuse lim peh edit k. Real unedited photos.

OK.. OK... TGIF, lim peh wanna siam already... see you all tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mikemmery's Trading List : Want To Sell (WTS)

*UPDATES: Successfully sold 2 units of the DVD Players*

Hi peeps, since many had enquired me about the price of the phone. I came out with the WTS list here, interested & serious buyer please email me at

My WTS list:

1. LG KS20: RM1,X99 with 1GB Micro SD
2. LG KU990 Viewty with 1GB Micro SD: Email to enquire
3. LG DV270 DVD Player: RM100/unit (2 units only)

The above mentioned is all new unit, CASH sales only. Terms & conditions apply.

I will compile 2nd hand items to be sold as well, stay tune.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LG KS20 Extras & Owners List

OK... OK... I know for the past few postings, it is all about LG KS20 and I am motivated to write more and I just cannot get enough of it. Not "song"? Shoot me then :P

I received a surprise call last night from a reader asking me about the applications that I installed to my KS20. So here, I googled and got some of the screenshots for a better picture of what installed. Forgive me, as I have not got my new notebook approved so bear with me with this old junk I am using now which I have difficulties sync-ing it with my Outlook at the moment, once I got hold of my new ultimate machine, I shall write more about my sync experience with Outlook soon. So to the KS20 lovers, enthusiasts out there, here you go...

SPB Mobile Shell - An extended to the plain default Today's screen. This screen will appear when you wake your phone up from sleep mode. Screen that shows you summary of what's happening, the battery & signal indicators, calendars, etc.

SPB Mobile Shell Screenshots 2 - This is the extended Today's screen. You can easily access to certain programs on the Today's screen itself instead of going through the hassle of tapping the Start button on the top left corner of your handheld.

Owner Info X - This is extended to the default Owner's Information. You can add a display picture to it just like the screenshot above. It is a freeware. Do the googling k.

HTC X Button - This is essential as the default 'X' or 'OK' button of KS20 does not really close the applications. Many times if you check the memory of the running programs, it is always running at the background by default, it will definitely slow your handheld, but with the X Button freeware, your applications will be closed properly.

PCM Keyboard - iPhone lookalike keyboard, I prefer this as it provides pure QWERTY feel and SMSing has never been easier. Another freeware as well.

And another solution I believe would be useful. The KS20 by default does not include SIM Manager like the HTC Tytn which enable user to copy all SIM contacts into phone contacts. In other words, KS20 users would need to copy the SIM contacts one by one into the phone. Pretty lame isn't it? Problem solved - get your 3rd party freeware here.

Now I cannot imagine my life without Google.

OK... now KS20 enthusiasts out there, do participate in the owners list program that I initiated, register here. So far as of now, I have 3 people in the list from LowYat forum. The owners are as below
1. Michael Song aka cybermick @ LowYat
2. StratOS @ LowYat
3. jackal_x2005 @ LowYat

Questions: Do I need to register to start an owners club? What are the procedures? And reason of doing this is that, the owners opinions & voices can be louder and heard if there is huge participation and who knows certain accessories we can get at a discounted rate if we purchase in bulk.

ps: wish list for KS20: 1. Micro SDHC 8GB, 2. Leather Pouch, 3. External GPS device :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LG KS20 Rocks!

More pictures taken with LG KS20, adjustment only to white balance 'Cloudy'. The fact is KS20 takes decent pictures for a Windows Mobile handheld. I had started a LG KS20 owners list in these thread (here & here), if you own one, let's see what experience we can share together ya

For the past few days, these are some applications & add-on I installed for my baby;
1. SPB Mobile Shell (something like extended Today's screen, darn cool! MUST HAVE!)
2. PCM Keyboard (iPhone lookalike keyboard)
3. HTC X-Button (X button that really closes applications from running at the background)
4. Owner Info-X (Extended Owner Info + Display picture)
5. SunGlobe (3rd party application to enable Chinese SMS to be read)

Also, I heard KS20 will be able to support Micro SDHC (not confirm), meaning to say that we can enjoy bigger space like 4-8GB of additional storage. Keep your fingers cross, will update you guys.

