Saturday, June 30, 2007

Farewell Dinner

Each and everytime someone leaving the company, it is always heartaching but to me, it is always a pleasure. Why? Time for some good food to send that someone off. Why should we be heartache anyway? Our friends are leaving for a better place, better offer, better salary, etc...

We are bidding farewell to Ho, LG Mobile merchandiser and a farewell dinner was planned by Joanne @ Pantai Seafood, Kg Kayu Ara. I think many readers here wouldn't be bother who the hell Ho is but here I am to share all the good findings in our local delicacies. I believe many of you from Klang Valley have visited this restaurant.

When first stepped in, you will see exotic sea creatures for eg: Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab, Japanese Snail, etc. And of course there is a price to pay to enjoy such delicacies. I had been to this restaurant a few times and this is the 1st time I am blogging about it.

Our very first dishes for the evening, sweet Kam Heong Ostrich Meat perfectly cooked with onions & dry chillies. Meat is juicy and tender. A very good substituition to our normal chicken or pork dishes.

This is the deep fried Pissing Prawn, crispy, finely deep fried in golden color. Yummy yummy...

This is one dish I highly recommend to you all, Salted Egg Calamari, ever imagine having the taste of salted egg blended so well together with the deep fried squid. I just cannot get enough of this, though it is making my cough even worst today.

Normally in Chinese way of ordering dishes, always there must be accompanied with veges. So here we ended with Kailan being cooked in 2 ways, partly deep fried, partly oil fried with bits & chunks anchovies.

Overall, Joanne been good at ordering the dishes for the evening but this is one I do not really fancy is this fish dish. Not too bad but SzeChuan steam always good with Ikan Bawal not this Ikan Merah.

As we were not having enough that night, I ordered this in-house famous Pork Knuckle. Not too badly done but cannot be compared with the one I tried in the German restaurant @ Plaza Mont Kiara. This surely blends well with some beer. Nice finger food!!!

Ok, here come the nastiest dishes of the night. Reason being myself and Li Chin, both of us are allergy to crabs, ya I know, I know, I missing the best dishes of the night but it is the phobia that built up in me since I am small. Nevertheless it is good to see my colleagues all enjoying it while I took the picture down here.

We ordered 4 pieces of crabs altogether but cooked in 2 various style. First came in the butter cooked followed by the Sweet & Sour.

And guys, you know who enjoyed the most that night on these nasty creatures? Check out the picture ya... hehehe ;)

Good crabs with good sauces can never be complete with Muntou bread. There is an option between fried or steam Muntou. We ended up with the fried one.

Although I can't enjoy the crabs, but the Muntou itself was pretty satisfying, the sauce was good and with the food I am enjoying last night, it is not in any way helping my recovering from my sickness, coughing on and off while drafting this posting.

Only 8 of us last night to enjoy all this good dishes, and the damage was less than RM350. Pretty reasonable priced I would say, highly recommended for seafood lovers out there. The restaurant itself is situated in a pretty secluded area in Kg Kayu Ara, but I wouldn't mind if you guys wanna tag me along for dinner @ this place ya. ENJOY!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday Party @ The Curve

Was on MC yesterday and thought of updating but very unfortunately I left my notebook power cord in the office... DAMNNNITTT... and being an active blogger, now I need juggle my time for my day job, blog, friends & my family... hope that I am doing great over here at least for my readers and for me to vent out my unhappiness always...

I am recovering well, thanks to all well-wishes received prior to this posting... Was on heavy medication and I do not mind cos it helps and been consuming plenty of H2O and I seriously need to stay away from late nights for some time...

Last Wednesday, went to the Curve with my companion of the nite, Meow, for a birthday party @ Sanctuary, The Curve. While walking to our destination, I cannot help myself to stopover at this doughnut shop that Nicole blogged about a couple of days ago... I myself have never tried on Kripy Kreme because Kenny did not bother to send some to me ;P but this is definitely a better doughnut shop compared to Dunkins. I tried on Choreo and Meow on Bananarama, highly recommended for doughnuts lover out there. Meow even managed to camwhore with her Bananarama...

Here come the big day for one of my closest buddy, Angeline. I guess in a way Sanctuary brought us closer together, it is like second home to many of us bunch. And we even made a vow being drinking partners for life. Happy birthday Angeline... Reservation made for 20 pax that night, the damage was only 3 bottles of BL. I like this picture of her, her trademarked broad smile...

We drank moderately that night I would say, partly I am not fully well and I am glad Meow tagged along, so I got an excuse not to get drunk ;) and I tell you all, Meow & myself camwhored a lot that night, these are only a few of our pics together...

