Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mike, You OK?

A colleague asked, "Mike, why lately you so quiet in the office? So unlike you, missing you old antics"

A friend said, "Mike, you looked so tired & so old compared to last time"

There might be a slight change, I prefer not to rant or critisize it unrationally, at times I wanna be truthful but it is sad when people you regard as friends betrayed you. There is a saying 'Silence is Golden', it makes sense at least to me. From now on, I will not stress & stretch myself too much over something that is not worth of me to do it, will let or allow the right person to do so.

To those people who had been worrying about me, I promised to be OK ya! I will. I am looking forward to my holidays again, ya a self-paid holiday and the best it will be a post-birthday present I have for myself. And I wanna look young & cheerful like last time, I am still looking for my princess k, if old which princess will be impressed with me right? :)

And the online world been so happening that I need to stay in touch most of the time, I had signed up Maxis Broadband. No doubt it is a little pricey compared to Streamyx, I pay for the service I guess. So peeps, you will get to see me online more often than usual, anytime anywhere. So here is what I got, a small HSDPA modem connected via USB. It will connect automatically judging from what signal that is best worked in a specific location, meaning it will switch automatically ranging from HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE & GPRS. So just as long as I am with my laptop all the time and the area is covered by Maxis, I will be connected. On good time, on my own record I can connect up to 2MBPS download, so for blog updating, mail checking, facebook, friendster & blog hopping, it is good enough really.

This package is only available @ Maxis Centre. For more infos on Maxis BroadBand High Speed Internet Access, check out their website here.

I had also signed up PacMee from Maxis. Please follow me ya, sms 'ON MIKEMMERY' and send it to 22700, they also had a leaderboard ad on my site, click to know more about it ya.

Beautiful Sunday it is indeed, woke up and had breakfast with a friend, went all the way to Segambut to pimp the famous Curry Seafood Noodle. I had a large one, the damage is RM 14 but worth it. When I flashed out my camera & start snapping my food, my friend & the people surrounding me gave me an amazed look ;)

And while updating this, incoming SMS pimped my phone and it reads this...

There is a J.Co in Malaysia??? Who wanna go with me???

And something I felt can cheer your Monday Blues... Check this video out...

Friday, September 28, 2007

珠海, Pearl Sea (Part 2 : Night Life)

So what about the night life in China that perhaps we do not often see in Malaysia? There are really a lot of night clubs mushrooming in Zhuhai. Apart from the activities held in these night clubs, actually all these clubs had added colors to the city; as in they decorated the town in colorful neon lights. However, not all clubs are doing unhealthy activities inside it (but majority do), my first night, I went for a gala performance held just in my hotel ballroom. It is a pay to see show where we were entertained with songs, opera, comedies & sketches.

It is a value for money performance, we paid about RMB30 (RM15) for entrance fees. The concept is a bit of those old Shanghainese days, where we bunch will sit in a cosy long red sofa, and there will be waiter to serve us with drinks, fruits & titbits. Overall performance was really good and we even had S.H.E impersonators singing their famous number 'Superstars'.

After the show with a bottle of fine red wine & a bucket of Carlsberg, we felt a bit hungry so we went food hunting. Unlike Malaysia, there is not much mamak or stalls opening late night.But we managed to find our way to this famous local restaurant which was really good. And being a food lover myself, we tend to order various local delicacies which in the end we are unable to finish it all.

This makan stall is located by the roadside, many locals will frequent this place. Without thinking much we asked the waitress to recommend us their famous dishes. And the stall next to it, is a stall serving the 'Shanghai Siao Loong Bao".

I'm not much a porridge guy, our first serving might be one of the best porridge I had had in my whole entire life. The taste was so well blended making Malaysian chinese food looks amateur.

Due to the inadequate lighting, there's a bit of noise on the pictures taken due to the reasonably high ISO mode that I had set. Second we had this great Balitong (what do you call this in English ar?). Just nicely cooked, a bit spicy but tasty. Yummy, yummy, yummy...

By the time we almost half full, came this chicken fried with black fungus.

And our final dish is the 'SzeChuan Knife Noodle', this portion is for 3 persons and it is damn big for all of us. Super nice if I were to compare to some China-wannabe-restaurants in Malaysia, we can even put Dragon-i & Green Jade House in cold storage. Price is reasonable as well.

By the time we finished, it almost hit 3am and gosh we gotta wake up 8.30am for our 2nd day tour. More coming soon ya... Enjoy your weekend peeps!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

珠海, Pearl Sea (Part 1)

As promised, a reader MSN me today asking me when am I going to write about my trip. So here you go, by now the posting about Macao might been a bit outdated & boring because of this and maybe this or this, this, blah blah blah. But rest assured, I am not gonna blog about Macao this time around, I am going to share my 3 nights experience in this beautiful garden by the sea.

