Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Master Yip Got Its New Myvi

Congratulations Mr. Yip on your new car. In conjunction of that, I had done my part to celebrate your new car arrival. Do not forget your side too.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Job Scope

It was Saturday, 1.07PM, almost time to go back when ;

Big Boss : Michael, help me buy small fish RM 2

Michael : OK

After buying, expect the boss will give me back the money. Instead nothing. Funny shit lar to me, orang dah cannot makan, wanna take care of fish somemore...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks Superman

Thanks for listening to me last evening. You are indeed my brother. Anyway, I got nothing to do with him anymore. Thanks again for listening

Thursday, June 22, 2006


For the past 2 weeks, it had not been a good weeks for me. My car tyre punctured twice while at work and was involved in 2 minor accidents that caused minor dent to my car.

The latest incident happened yesterday while I was on my way back from work. Went past this narrow lane in SS2 where there are cars parked alongside the road. I was about to pass the lane and suddenly one of the car just open its door and slam on my front bonnet and mudguard. Plus it is a female student, I told her it was her fault, and she admitted and willing to pay me only RM200 in the process. I declined her offer and instead I told her I will send to workshop and she needs to settle the bill later. She accepted the offer. Check out the picture below, minor dent and red paint scratches on my bonnet above tyre. What an unlucky day for me

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hairstyle Evolution

From Crystal's blog, there is a posting about hairdo. I also feel like sharing my hair evolution since I just got my haircut yesterday.

This is the 2001 hairstyle, at that time I also done skin head before but too bad I did not manage to take any picture with it. I think my gf and Crystal knew pretty well as we are in the same college, same tutorial. Naughty then...

This if I am not mistaken is in 2002, spotting spiky hair, already started work mar.

This is my most innovative venture into hairstyle. Perm and dye. Trying to be Rain-wannabe lar. This was done back in 2005 while I was in LG then.

This was done yesterday (19/06/2006) at about 9PM @ One-Utama. Indian barber shop located at B1 new wing, try the mamak style since everything increase in price. Worthy lar, RM 10 only.


Bad news for myself and one of my colleague... our bosses already set up a firewall, so we are unable to log in to some of the web application. Affected, MSN Messenger, Hotmail & Yahoo. It is true ar, our productivity dropped when we MSN? I do not understand.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Anonymous - Answer to Your Comments

Anonymous said...
you might be right, but please remember those unanswered questions you mentioned are created during Dr.M's time, and the current government have to bear it.
My humble opinion : To whoever it is who dropped the comment, what you meant is the Approved Permit (AP), the sale of MV Agusta, the termination of Tengku Mahaleel as Proton CEO and the scrapped Singapore-Johor scenic bridge are created during Dr. M's time? What I wrote here is based on a logic of a normal citizen of the country. Scrapping the scenic bridge project, this is current government decision, and do you know that even cancelling this project, the government need to pay a compensation of RM 100million to the contractor? Are you saying that it is Dr. M's decision to sell MV Agusta for a mere 2 Euro? I do not seem what you trying to debate here...

KLCC, the Commonwealth Games, the KLIA airport makes you proud? where we got the money to build all this? Dr.M's government borrow it from all over the world, and who have to repay it?
My humble opinion : It does to a CERTAIN EXTENT as I mentioned in my earlier post that these landmarks made Malaysian proud. Proud as in these landmarks put the name "MALAYSIA" in the world map. It makes us Malaysian got something to shout about. Yes, we do need financial assistance to build all this, not only for a country. Even when we do business, you do need bank facilities for you to expand the business right? When you buy a car, you also opt for bank facilities as well am I right? It is as if you are saying that all these projects are money wasting and serve to no purpose to the citizens. When Dr. M apply for loan from all over the world, do you think the rest of the world is fool enough to give it blindly to Malaysia just because of Dr. M? It must have been that the rest of the world know about Malaysia potentiality, Malaysia's ambition towards the Vision 2020.

the current government, where the current government have to find more money to repay it? from our taxes and petrol subsidies, so Mike, it is a chain reaction thingy.
June 14, 2006 9:58 AM
My humble opinion : Yes, we as a citizen do complain about the price hike in everything, make it petrol, electricity, taxes, etc and yet we Malaysians are still paying for it, there is not riot, there it not street demonstration, no protest or whatsoever. We still pay for whatever the government decision is. If tomorrow they announce that water usage is going to increase, what can we do? We still need to use it and pay for it. We got no say on this. BUT, what I demand is an explaination where our money goes to. Even when the petrol price was increased, the government said that they will use the subsidy to improve the public transportation facilities, from your frank opinion, have the public transport services increase of lately? Think of it if you happen to drive along the MRR2 Kepong bridge.