This is one of the best phone LG produced so far, my 2cents and functionality so far the best among LG's range of mobiles. And maybe tonight I will try to post a blog with my baby :)


Monday, March 17, 2008

LG KS20 : Mikemmery's Review

My weekend was rather occupied, and I believe some got a bit sick with too many posted about the Nuffnang PJ Party last Saturday. I did went, but what actually got me so tied up over the weekend was my new gadget, the LG KS20, LG's first Windows Mobile (WM) based phone.

I would say this model is going to give other WM player like HTC a run on their money. Not only the design look a bit of the overpriced LG PRADA but it is one of the most affordable WM-based PDA in the market now. The retail price is RM 1,888.

When I got my phone last weekend, I had been installing applications, actively participating in forums like LowYat.Net & MyPDACafe, as I am still very much a dummy on WM6. As of now, *touchwood* my phone has not fail me yet, it has not 'hang' like many complained about LG phones.

So what is in the box?
- Handset
- Stylus
- Standard Battery
- Charger
- USB Data Cable
- Stereo Hands-free
- Pouch *very plastic, tend to scratch the front screen, looks cheap, should hav come up with PRADA case*
- Manual & CD

As for the specs, please get it here. As for my personal experience, to be frank, not too bad a phone. Tried going online with HSDPA & Wifi, both works fine - the only minus point I found during surfing is that the connection will disconnect if there is an incoming call or the phone is in sleep mode.

Another minus point - the commercial unit does not bundle with Chinese software - meaning writing and reading in Chinese characters is a NO. Need to find 3rd party software. Personally, I still think the phone needs a bit more tweaking, applications do not close properly even when you tap on the 'X' button, so another 3rd party software needed to solve this problem. One more problem I face and I have yet to find the solution is that, when I insert my SIM card into the phone, I cannot seem to copy all SIM contacts to my phone contacts like any other phone which surely come with the function. So at the moment, I just leave my contacts as SIM and I have limited functionality for the contacts as in attaching pictures & ringtones.

Other than these small issues, the camera I believe will be an attention grabber for the moment. And camera wise, it is 2.0MP and it works quite decently. Below are the pictures taken with my KS20 and I have not edit or compress the pictures, do click to enlarge.

Overall, I prefer my KS20 than Viewty which I previously used. And Viewty phone, no doubt it is 5.0MP but depending on environment & situation of the picture taken, too many settings need to be done to get a quality picture.

If you guys are interested in LG KS20, please drop me a mail ya. Last I heard, it ran out of stock. True ar?

ps: this is not an advertorial, if the phone fail me, I sure condemn wan :P

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hectic Saturday - Pajama Party & St. Patrick's

Pajama Party - I am coming...

St. Patrick's @ Plaza Mont Kiara - I am coming...

Happening Saturday and a short post here as I am still toying with my new gadget, I shall be able to blog from the gadget real soon, and I am going to do a review on this gadget as well. Wanna buy one? Contact me...

For other bloggers & my readers who going for the Pajama Party tonight, I will see you guys & gals there...


Friday, March 14, 2008

Bapak Borek, Anak Rintik

Short note: Got a few feedbacks from my readers. They found difficulties viewing my blog. My 2 cents - update your IE to the latest version of IE7 or use the Mozilla Firefox. Download it here.

My salute & absolute respect to Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of our former PM, the beloved Tun Mahathir. His call for Pak Lah to quit was indeed the voice of people, he is simply just not people's choice, and if I were to mark Pak Lah's report card, I tell you Pak Lah, you FAIL! I would give you F9 in your report card. Reports here.