It only took about 3 1/2 hours to reach Macao. Although AirAsia had from time to time let us down because of delayed flights, we should be grateful too as travelling had been more affordable to all. From the check-out point, we were immediately transfered to Gong Bei Gate about 20 minutes away from the airport. This is the gateway that linked Macao city & Zhuhai (珠海)

Zhuhai or direct translation 'Pearl Sea' is one of China's cleanest & prettiest cities and received numerous accolades for its excellent ecological development effort. It is certainly the city that I will definitely pay a second visit in near future. Weather at this time around the year is pretty humid.

Since the hotel we were supposed to check in were not ready, we were brought by our guide to the famous Lover's Street, a popular hang out street for young couples and tourists for pictures snapping session.

This street is about 3.5km and the most crowded place along this stretch is where the statue of the Zhuhai Goddess situated, I would not wanna give a long-winded explaination about this legendary goddess, check here for more info.

I also do not want to miss the opportunity to give a camwhore shot here. The signage here reads 珠海渔女, direct translation - Pearl Sea Fisher Girl, sounds akward isn't it?

By the time we finish our shameless camwhoring session, it was about time to check in the hotel. We stayed in this luxurious 5-stars Zhuhai International Conference Center Hotel located in the heart of the city. I got the whole room by myself and the best of it all, it provides free broadband service in the room itself but unfortunately I am unable to access in or even to view my blog which I first thought blogger got their servers down but the fact is all sites are prohibited in China, why ar?

After about an hour of rest, we decided to give a try on their latest HotSpring located 60km away from the town of Zhuhai. It took about an hour cab ride to this amazing hot spring. The whole place is just like our very own Malaysia's Genting. It has an outdoor theme park, water park, hotel and other tourist attraction but due to time constraint, we chose only to try out the hot spring.

The charges to enjoy this hotspring facilities is only RMB150 (RM75), and you can spend your whole day in this hotspring. There are about 50 types of different kind of hotsprings here. Some with Chinese traditional herbs and there is even a redwine hotspring where you soak yourself into redwine, amazing kan? After that I opted for an hour of foot & body massage, for that time I felt like I'm in heaven, my body was there but my soul elsewhere. I miss the feeling.

So here I am done with my part 1, what's next??? Be right back tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does Justice Exist in Malaysia?

I am supposed to write about my Macau & China travelogue today but I felt that I have a responsibility as a Malaysian to share this with all my readers. I am rather upset, a bit angry and worried in view of our country condition at the moment. Weeks ago, local media wrote of how overjoyed the rakyat soon after the Budget 2008 was announced.

Many times, far too many times, we are unable to view or listen the real news in the country. In a way, segelintir media seriously insult & ridicule our intelligence. Thanks to MalaysiaKini, I really appreciate their hardwork, the risks taken by their journalists & photographers, to give us a better & clearer picture of what is actually happening in this country.

I saw this footage about how a group of university students who have every right to demand for an explaination for having their belongings seized without a proper procedure. This happened in UPM, so happen that my brother is currently pursuing his further studies there. Do you see this in local media? What is wrong with demanding an explaination? And why in the world the police disallowed the student to join the meeting in the private room? If this footage being shown on national TV, can the parents really feel safe to send their child to local uni?

If that is not shocking enough, check the video below, it is so shocking to find this, listen to all his conversation, you definitely got a holy shock of your freaking life. When the law & justice suppose to be fair, adil, after this video, you will look at our juridicial & law system differently, you will start thinking how many big cases or even the ongoing cases are political influenced? Those behind bars now, are they really guilty or just scapegoats in this corrupted hierarchy? Why the situation is worsen day by day? Why is this breaking news do not go as big as our fellow friend Namewee?

I seriously do not understand, my fellow readers you be the judge, practise your rights, you can make a change not only for ourselves but also our future generation.

I wanna believe in this constituition but can I? Can I?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

30 Hours Famine... Mission Accomplished

Back from China, as promised, it is still not the time for me to update about my trip as I have yet done with the pictures editing. Nevertheless, this might be a little late, an update about the 30-Hours Famine event that I participated 2 weeks ago.

It is a yearly event held by the World Vision to raise funds for the unfortunates. This year it was held in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. It is an event whereby participants will need to donate a sum of RM100 (students) & RM150 (non-students). Arrived as early as 10am, there were already a lot of people lining up to register themselves.

Upon registration, we were guided into the stadium by our group leader, we were the group No.238 comprising of 16 members.

We were given a tag with lanyard & an orange shirt while the volunteers for the event were in yellow uniform. Our group leader is Ms. Pei YingPeiki and she had been helpful throughout the whole event.

