Saturday, April 28, 2007

My New Kennel

A close friend of mine (let's call her Angel lar) who was a little bit upset because I shifted (YES! AGAIN!) from BU to Puchong. Although I am very much a Damansara guy but actually this part of Puchong I am staying is not too bad either, Bandar Kinrara wor, judging from the landed properties here it is definitely not a bad place to stay minus the morning jam that I have to bear of course. I am staying with my buddy and he is so nice to share his wireless with me enabling my blogging session possible after work. Thanks mate! So my this little Angel asked me to post some pictures into my blog, and here you go. I am now sitting comfortably on my bed listening to Eric Clapton's mp3 while blogging this...

OK! A shot from my bed, saw my legs there? And here is my most precious baby, my 42" plasma complete with a so-so surround system. And not forget too my PS2 (anyone wanna sponsor me a PS3?). All the pictures taken with my LG Shine.

So this is my IKEA wardrobe with 2 cheapskate cabinets to store all my DVDs, CDs, condoms (opps...), etc... :P

And a shot of my bed and yes, I chat, blog, surf from my bed ;)

So how was my humble kennel like? A place I can finally call home.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Hump

"Char Koay Teow" or in English we called fried flat noodles is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia & Singapore. It is normally fried together with either or both shrimps & si-hump. Something to share about Char Koay Teow which took place in Singapore.

In a foodcourt in Singapore, the conversation went like this (must understand Hokkien lar) :

A: Taukay, Char Koay Teow jik geh, kay hiam
Taukay: OK, OK, ai hump, mai hump?
A: My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump...

After 10 minutes

Taukay: Lai seoh, Char Koay Teow kay hiam
A: Uncle uu hump bor? My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump
Taukay: CHECK IT OUT!!! (he said these words like a rapper k)

Singapore Uncle si beh update...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Gadgets

Bought myself some new gadgets today. Notepal by Cooler Master. This masterpiece functions as a cooling pad for the notebook. Comes with 2 USB powered fan and solidly aluminium built. Love the colour of it and it tilts a little which make typing more comfortable and working in front of the notebook for a long hour is no longer a problem for me.

I also got myself this black beauty. Edifier speaker with woofer. This cute baby although small in size but it can really playback the music amazingly. It can be powered via USB or adaptor, I am now currently connecting it to my ipod nano. "No Music No Life" mar...

Now I also managed to get an extra 19" LG CRT Monitor to allow me to use dual screen settings. Cool leh? It seems like I will be spending more time in the office than my house now. Finally got some gadget to pamper myself after a hard day @ work :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summary of The Day

Met up with Cynthia today. She is as pretty as before and good to meet her up today for lunch @ KL Sentral. It is actually a surprise lunch arrangement and good to catch up the good old times although I got a very brief period working together with her. Glad that she is doing fine in her new assignment and I am overjoyed that she is a loyal reader of my blog. And this is for you ya. I am sorry that we have not taken any picture together before so I grabbed this from your friendster ya, hope you do not mind. It is always more interesting for my readers to read the posting with some pics in it. OK! I promised you that will organise a happy hour session together with the rest of the gang k.

And coincidencely, we bumped into Caren and she joined us for lunch as well. She is now attached to our No.1 competitor and she in a way matured perhaps because of the exposure she had over there, the thing she never had the chance to experience in the old company. Unfortunately I do not have any picture to post here, she is as blur as before, the very first time I know her in Scott & English days.

Besides the lunch session, today also somehow a remarkable day for me, met up with my ex-gf after so long, I am assisting her on income tax submission, so I passed the form to her to sign on it before I dropped it @ the IRB. It had been a long long time since she last sat inside my car, the moment she went into my car, a sudden rush of emotions hit me and I am speechless.

Overall it is a good day, but tiring for me. I am still in the office while blogging this. More updates soon people!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Glory Glory Man Utd

PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2007 - Edwin van der Sar, Gary Neville, Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra (all Man Utd); Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo (all Man Utd) & Steven Gerrard (Liverpool); Didier Drogba (Chelsea) & Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham)

8 players from United, so guys, still have doubts who is the greatest team in England or even Europe or the world?

PFA Player and Young Player of the Year 2007 - Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United). Despite all the tauntings he received since the incident in World Cup 2006, but nevertheless his skills & performance do the talking on the field. He is the first player since 1977 to receive both the player & young player awards. Bravo Ronaldo!!!

Special Merit Award - Sir Alex Ferguson. You made us proud Sir Fergie. You indeed is the greatest manager ever.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Road Wide Open

*Updates* Chelsea drew with Newcastle away from home 0-0, yippee!!! 3 points gap again!!!

The Devils again played a nervous game last night. I was watching it with a brand new plasma TV but to my very disappointment. Kieron Richardson opened the scoring thanks to Rooney's superb skill zig zag-ging thru the penalty box. Lucky Richardson collecting dead chicken.

Just before half time, constant attacking penetrations from Mee Rebus finally paid off. Downing cross was met by Viduka superb header, thanks to inability of Brown to man mark him.