Birthday girl was treated with a birthday cake from Baskins and shit I did not get to smack it on her, like she did to me on someone's else birthday a month ago or so. Kenny bought her a flaming Lambo... a lousy flaming if compared to Social @ Bangsar.

And for myself, it is always a pleasure to be camwhored with pretty babes...
Overall, it was a great evening... ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Need Help


Currently pimping in my PSP: Fifa Street 2 & World Series Poker Championship...
Currently pimping in my iPod: Love Will Keep Us Alive by Eagles
My pimping session tonight: Sanctuary, The Curve @ 8PM


Fuck!!! God damn motherfucker Mr. Sick still haunting me. I hate the feeling as he is spoiling your day & mood and that fucker whispering to the tune of Pussycat Dolls "Stick Wif You" on my ears... ARRRGGHHHH.... so blardy irritating... I wouldn't mind if it is Ms. Sick, and I am not near to my well-self today, so might be heading to consult a better doctor & get a proper rest before my tonight pimping session which I need to go regardless of what...

You see, months without football sucks to the max. Copa America is currently ongoing but the excitement of it cannot be compared any near to the EPL. Many turnaround events & hot happenings lately in the Europe footy scene.

Gunners out there, demoralizing right at this moment? Their all time scorer Thierry Henry moved to Nou Camp for 16.1 million pounds. And on paper, Barca is having the best striking formation, imagine the front line with Eto, Messi & Henry? Crazy huh? But Chelsea proved that money can't buy success. And lately Chelsea been particularly quiet compared to previous 2 seasons, no more shopping spree like before.

Man Utd surprised everyone with 3 signings so far --- Hargreaves, Anderson & Nani. Heard Sir Fergie is hunting for a striker to finalize his squad for next season. Transfer rumors linked the Devils with Torres, Berbatov & Eto. It seems like it is going to be another very interesting season. Cheebye Asia Cup spoilt the fucking plan, Devils supposed to come here and thrash our Malaysian team, who will watch Asia Cup anyway, fuck you lar...

Finally our derby rival turned Thai, guess all City players need to learn to put both their palm together and shout "Sawadeecup" when they see their new director; and I believe their yet to confirm playboiy manager will be a great help to the team, maybe help to give additional 6 points to United ;)

EPL... I am sincerely here waiting for you....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mike's Weekend Show

The past weekend was a doom thanks to Mr. Sick who visited me since Friday. Nevertheless, I had a very busy schedule myself for the weekend. Friday itself, after work went to Starbucks @ The Curve, met up with Josh & colleague (cun babe) to understand more in depth about ADVERTLETS, would love to snap a picture with Josh to post up here as he is considered a celebrity himself in Malaysia blogging scene but just felt that it is not appropriate as it is a semi-business kinda meeting, maybe next time around. But he is kind enough to pass me this...

Which end up like this....

Kiasu leh? Although to some it is just some stickers but it is a very good communication tool, now my whole office knew I am an avid blogger and whenever I happen to pop in some Starbucks, my laptop will be attention seeker. I heard Nuffnang came up with some merchandise, I wouldn't mind to let the whole world know I am part of this community ya.

After the session with Josh, myself and Wilson waited for ANGELs (ANGELine & ANGELa) and we proceeded to Heaven (some cinabeng cafe @ Curve) but lucky us, the singers that night were quite alright. Ordered some not too bad food and played Big 2.

It was after these so so food and funny coloured bubble tea, Mr. Sick came knocking. Reminded me of Guns & Roses song, "Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door"... Played Big 2 till about 12am until this bunch of devils suggested to go to Karaoke but I think Mr. Sick got the best out of me, I surrendered to him and we cancelled the plan. Collapsed once I reached home that night...

Saturday - it is confirmed. I am officially SICK. Coughing like no tomorrow & flu which subsequently caused a slight fever on me. Felt empty inside, as when I was sick in the past, there was always someone to take care of me, so I decided to travel to my friend's family house to recuperate. Very dull moment and my weekend definitely not a good one. Unable to update my blog cos lacking of motivation & inspiration. Was all rev-ved up for my Sunday dinner appointment with Tim. But fuck, Mr. Sick still does not want to go home, guess I am too much of a nice host to him.

Again, no update on Monday, I logged into Nuffnang and realized that my inconsistency on updating caused a slight slump on the traffic.
Highest traffic was on last Thursday 131 page views, consistently slumping down until today, hopefully it will shoot up again.

And guys, yesterday a new gadget was unveiled to me. While Tim toying around with his Wii, myself not so updated... TA-DA...