This year was rather remarkable as it marked the 10th anniversary of the event and we had a record breaking 5,500 participants.

As the clock ticking to 12pm where the whole event will be officially kick-off, we broke the ice among our group as it was a first time experience to all of us. We took our very first group photo in our cool orange uniform. As the clock strucked 12pm, the event kicked off in a colourful manner where giant balloons were thrown into the crowd.

As the clock strucked 12pm, the event kicked off in a colourful manner where giant balloons were thrown into the crowd. Loud cheer were echoed around the hall to mark the beginning of the 30hours famine.

We were given a handy manual of the activities that we will be expecting and sang many times the official Famine song. The event was emceed by a chinese host & translator, William & Yap. Even redfm 104.9 brought the event to live on air with DJ Alvin non-stop for 30hours.

Many activities kept us busy and to forget about hunger, there were talks given by distinguished guest from China, games & performances. For those who opted for a walk instead around the hall, there were several booths offering the event's souvenirs & inspirational books. There were even a semi-permanent tattoo kiosk. Exhibits & explaination on the World Vision missions & objectives were shown to give us a clearer picture of our contribution for the event.

Group activities & team building to allow us to mingle around with the rest of the members in the group and get to know each other more. We were given a task to build a house with just newspaper, there were a meaning behind all these activities, to appreciate what we have and enjoying now, there is indeed people in some corner of the world who lives under the paper as their shelter.

By the end of the group activities, we already passed the 4 hours mark, meaning 26 hours more to go. We took a group photo again and guess which is my younger brother here? I am the one wearing the cap standing on the far right of the photo.

As the hours passed, we can really feel the stretch of our hunger, there were some in our group who were imagining having tom-yam soup as dinner but the fact is, throughout the whole event, we are prohibited from any solid food but we were allowed to drink just H20, and gulping plenty of water means we frequent the loo more than usual.

Hunger aside, the most exciting part of the event was the concert that night, a free concert indeed. We were entertained by the World Vision Famine ambassadors, familiar faces like Francisca Peters, Fish Leong, Nicolas Teo & Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol 2). Despite the hunger, the whole crowd did not disappoint by roaring the stadium with loud cheer particularly when famous Malaysian born Taiwan based star like Fish Leong & Nicolas Teo perform their numbers.

The clock struck 10.30pm when the concert ended. Without realizing, we already passed the 10 hours mark, with less than 20 hours more to go. Feeling exhausted, hungry & tired, decided to call it a day, as I spread my sleeping bag (borrowed from Meow), and dozed off accompanied by my nano.

We were given a wake up call by the volunteers at 7am, everyone was called back into the hall and had our morning reflex & stretching session.

By the 2nd day of this event, with less than 10 hours more to go, this period it really test our determination. For the very first time, I felt so bad & tired, craving for food, a little bit irritated with the feeling of not being able to shower as we were only given basic necessities but at the same time, I can feel the pain & torture of the unfortunates. For us, it is just a test of 30 hours but how about the people in Ethopia who have to go through this period like forever. It again makes me realize that my contribution perhaps can save a life from malnutrition or at least to have a cleaner water source.

Less than 5 hours to go, we can see many taking cat naps, dreaded to go back & homesick facial expressions.

With 3 hours to go, we took another group photo, can see that everyone is exhausted & tired.

The final hour, group leader came in the hall with a bag of the simplest thing ever, cakes & soya milk but to us bunch, we felt like heaven, we felt hope, there were beaming smile on some faces in the hall. Again, it gave me a thought of how joyous the kids will be in a less fortunate country than us if they were given all these.

Counting down the final hour, everyone was on top of the world as we break fast for the very first time in 30 hours, as much as we want people around the world to have this kind of feeling as everyone has the equal rights to enjoy at least the basic necessities and equal rights to live in this world.

I wanna thank all the new friends I'd met, it was an experience that will stay true blue in my mind and hope to see you all again in the next year event.

Any mikemmery readers ready to take the challenge?

Coming up: Macau & China trip updates

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm Leaving On A Jetplane

It's 3.10am now and I am here all alone in the LCCT airport, leaving for Macau on a 6.30am flight. A lesson that I learnt from my rare flying experience, check this infamous post, for AirAsia, it would be wise to be early than late. As I will be away for a few days with limited connectivity, just thought of jotting something here before I board the plane.

Lately, I had been busy and by the time I decided to sit in front of my laptop to post something here, I am mentally too exhausted to do so, in fact, I have already in mind what to share with my readers here for the few posts to come, just a little too lazy tired to edit & upload the pics. I owed my new friends I'd made during the 30hrs Famine event a big one, stay tune my fellow brothers & sisters, I promise you to come up with a good review on the event soon...