Trust me it will be very predictable for Mukhriz after his recent act. Najib will come out, Keris-muddin will come out, Pak Lah's SIL will come out and condemn him, next suspend him, next Mukhriz, I hope he does not apologize, instead he will join the Barisan Rakyat (the government in waiting).

Mukhriz, if you happen to read this, you might now be regarded by few as the traitor in UMNO but you have millions of rakyat behind you. SYABAS Mukhriz!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


My conversation over MSN yesterday with my favorite girl...

Jessica (not real name) : I very "mang jang" now
Me : Then how can I un-mang jang you?
J : When I "mang jang", please do not ask me so many questions!
Me : OK, I don't ask but I can answer you lor.
J : Don't talk to me is the best cos I will not "SONG"
Me : Don't worry, I know there are a few people that can make you "SONG"
J : Who? Who can?
Me : Michael SONG, Papa SONG, Mama SONG...
Me : So, now you "SONG" or not?
J : Hahahaha... "Hou Sei SONG"

I know this post is quite "wu liao" but knowing she reads my blog daily, just want to cheer her up :)

Some random pictures taken in Japan...

Syok? But KNNCCB, I can't eat all these... DAMN!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Emmery & Sis

12th March indeed a very special day to me and 2 individuals that had made impact to my life. Taking a bit time off on other posting today, leaving this space to wish a very happy birthday to Emmery & my sister, Fiona.

Happy birthday girls, though no flowers, no gifts from me this year, I wish you girls love & happiness in life from the very bottom of my heart.

Love you,

Love You Lately - Daniel Powter

You packed your last two bags.
A taxi's 'round the bend.
You used to laugh out loud,
But you can't remember when.
You lost your lies.
It's like your moving out of time,
And the whole word crumbles right beneath you.

So, I might've made a few mistakes,
But that was back when you would smile,
And we would go everywhere,
But we ain't been there for awhile.
And this I know,
There's a place that we can go-
A place where I can finally let you know.

'Cause I'm the one that loves you lately.
You and me, we got this great thing.
We're the only one's that around,
We're the only one's that around this Babylon.

I hope you find whatever you've been lookin' for.
Just remember where you're from and who you are,
'Cause there's a thousand lights that'll make you feel brand new,
But if you ever lose your way, I'll be right here for you.

'Cause I'm the one that loves you lately.
You and me, we got this great thing.
So, come back and you sit down. Relax.
Everything's to see that you've come a long, long way,
And it's the place that you should be.

'Cause I'm the one that loves you lately.
You and me, we got this great thing.
'Cause I'm the one that loves you lately.
You and me, we got this great thing.
And we're the only one's that around,
We're the only one's that around this Babylon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free & Fairer Media

Short Note: Datuk Zakaria Deros, the infamous Klang Municipal Councilor passed away this morning. Full stories here. What are we going to do with his mansion has 21 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, including 11 that are occupied by each of his children, as well as a VIP room, three living rooms, a dining hall and a prayer room.

Wake up to the new beginning. I felt much safer now as I know I am under care in good hands. Finally we can say no to the mainstream media, who always blinded people with its defense on its political masters. The new change, I read on a post stating that Malaysiakini can circumvent the Printing Presses & Publication Act 1984 and go to print because a state can grant publishing permits. Now we have 5 states support, why not?

Raja Petra, gua sokong sama lu habis-habis...

We will have our very own REAL people's paper soon. YA YA YA!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

We Are The Champion

The Rakyat is the champion today, but a lot of work need to be done. To do a major clean up especially on the juridicial, the SPR & the police force.

The Police - Pembohong!

The SPR - BERSIH kah?

Tun Dr M held a press conference today, I am still trying to get hold of the video. Tun said yesterday's election result sends a clear message that the rakyat are angry. Mahathir, who led the ruling Umno which helms the Barisan Nasional coalition for 22 years before stepping down in 2003, lashed out after its worst performance in history. "My view is he has destroyed Umno, destroyed the BN and he has been responsible for this," Mahathir told reporters. He suggested Abdullah should resign, and said he had made a mistake in selecting him as prime minister.

