Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gathering @ Prince Cafe, SS2

Had a gathering yesterday (29/09) @ the above mentioned cafe, quite a cosy place except for the cold aircond that I had to bear since I am just recovering from my fever. The menu was quite interesting, much better than Kimgary in my opinion. Worth a try.

From left to right; PC Yap, Wong Yet Han & Roven Cheeng

William & GF

Myself and angry Wendih

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gathering (Ex-Colleagues)

Last Friday had a gathering with my ex-colleagues @ Ming Tien foodcourt. Quite a number of them turned up and thanks to Wendih, here are the photos. Hope to have more of this gathering in the future...

This is ex-LG Service Dept Supervisor, Chen & his wife. Now attached to AIC Group of Companies.

This bunch still LG loyals, from left to right : Wendih(Service), PC Yap(Product-HA) & Andrew(Product-A/C)

Ex-LG, Mani(TDR),now with a food manufacturing company in Shah Alam and still LG-ian Daniel Ng(IT)

Ex-LG, Danny(Logistics) now with Timber company & ex-SEE Paul Khung now with Toshiba.

Finally, ex-LG Angela(EDP) now with Shell IT and the former rascal of LG, myself & my girlfriend.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sunday... what should I post here? I am now @ The Curve Starbucks to make use of the free Timezone broadband. A lot of people here, and just like me, I am surrounded by not less than 10 individuals hooked up with their laptop.
I am sitting outside in between Starbugs and Marche restaurant. So thought of taking the cow picture here. To me, Sunday is just like a normal routine, nothing special. Later will be going for dinner at Ming Tien foodcourt cos my gf's mom wanna go to the pasar malam.
And tonight is a big night for guys. 2 good matches of football live on Astro. I will be watching too. But before that I should go back and take a short nap.
Man Utd vs Arsenal (will MU continue their unbeaten winning run or will Arsenal get their 1st win?)
Chelsea vs Liverpool (frankly I want Chelsea to lose this one)
Ok... signing off for now, dunno wat else to post here... Cheers!

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Secondary Schoolmates

These are some of the really old photos which one of my best friends took all the trouble to scan and email to me. At the first glance, it took me a while to stop laughing from the fashion and hairstyle point of view. After that, it reminded me of how time flies. More than 15years mate...

And this is the latest pic we took at our latest gathering somewhere in August this year. Obviously the group became smaller and lesser joining. Although at times we are disappointed with some of our ex-schoolmates, nevertheless they are still a great friend in the end of the day... SWOOING...

Thanks Myke & Cham for the pics...

My Deepest Condolence

It was supposed to be a normal gathering for us (Feirim, Albert, Choong & myself) plus a very special guest (Tayar Bo) @ Kayu Mamak, Mutiara Damansara. While we were happily strolling down the memory lane, one of our brother received an unexpected call to inform that his grandfather just passed away.

Although it is not a part of me, but sincerely I felt the sense of losing a loved one. My brother Rim, I am sorry about the news and here I am with my deepest condolence.

Cheers Mate...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Gadget : Aztech SKYPE DECT Phone

Being in the IT biz, I will try to update as many techy new gadget here to share with my fellow friends. This is the latest product that I am in charge with. It is a SKYPE phone. Say goodbye to the traditional way of SKYPE using the wired headset and microphone. Introducing the new Aztech SKYPE DECT Phone.

Basically it is a cordless phone which you can use for both fixed Telekom line and SKYPE, without having to be in front of your laptop/desktop to make a SKYPE calls, now you can make calls anywhere within the range of 50m from your PC. It is a SKYPE certified phone, in other words, you can view your fellow SKYPE buddies on the phone color screen itself. It is connected via the USB dongle on the above picture. It is priced at an affordable RM 349. A very good price as you are paying a price for dual mode phone.

Give me a buzz if you ever in need of more infos... Cheers!

Happy Birthday Mikemmery!!!

Happy 1st birthday to Mikemmery's "Failure Today, Success Tomorrow"...
It had been an amazing year of blogging experience for me... I will continuously to improve and expand my horizon as a blogger... thanks to all avid readers for your support and motivation and also constructive critism I had received through in and through out...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paddington @ The Curve

I will try my very best to share with you all of the places and food I tried all over. "The Paddington" located at the 1st floor The Walk @ The Curve. Looking at the menu, everything is tempting, I never expect waffle business to be that interesting. I tried this MUST TRY "Treasure Box"... recommended to those who wants a cosy place to have a good dessert & waffles... Try it!!!

For Uncle Sing, Auntie Priscilla & Adelene

Dinner with my girlfriend's family gathering. Uncle Seng and family... Miss You especially Adelene.... Adelene, hope you like the song "Home" I put up for you here. Had a great time throughout your stay here. Do hope that one day can visit you in England...


It had been a while, my sincere deepest apology to people who frequent my blog. So many fresh and new stuff for me to catch up here. First, when I came to this page, I was stunned with the offering of new Blogger Beta, upgraded it. New interface, COOL!!!

Secondly, I think everyone knew that I changed a new job again. From LG (5 yrs) to Advertising Firm (3 mths) and now on IT industry, I am pretty sure those in IT lines will know my company, M-Link Systems existance. Started on 15th August and truly finding and coping my best with the new culture and environment. Kinda settling down now though and just got my company laptop, so I thought of updating here at home. Not much changing on the interface this time, but replaced a very beautiful song here titled 'Home' by Michael Buble...

I hope with my new updates, the traffic will again coming in... I will try to expand my horizon of blogging experience... mayb write more stuff other than my personal life... I will try to find the inspiration and aspiration to write more interesting stuff over here... So guys, keep on frequenting ya...