A white PSP. Living in Malaysia, cannot resist the temptation of getting a non-original unit (meaning not from SONY Malaysia), because the pirated unit is already been modified and is able to play pirated games. Hell, like SONY cares about this, number of pirated units worldwide is still considered as the total units shipped out of their factory. So who's the biggest victim? Those SONY Centres & SONY Wings outlets lor ;P

Standard accessories and my friend is kind enough to bundle it with 4GB High Speed memory stick to it. And finally, the white beauty itself...

This post came with a high cost, a lot of coughing involved while constructing it. Hope the virus does not spread through ya ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


My last update was on Friday... Friday itself, met up with Advertlets Josh for a short discussion then hang out at the Curve till late night. I felt terribly wrong after that, the moment I reached home, I'm a log.

Saturday, woke up about 10am, on my notebook thinking to update my outing the previous day but my body just gave way... It had been a long long time since I last fell sick... there is always someone there to take care of me, but the feeling of emptiness filling and lingering on my mind, I decided to stay over @ my best buddy place, at least there is someone to look after me... my ex called me this night, had a chat and a session of SMS... hope things will improve from here...

Sunday, still felt terribly weak, my shoulder is so blardy stiff, gotta ease the sore shoulder with Salonplas. Felt so sad cos I had to cancel my dinner appointment tonight with Tim of Nuffnang & Nicole.

Sick, Sick... Go away, come again another day... FUCK!!!

Psst...psst...hope to update more tomorrow with pictures...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Phew... TGIF

What a day to begin... being stucked in a f***ing jam along LDP for freaking one & half hours. Again late for work today, clocked in @ 9.40am today thanks to the jam. And thanks to for accompanying me along the journey and was informed that there was a kemalangan maut near BU area, the jam packed up to Sunway toll.

Upon reaching office, tried to cheer myself up after a stressful jamming session but again it was spoilt by some really unnecessary emails I received to follow up some shits others left behind earlier (oh yeah, I smelt of shit now!). Being MA-NA-GER is like having MANY-KERJA

But fuck care! After I released my tension- self by cursing KNNBCCB, I felt much better. Afterall, thank God it's Friday. And guys, listening to Akon's songs will seriously cool you down!!! Got an evening tea session with today, Josh wanna meet me up ;)


Updates (yesterday): Was having Bah Kut Teh(BKT) @ Tmn Manjalara, Kepong. A decent & acceptable BKT but no where to be compared to Klang's or my personal favourite Thailand BKT. Soup taste not as strong as the one in Klang but the Yam rice is superb, one word for it, very YAM-MY. The pork meat, hmm... I don't know how to put it in English word, but if direct translation from cantonese, it's syok to eat (song-hao), not so much of fat, mostly 3 tier fat meat with plenty of Fu-Chuk and veges.

This BKT joint is called Restoran 8 Angles Bah Kut Teh, located Manjalara. Direction from LDP, take a U-turn after Kepong toll, heading towards Manjalara, roundabout 12 o'clock, observe the one row of shop on your left. However, this so-hai just need to improve on its pinyin translation. What the f*** is FU CHU & YUEN CHA KUEY???


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day Dream

Someone in KL city centre just got filthy rich few days ago. Yes, DaMaCai got a winner for their biggest ever 'Periuk Jack', a whopping grand total of RM 17 million. So guys, ever day dream yourself winning this extraordinary amount of money with just an investment of RM3?

Nabeh, upon seeing the headlines on one of the chinese paper, that is one fucking lucky man and can't help myself dreaming & fantasizing what am I going to do if I got that kind of money??? There is even a hokkien song which goes like this 'Na Si Wa Uu Chik Pak Barn'.

'Na Si Wa Uu Chik Pak Barn', I will;
  • Get my dad his favourite Camry car, he is a very down to earth man, he does not fancy continental car, moreover better keep low profile, if not later kena hijack.
  • Bring mom & rest of family for a good holiday.
  • Send my youngest brother to fulfil his dream to further study abroad.
  • Now something for myself, a decent continental car. Maybe 5 series.
  • Open up a blogger cafe, a contemporary concept kind of cafe for fellow bloggers to chill. Cafe equipped with the latest PC for updating blogs and DOTA.
  • Propose to my ex with a carat Tiffany & Co gem ;PGet a decent condo in Damansara area, Armanee Terrace maybe?
  • If my ex accepts my proposal, then I will open up a boutique for her to manage, she is a fashion freak.
  • Myself manage the blogger cafe & plus some healthy investment & healthy returns.
  • Allocate substantial amount of $ in FD ;)

Happy Ending.... (I wish I do not wake up from this dream)...