My humble opinion, Pak Lah held all the important portfolios in the cabinet; he is the prime minister, the financial minister, the home minister, the internal security minister and not forgetting too he is also the lovey dovey hubby of Jeanne. Crap PM, crap English he had, when the rakyat in Johor was experiencing the worst ever flood last year, where was the PM? He was officiating Nasi Kandar shop in Australia. And he started this 'warkah for PM' website, encouraging the PEOPLE to write to him in any language, and he will reply to us. Hey, Pak Lah, lu ingat kita ni bodoh kah? You are insulting the rakyat's intelligence. Mr. Clean is not that clean anymore my dear Pak Lah.

Pak Lah, You Know Now What is Makkal Sakti???

I am doubtful he fully understand the message here. But certainly he got a wake up call from the rakyat. I am very much disgusted with the national TV with their so-called political analysts who is so pro-BN on all channels TV1 or TV3.

The recent scene of Pak Lah giving out press conference in PWTC. You saw Ong Ka Ting? He is nothing to be compared to Pak Lah's wife Jeanne. Hey Ong Ka Ting, sooner or later you will learn a thing or two from Samy Vellu. You claimed you speaking up for all Chinese? I am so ashamed of you really. If I were you, I would have ask Jeanne to step back and let you to voice your opinion in the PC. Jeanne got nothing to do with politics in this country. She was not even the original first lady of this country.

We created history tonight. We retained Kelantan. In addition to that, we captured Penang & Kedah and unofficially we are capturing Perak, Selangor & The Federal Territory. I never mentioned parties name who captured if you notice, because it is us rakyat who made the choice. And although we cannot form the federal government, we finally denied the 2/3 majority of this 50 years of dictatorship.

And now bloggers - celebration for us. We have voices in Parliament - Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, etc. Now bloggers, I announce you to BLOG WITHOUT FEAR!!! We will remain the new alternative media to the netizens. And hats off to Malaysiakini, Raja Petra, you are my hero, really. Hope to see you competing in the next GE.

Penangites, I am sure investors will once come in again. You guys are lucky you have a new CM who is credible of fighting for rakyat's justice & rights. Hidup DAP! Congrats Guan Eng.

And to the newly elected MPs and DUN members, we have faith in you that is why we vote you in, 4 years from now, if you fail us, we will show you who is the boss.


Quote from the movie V for Vendetta, "The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people"

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Samy Vellu

Just before the clock hits 12, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the longest serving Cabinet Minister in this country, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu a very happy birthday.
After 28 years, finally... Enough of slippers & rotten eggs... rakyat's best gift to you Datuk Seri, sending you out of the Parliament, GET OUT, YOU MADE US SICK!


Political Tsunami in This Election

From reports, DAP had victories in these parliamentary seats. Pak Lah, you are such an ignorant fool to send Angkasawan. We showed you who is the boss and we sending ROCKETS into the parliament.

1. Bagan
2. Tanjong
3. Bukit Glugor
4. Ipoh Timur
5. Batu Gajah
6. Petaling Jaya Utara
7. Seputeh
8. Kepong
9. Bukit Bintang
10. Cheras
11. Bandar Kuching
12. Sandakan
13. Segambut
14. Kota Melaka

And believe it or not, Gerakan strong man Dr. Koh Tsu Koon is already CONFIRMED out (thanks Boss for update)...

Penangites, my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to all...

12th General Election Results Live Feed

Juicy live feed as of now. PAS retains Kelantan & DAP on the way to take over Penang... Check live feed here.

God bless us & saves our country....

Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Day Of Campaign - VOTE FOR CHANGE

Short note: She called me, for a while I am surprised. It had been a while...

The General Election is tomorrow. For the past one week, I had been attending ceramah after ceramah, meeting up candidates & socio-political bloggers in person. All of us are indeed looking for a breakthrough & a change.