To whoever it is, I do not mind comments, but please shoot some sense and logic to me and identify yourself if you have the guts to debate with me instead of putting an anonymous to it.

No hard feelings... Cheers!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Criticism : Politics & Government - Episode 2

With this week newspaper headlines debating hotly on Tun Mahathir outburst on the current reign of government under Pak Lah, I cannot help myself to view and to voice myself as a citizen of Malaysia. To a certain extent, I do agree with Tun Mahathir, we all do have the right to voice ourselves out. Not many people dare to do that as we might be caught and integorrated by the police under the ISA rules, in this case many people rather keep their mouth zip all the time but nevertheless in the coffee shop, cafe, kopitiam, this issues is freely debated during their quick breakfast time.

Current government, I cannot help but to critisize. Our living costs have increase in a rate where many working level people felt the pinch. 30cents price hike on petrol per litre and 15% increase on electricity tariff, nothing have been good since Pak Lah took over. Lots and lots of news or policies announced by the government left the public complaining of the ever increasing living costs. At least during Tun Mahathir reign as PM, we do have many many good news that made Malaysian proud to a certain extent. The KLCC, the Commonwealth Games, the KLIA airport, this are few landmarks which put Malaysia on the world map.

So many doubts and uncertainties are not answered by current government. There is this AP issue which cool off after the NAP was announced. And there is this investigation on the MRR2 bridge which also cool down and latest on the Matrade building which took extra cost to get it done. Have they ever think where all this money from? What is the reason we pay taxes? Why do we always saying discrimination remark about government servants? Government department who is offering public services for eg : passports, identity cards, etc, I believe out of 10 citizens, at least 8 citizens are experiencing bad services or rude replies. And yet all this people who is government servant continuously getting increment out of nothing? On what based is their increment on?

The government announces there will be no further increment on petrol for 2006, what if in 2007, they announce another 30cent increase, what should we do? With petrol price increases, living costs will increase. And half year already gone, I wonder what further bad news or policies the government will announce for the coming another 6 months before 2007.

I never have this bad negative feelings about the government during Tun M's time as PM but the current situation sometimes make me think of migrating or getting out of Malaysia sometimes. I am a Malaysian born Chinese and yet I do not enjoy privileges like my fellow MALAY-sians. Am I in the right country? How long more can we survive in this country which is going to bankruptcy?

I dontknow whether it is appropriate to condemn and critisize my government here or not. I take the risk, I do not mind. Just like our former PM, I just want to voice myself out. To the current BN lead government under Pak Lah, you guys sucks!!! Please improve.

Malaysia BOLEH? Talk only lar... DAMN!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

World is a brighter place with football. Tonight onwards, the world is reUNITED.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Criticism : Male vs Female - Episode 1

Happened to browse to a blog of a friend of mine discussing about the topic of guys before & after marriage. In that blog it says that during courtship, guys can do 101 things and after marriage things changed. On to my amazement, girls dropping comments sharing the same negative stigmas about guys.

On behalf of all guys, I put this posting up to counter attack the critism. Well, in this era where female always fighting for their rights, their status, their equalities to male, I am too shocked to know that most of the time that relationship turns sour, it is the male species to be blamed and female is seen as the victims. Why this still happened? I am not making a big fuss out of it because of a blog that I happened to browse thru but it is to change the mentality of the way we think and act sometimes. I cannot deny that some guys do cruel and brutal things towards their female counterparts but what about the minority of guys who care, who love with their full heart & soul? Why female is still look as a victim when there are also minority of cases, true cases in life where female dumped the guy for another man,etc.

I myself had gone thru a pretty of number of relationships, as far as I can recall, I had 3 failed relationships until I meet my soulmate, Emmery. I still can recall this one time, during a relationship, my ex-gf told me right when we broke off, she said "Michael, you can be a very good husband, but you fail to be a good boyfriend", a remark that took me sometime to unlock the meaning of it. It makes me wonder, what does a female looking at when they ignite a relationship? A responsible man? A career and financially sound man? or pretty faces for them to look good when they are out in the public? or just plain pampering, showers of gifts, etc.

Life is about YIN & YANG. Anything is perfect? We at this age, we got right to choose who we want to be with and who we do not. In the past, when marriage was pre-arranged and many cases you still can see those old times couple still celebrating the diamond jubilee and why divorce cases are more prone in this era? Who should we blame when a relationship fails?

I hope this posting does not hurt my female friends as this are my sincere words as I am hurt too when reading certain blog criticising guys... Phew, girls do not feel terribly upset when you are hurt or discriminate guys when you felt you are victimised. I am too, regardless of my gender, I got hurt too, and I got my downs too... HUMAN...