Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Update From HKG

Many might regard working here in Hong Kong is a glam as this country is more developed than what we have back home. For foreigner like me, I am considered lucky that I do not have to pay for my accommodation which might cost me a bomb if I were to go out and rent a place.

A decent apartment or flat here would cost not less than HKD10k per month, that is approximately RM5k. What I enjoy most here for the time being is the weather, though sunny it is not even warm, a perfect day to walk around and sightseeing.

So back to my work, it had complications last week. And I had a chance to participate in a regional meeting and I am currently having a savior to back me up on this project. My target to finish this region would be 3rd week of December if they can approve it fast for me, I just hope there will no longer be any delay further.

If I happen to meet my expected time line and get paid at the same time, the first thing that I want to reward myself is a holiday! Definitely I need a break, I need to see beautiful sea, beaches, do some reading by the beach, drink as much beer as I can. This is how lonely my life is here in Hong Kong. I agree with my friend who stays here as well. This city can be very vibrant but also can make one lonely as well.

I can't wait to eat my nasi lemak and hokkien mee. There's so much I miss back home now.

Pray for me, I shall be back soon!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Dad

This post is specially dedicated to my dad.

Happy birthday dude and may you have a blast back home!

It is always known that your son is not doing a very good verbal communication with you as we do share a lot in common especially our temper. The world knows me as a person who can express myself better through writing and in fact, I was motivated a week ago to post up something here but I hold it to today as it coincides with your big day today!

Something from the heart, at times I felt dreaded as well for not being the model son you expect me to be. Well, in valuing success, perhaps we have different definition for that. For you, success means face value in terms of materials gain, wealth, dollars & cents and I do apologized for not being able to achieve the level you are expecting from me.

But, I do have a dream and I do share my dream with my siblings and all I need is support from family members. I hope you can feel my sincerity in this.

On rumors & sayings, I cannot control what those managers had spoken to you. It is unique that we were once colleague and to be frank I am having tough time confronting this. But of recent, I believe I have again prove to you that those rumors and sayings are baseless accusations. If I am not good, I would not have been associated with them for 8 years. There is anger in me to write unpleasant 1001 things about them, but why do I need to do that? The word manager & management came from the word "manage", leaders who cannot manage its people, then leaders should be deemed to be a failure. If people is the failure, leaders should remove them indefinitely as it would make matter worst for the organization, but I do not see that happening.

And dad, do not pressure yourself too much, your age, you should be laid back. As a son, I support you to quit your job! Quit the job and time for you to travel, to Hong Kong to visit me or sis or perhaps next year visit me in Thailand when I am confirm to be posted there. I do not want to pollute this post with stains of the organization you and me know who are them.

So let's make this post not a heavy one, what I try to let you know is that I have plans in mind, but I do not share because it has not been a reality as yet, I do not share does not mean I am not doing anything at all. Trust me dad, trust me...

Again, happy birthday to you!

Love you always,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Birthday Celebration & Updates from Hong Kong

Guys, been neglecting my blog for a bit. Last week practically a busy week for me.

Attended the Asia launch of LG latest Chocolate phone, BL40 at Four Seasons, Hong Kong. Met up with some Malaysian medias & also my ex-colleague, Nicole. The launch was the best LG launch that I had attended so far. It was somehow glamorous for a launch to be decorated with global celebrities like Chi-ling Lin & Nadya Hutagalung.

The press kit given was very well done with an USB drive containing the soft copy of it & product images making updating the blog easier than before.

After the launch, went out with ex-colleague for a shopping & makan around in Hong Kong, good to catch up with Malaysian friends.

Then came my birthday which is a working day for me. My day started at client's office for a meeting then at night my sis arranged a hotpot dinner for me together with some of her colleagues, thanks Sis, Aileen, Jenny, Brian & Allison! The dinner was great!

Then Jenny popped up a suggestion of going to karaoke since it was my birthday, everyone was too shocked to response to her suggestion. Jenny looks like in her 40s but she rocks! Then we decided to go down town to Mongkok Redbox, it was hell of a night thanks to the beer. Thanks people for making it something for me to remember here in Hong Kong.

And not forgetting too, the wishes which I personally thanked each & every one left on my Facebook, SMS & Twitter. So it's back to work again for me, I plan to get it done as soon as possible and if everything is on track, I will be meeting up with my friends in Thailand for a short holiday before I head back to Malaysia.

Jolly time over, back to serious business now! :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

This post is specially made to thank all wishes I received via Facebook & MSN. This is the first time I am out of Malaysia on my birthday. And it is those wishes I received kept me warm while I am at foreign soil.

Received a call from Thailand as well and it did somehow brightened up a bit of my day although I know I got to wake up 7AM later to attend a meeting with client. And thanks to a dear friend who sang me a birthday song all the way from Malaysia, my dear, believe in yourself and let's look at the happier and brighter side ya!

I am indeed really happy now... Guess I am gonna have a sweet sweet dream, and pray for me people, cross fingers that the client will give me a big YES during the meeting on my birthday!

Once again, thanks people!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cuddling Kamasutra

Never thought that I will miss cuddling so much, something that is free in life but I took for granted at times and now I blardy miss it! It's freaking cold here now, I wish I can be cuddling to get some body heat with my partner.

But cuddling is not always a good thing, I am trying to recall some of my experiences with some girls I got involved with. As I am a bit horizontally gifted, most of the girls I got involved with mentioned that I am so nice to cuddle but the problem is when they fell asleep soundly, I always got my arms trapped and removing it will be an unpleasant and perhaps will wake the girl up. I then end up having pins & needles on my arms the next morning.

Then I bumped into this video on youtube on how to avoid your arm being trapped while cuddling. In another words, it is the cuddling kamasutra. Sounds interesting and I wanna share it with my male readers especially so that you will know what to do when you find yourself in such situation;

I am perfect for cuddling no.4


Monday, November 02, 2009

Welcoming Winter

Hi people!

For the first time, I can see the sign of winter approaching here in Hong Kong. Weather still as sunny over the day but as night approaches, the day ended pretty early, as early as 5PM, we can see darkness here already. And today, the wind blow is strong, I got a feeling that I will experience some typhoon alert here like the one I experienced here last year.

For friends who are coming over, do remember your wind breaker ya, pretty chilly here as the night approaches. As for myself, I am busy with my work here, doing the final mapping and design for approval, let's say once I concluded the design for the Hong Kong HQ, I will be back to Malaysia, targeting December 2009. If not I guess I will be celebrating my Christmas & New Year here.

It's November and for November boys & girls, happy birthday peeps! There are far too many to list out all here, you know who you are!

And some Malaysian friends updated me that the weather there is pretty wet now, it rains almost everyday I heard, so people be extra careful with everything. And of late, heard many back to back incident in Kampar, 6 people were drowned in less than a week. Just take precaution in whatever you do peeps. Kampar indeed is a very nice little town and I pray that there will be no further incident happening here.

A simple text updates here, not much pictures I can upload as of now. Will do a more picturesque posting later this week as I am joining 15 other medias from Malaysia for the latest LG mobile phone launching here in Hong Kong. I will be covering the event for LG Blog as well. In meantime, LG Blog has some 50 pairs tickets to the Da Vinci The Genius exhibition to be given away. Check out the blog post now! Unfortunately I am unable to attend the exclusive exhibition back home but hopefully I can get my project done here soonest possible and pay a little visit to see Da Vinci's exhibits!

Until then people, Happy Winter!