Hmm... a big big thank you to my best bunch for taking the trouble to fetch me all the way here to LCCT. Thanks mate, owe you a big one. Just before our journey to LCCT, met up with a few of my closest buddies including blogger friend, Alan (thanks mate for the Real Madrid jersey) and had a good supper, one of the best curry mee in town (or maybe I'm hungry).

And continue from the previous post, here is what I got during the Tech Ed. A cool lanyard which I am currently using now. I really envy those who work in Microsoft, put the stress aside, think about the fun & cool working environment & the Xbox :)

Besides the cool lanyard, I am now officially graduated from Microsoft :P

And Princess Eileen, don't upset k, I will pass you the souvenir I got from the Tech Ed the next time I manage to date you ya :P , I promise!

In between, if I am unable to go online while I'm away on my trip, I would like to take the opportunity to wish my family, all my friends, readers & followers of mikemmery, a very happy mid-autumn festival. Eat more mooncakes & may the midnight sun shines on you fabulous bunch. I am lucky though to spend my mid-autumn in China, will share my experience I promise.

Once again, happy happy happy Mid-Autumn... Love & going to miss you all... PEACE!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Microsoft SEA Tech Ed 2007

Last week went to one of the Microsoft biggest event ever in Malaysia, the Microsoft SEA Tech Ed 2007 which were held in KL Convention Centre after much persuasion from my blogger buddy Praveen. Went for briefing a day earlier prior to that event as I participate in that event as a volunteer. Microsoft seriously got the coolest office ever, unfortunately I did not had the chance to take any pic during my pimp there, hopefully there will be another more appropriate chance as one of my bestie is attached with Microsoft too.

Event day itself, this event is a paid to join event. The day itself, they are charging a fee of more than RM 1k for those who interested to participate. I am lucky although not as a paid participant but as a volunteer. Went there early and had lunch with Nikki @ Avenue K. I consider myself a bit 'sakai' as it was my first time in Avenue K to be frank.

As the zone that I am in charge in will only be open to participants @ only 7pm, I was loafing around the convention centre and managed to take a good look at the magnificent twin tower flanked by Maxis Tower & Mandarin Oriental.

Being volunteer is not bad after all, we were given a compulsory to wear cool LIVE T-shirt and a tag which gave us green light to move around the hall. And great to meet up with people like Smashpop, Rames & Jennifer there too (they were all volunteers).

I am pretty lucky as I am in charge of one of the coolest zone ever for Microsoft, the X Box 360. Pratically just monitoring and ushering participants to experience the 360. They got this real cool game that is 'Counter-Strike' lookalike.

Towards the end, pretty tired, were given freebies by this friendly lady from Microsoft, Kris. A certificate of participation, petrol voucher & other freebies which I shall blog about and my camwhore with Smash & Rames (waiting for them to upload though).

On final note, I am still on cloud 9 over Kim A-Joong (star in 200 Pounds Beauty). Share with you one of her cutest track here. Enjoy!!!

ps: would like to take the opportunity here to Terry (my loyal reader) on his remaining SPM papers. may the force be with you ya!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Back from Famine... Hungry Can?

Peeps, mikemmery's back!!! Miss me??? However, I promised I will blog about the whole 30 hours famine that I'd gone through in full detail as I have yet to recover from fatigue, anyway, it is an experience I felt not the whole process of going through the hunger but the meaning behind it.

As my stomach has not adapt to the normal intake of my daily meal, I skipped lunch today. But then, a week ago today, me & my bunch of colleagues decided to travel a little further from our normal lunchies, we went all the way to Ikano Powercentre as one of my colleague had this sudden craving for spaghettis.

This Fasta Pasta restaurant located at the pathway connecting Ikea & Ikano Powercentre. It was my second outing there but I cannot recall much about my first experience there though, but it seems like they aren't serving one of the best pasta around in town, the name of the restaurant is pretty catchy though. Inviting us is the LG LCD TV and they having this great decor with a lot, lots, I mean real big mirror. Mirror does add a lot of space in a decor, would apply that to my new home in future...

As we flipped thru the menu, looking at the pastas served, they got this Aussie & Asian size, as I had been used to how Italiannis actually serve their big portion, we thought it will be the same for Fasta Pasta. But to our dismay, I personally felt I can finish 2 Aussie size spaghetti by myself, total turn down on the size and if you are talking bout value for money pasta, aint an advisable place though. But the taste is pretty reasonable lar...

Nevertheless, dont discount this restaurant because of my review here, if you happen to shop in Ikea, perhaps can check out this outlet for a reasonable tasty pasta.

More updates soon!!!

ps: I am just so in love with Kim A-Joong (200 Pounds Beauty star), would love to share another video of her lovely song. Enjoy!!!