Monday, June 29, 2009


I am having this crisis, a crossroad in life where I need to make a certain decision. It is always not an easy decision to make but I do wish I can find the answer soon.

I am losing focus in what I am doing. 3 major projects secured now and so what's next? So what is the meaning of securing some multi-million sales and yet losing inspiration and focus at work?

Where is the passion?

Where is the inspiration?

Where is the pride?

Where is the challenge?

And where is the love?

At times, when I worked till late, while driving back home, I think hard. Think hard of what I had achieved all these years. Think hard of my career path. Think hard of what industry I will best excel in.

To the extent I am losing inspiration to write, to blog. The best time I had and I truly enjoyed would be my traveling period. I had just back from Thailand, had great food and met great people.

I look at my peer and I look at myself. Perhaps I did well in many's eyes but the fact is I am not. People said when you are in your early 30s, you will be in a crossroad, a crisis called middle age crisis. I guess that's what I am having now.

In 2 days time, I am leaving for Bali. Hope to get out of hell as much as I can. Bali here I come and perhaps for a Monday's blues, this song suits me best now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Unless you are helping on family business, everyone got to go through this thing called "employment"

I still remember during the younger days when I first graduated, I always tell myself about experience. I thought with a certain level of experience, your value in the market will increase and it's easier to demand more from the employer later.

Years passed, yes it is indeed true. You get the reasonable pay in comparable to your age then the next thing you see now is career path, growth and potentiality. Come to my age, sometimes a lot of thing is not about the pay. It is more like a package.

I feel that happiness & motivation play a role. That two factors are the key to ignite one's passion in his/her job I feel.

I am currently lack of this. To many, I might be securing multi-million projects and yet the level of motivation I am having now is so low. I need motivation badly. Nowadays a simple pat on my shoulder will really make my day.

Perhaps, it's time?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Am Still Alive

Someone called and asked what happened to me. Sorry I had been in MIA mode due to stressful month of May, June & upcoming July. Here's a short update.

May & June, I had been busy with this...

and this...

and more of this...

Been busy on LG blog, been having endless contest and good to see fruitful traffic flocking that site. At the current moment there are about 20 pairs of exclusive Transformers tickets to be won. Head on to LG Blog to know more.

On top of that, I had been so occupied with my project & B2B portfolios. Lots of ad hoc meetings with big clients, paperworks internally & hundreds of mails to be entertained.

And I am attending 2-days off-site comprehensive Digital Media training, in which I believe when I get back to office tomorrow, the works will be piling again :(

I do wish I have some good assistance internally but the fact is that I am handling it all by myself. At times I felt like exploding. Someone kill me please!

And next week I will out of the country for a quick weekend breakaway before I come back and head to Bali, Indonesia again for a conference with few of my customers.

Gotta go, meeting! Grrrrrrr..............

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malaysian Telco Needs Overhaul

Before our No.1 telco in Malaysia can really claim its iPhone campaign a success, Apple launched the latest iPhone 3G S in the States. When the iPhone 3G was introduced here in Malaysia exclusively to our friendly telco, I had the impulse of committing myself to that 2 years commitment plus an upfront of over a thousand ringgit with the Value150 plan just to own that revolutionary gadget.

After careful study though, I felt that the package is not attractive at all and to a point I felt it is a crazy package. Inside info from the telco - they had committed a six digit quantity commitment with Apple and the response had not been up to expectation. Within weeks, more and more customized packages were invented and it is now even open up for prepaid users.

My advice - don't go for it. Some of my friends who had already signed up regretted and although the OS 3.0 will be available as a complimentary update, still owning the all new iPhone 3G S is more worthwhile. Apple announced it will be available in the States exclusively with AT&T at only USD199 for a 16GB. I took the trouble to go to AT&T site to study its packages.

All above pictures are courtesy of

Similarly like our friendly telco, AT&T has various packages customized according to the user needs & talk time. However, one thing I noticed - the iPhone is still priced at USD199 regardless what package you sign-up with a minimum commitment of 2 years. And why our local telco is charging circus prices for the iPhone? And if you look at AT&T site, the present iPhone 3G 2.0 price had been reduced to USD149 for 16GB, do the conversion yourself and feel the pain.