There are many talented and smart people in this country. If only the broadband penetration is good, I believe many would stuck themselves with news in the internet rather than bias media we have in this country, I am just disgusted with the way they write and talking about professionalism as a journalist, I felt sad for all of them.

The People's Paper? How true is this remark? I was in Kota Kinabalu yesterday on my business trip. The wind of change is not as strong as in Peninsular. I took a copy of local English paper this morning and I am just got so sick on what is potrayed about Peninsular. No report on massive 60,000 turnout for the DAP talk in Penang. No report on 10,000 turnout in Puchong Jaya. I was there.

Here are some of pictures taken.

My last post today on the "VOTE FOR CHANGE" campaign, vote wisely my friends. My voice here alone does not make any difference. The call for a BERSIH election was tainted with the cancellation of use of the inedible ink with lame excuses from the EC.

I hereby include top 5 candidates that require your extra consideration before you vote.

1. Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-UMNO) P.187 Kinabatangan

Issues: The famous quote, "Mana ada bocor, Batu Gajah tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor"

2. Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (BN-UMNO) P.61 Padang Rengas

Issues: "He is the most racist politician in Malaysia" - Wikipedia

3. Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-UMNO) P.131 Rembau

Issues: Son-in-law of Pak Lah. Made most of the important decision in this country. Burn American flag, march to hand a memorandum which the police said is legal.

4. Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (BN-MIC) P.62 Sungai Siput

-Longest serving minister in the Cabinet of Malaysia
-MRR2 cracked pillars
-Recent plights of HINDRAF

5. Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob (BN-UMNO) N.36 Pelangai

Issues: His infamous hand language (is he the Menteri Besar?) and Pahang’s deficit to balloon to RM50mil, while MB place a bid for RM48,000 for CCC 9 car plate number. Represent rakyat kah?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Anwar Is Innocent

Just to share a bit of the DAP ceramah I attended last night @ SS2 with Chris, Jason, MK & PL. Another amazing turnout, we do see hope and God willing, we are on track for a CHANGE. And I seldom have female companion to company me to ceramahs, I am glad you (I know you read my blog) did.

Counting down to the day we see the change. Enough is enough, MAKKAL SAKTI!!!

TDM cheekily made a statement that Anwar is innocent & framed for the scandal. Now we shall see REFORMASI!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The People's Power

The GE is about 5 days away, for the coming few days, I will be campaigning in my blog here not for any political party components but as a Malaysian who is seeking change. I am having terrible flu now, probably due to the rain during the ceramah I attended last night which was held in open field TTDI, PJ.

I am touched seeing thousands braving the rain (it's blardy heavy rain last night) to listen to the Barisan Rakyat front-liners. Why would all these people stand in the rain for hours? I said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", government spent RM100million last year to mark 50th Years of Independence. You see, Pak Lah spent that amount to remind us what great things BN achieved for the past 50 years... but... but... Pak Lah spent RM200million on a private jet, an AirBus. What the hell? He spent more for himself than the rakyat. We are not dumb Pak Lah, do not insult our intelligence!

We are facing an uphill battle, not a battle that is fought gentlemanly. I have greater responsibilities to enlighten my other brothers & sisters regardless of the color of our skin, we are Malaysian and Malaysian deserve better, equal rights.

I received an email this morning and it is pretty shocking. This is what we called, 'Phantom Voters'. Sometimes they claimed we bloggers are bunch of liars, picture speaks louder than words, aren't they?

Tonight there will be an interesting ceramah, will be expecting some of my closest friends there. Mari beramai-ramai tonight, we got great speakers like Ms. Fong Po Kuan (Batu Gajah MP), Haris Ibrahim & Raja Petra. Venue: SS2 (Behind Hong Leong Bank), Time: 8PM.

Apart from the serious post above, enjoy this hilarious video. Cool!