So, these people working in the telco, I believe they are under tremendous pressure, so peeps wait a little longer. If not, wait for those AP unit distributor in Malaysia to do its job (we are expert on this), I think the price of APs will be in the region of maximum RM1.5k any time soon.

Same goes to Blackberries, we are always being overcharged for everything, is this fair? And despite the fact of us Malaysians being overcharged the service provided is really crappy. I am talking about customer service. I had recently signed up P148 with the telco that is claiming that it has the widest network in Malaysia because of its attractive unlimited broadband usage. However, 3 weeks due, my line is not even activated yet. Somebody there is sleeping on his job. And I am signing up with a totally new number and not through MNP porting, if porting I understand the hassle because you need to cancel the current commitment with the present telco to switch to another.

Now this is one reason I support AP units! The AP distributors are like Robin Hood in modern age. Keep up the good work!

Monday, June 08, 2009

사랑해요 Means I Love You

I was in dire need of inspiration. Every time now and then when I log in the blogger site, the moment I want to put my thoughts in writing, I paused and both my hands just went numb. Anyway, while on my way to work today listening to OneFM, this song inspired me to write up this post.

Of late, I had just signed up a Korean language classes and I had been practicing it with my colleagues and friends.
사랑해요, romanized as "sarangheyo" means I love you.

And OneFM had been one of my favorite radio station ever since introduced by a friend. This morning the morning kakis were discussing about the topic, "what if you bump into someone you like with another guy/gal?" Pretty interesting innit? For me (I thought to myself), it will definitely feel akward and weird, definitely. But akwardness apart, I will bless her and wish her all the best. Ok, father's day is around the corner, love is not only all about a guy & a gal, it is a good time now for us to say "sarangheyo" to our beloved daddy ;)

Enjoy the translated lyrics & song below ya. My Monday is not that blue anyway :)

Standing alone on the stage,
My shadow is casted by the spotlight,
Our common grief is represented by music,
It's not that everytime I sing,
It will make me forget that you won't be with me tomorrow.

In my heart, we'll never be apart.

The fragrance that you left behind in my hands reminded me,
The promises left behind in the digital camera,
Every message that is being sent is telling you...

사랑해요 means I love you,
It represents that I can't leave you,
Every minute, every second & every sound,
I can only smile when I think of your antics

사랑해요, these words only just for you ;)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Not feeling too well, no concentration and losing focus on my work, what's on top of my mind now. I am thinking of kids, it put a smile on me just by thinking of them. Let me share some of my best moments with kids.

This is my nephew, Nicholas. A month old few weeks back, he is extremely cute and the check out the candid moment how he staring at me when I camwhore with him. Nicholas, uncle misses you :)

And the above is my experience with the kids in Good Samaritan Home in Klang during my involvement in LG Corporate Social Responsibility program. They are so obedient and why the parents abandoned them? :(

This was taken in a saloon in Haadyai, Thailand during my trip there last year with my family.

This was during the Asia Youth Cup match in Malaysia where the Korea team was playing. During half time, took picture with this cute girl and his dad.

The 2 sisters, nieces of my a fond friend. Taken in Kampar, Perak. The elder sister on the first pic is comfortable while the younger one seems to be a bit terkejut when I hugged her :) Ah Ying & Ah Yan, Kor Kor misses you all.

This is Vivien residing in London, England. Taken during the family trip back to Malaysia. Kor Kor misses singing "Home" by Michael Buble with you ;)

This was taken in Chiangmai, Thailand during one of the dealers trip there.

This is my personal favorite. It is also my facebook profile picture where people mistakenly thought that I am married man with kids. At that time I still spot my ala Rain curly hair. Boy, Vanessa, Hui Hui, Ying & Yan, I miss you kids.

By the end of this post, I am all smiling. Thank you kids. Muacks!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tales of Monkey Island

To those who were exposed to computer games in the 90s, this above title must be familiar to you guys. It is the best RPG and adventure game for that era. Guybrush Threepwood, Elaine Marley & LeChuck, do that sound familiar now?

LucasArts just announced today the special edition of this game to be released soon. OMFG!!! This is classic! Certainly a classic, my best mate in secondary school introduce this game to me. Myke Ang, still remember this??? I remember those days we were running this on DOS.

Brilliant! What a way to walk back those memory lane.

Way to go LucasArts!