Now the championship is again wide open, Chelsea will be facing Newcastle today away from home. Should they win tonight, there is only a point gap between them & the Devils. And we will be facing AC Milan in the semi-final of European Cup.

My bet still on Man U. Hope the injuries that hit the back line will not affect their morale. Glory glory Man Utd!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shine Sneak Prebiu

We had our very first sneak preview today on LG Sinar @ Uncle Chilli's, Hilton PJ. Invited a few journalists for lunch + teaser on LG Shine (I think the journalist enjoyed the lunch more than Sinar). Nice restaurant, food is good too, had Caesar Salad for starter and some pizza. For main course I had Seabass, damn good!!!

OK, OK... back to the preview. Francis did the presentation and my korean boss, Park followed suit. Manyak power punya presentation. My boss told me I got to present to a bigger crowd on the launching day itself.

And it is always good to have a pretty colleague like Joanne. Look at her broad smile with the phone, wondering if company will ever pay her should her face got published in the paper.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Korean Siao Kia

Kanineh, really siao nowadays, had fight with with girlfriend can lead to the killing of 30 innocent souls. This chee-bye kia, only freaking 23 years old and god Korean sure got a good pair of hand cos he can hold 2 guns at the same time. Sibeh kheng!!! This siao kia is Cho Seung-hui who just got himself into the Guiness Record Book by being the all time worst killing spree in the school.

He did his sickening act using a 9mm Glock which can load a maximum of 17 rounds per magazine. So the mathematics goes like this :
2 Glock guns x 17 rounds = 34 rounds
Total killings = 32 casualities + himself
Total rounds needed = 33 rounds

But report said that he stopped shooting to reload. Geez...

This incident also reminded me of the 1982 Spree Killing in Seoul. Also done by Korean, this is still as of now, the worst spree killing ever, a record for god damn 25 yrs. Now I know why Koreans always aim for No.1

Damn, I am working for Korean company, I hope my boss doesn't go ga-ga one day and start spree killing us, hope that they will give us a shopping spree instead. :)

Blink Blink Bling Bling

Yes! I'd patched up with my ex (company). Immediately felt settled once I walked in the office. At the current moment, having a great place to sit surrounded by my best mates in the office. And last night, we worked till about freaking 12.45am and Andrew decided to blog about it, we are BLINKY MUMMY indeed. Thanks to Roger, we had eXtra Old.

My work desk is pretty comfortable (minus the sohai centralized aircon system - sometimes freaking cold, now freaking hot). It also will be hell a busy week for me as there will be upcoming 2 new most anticipated models of LG mobile product line-up. The Shine & Prada.

In my office, I am sitting next to Andrew and behind me is Roy. Good feeling to have nice buddies working so closely to you, something I never got from my previous employment. Everyone been nice and it is like welcoming a Spartan the war.

While working late last night in the office, Angeline MSN to inform that AirAsia is offering free tix again. So exhausted and tired, I delegated the task to her to book for our holidays instead. She managed to grab tix to Siam Reap, Cambodia. Yippee!!! A country I have never been to and plus point is it a day after my birthday in November.

Happy Happy Working Ya ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Need $$$ ?

Normally for a competition, we got to buy their products as proof of purchase in order to participate and win something out of there.

Attention to all my fellow designer friends, here is a chance for you guys to grab some money from LG and the best part is you do not have to buy a single LG products.

Good luck and when you guys won, don't forget my share k.

Happy competing!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Say Goodbye

I had this conversation with HER in my dream...

Yeah I've been so lost lately
I don't really understand baby
Where did I go wrong
I wanna talk to you
Please call

Where do I begin with you
After all that we've been through
I don't think that it would be right
If we got together so suddenly

I wish that I could take back all of the things that I said
And replace them with simply I love you instead

You didn't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try

But I only wanted you to stay
And then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
Then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
And if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

I think about the past baby
Why we couldn't make it last, lady
I know you still have doubts
But I'm gonna prove that we can work things out

I wanna be sure that you know
What you put me through and
Reveal that you intend to never let me down again

It's clear to me and
I can't ignore that I have to give you something I couldn't before

I didn't think that we would come to this

Your eyes, your face, your smile is what I miss

Why did you wait so long to take me back

It's all a simple misunderstanding


Friday, April 13, 2007

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I had never been associated with Apple and its product till lately when I bought an iPod Nano. My findings: Apple had real great & innovative products, amazed me in a lot of way (sorry for being such a sakai, this is my first Apple product). Thumbs up Steve Jobs!!!

So review; my beauty is in silver color with the capacity of 4GB. This toy is retailed at RM939 in Malaysia (thanks to the government sales tax & duty), but I managed to buy it at rather a reasonable price (interested to get one?, drop me a message in my comment box). Though the unit is not from Malaysia authorised disty, it still comes with a warranty ya.

The package; check out the box, small crystal clear box. What's inside? The Nano, the all white ear piece, the USB cable for PC Sync, 2 pcs of Apple logo sticker & instruction manual of 1 page only. Cool huh? I loaded 700 songs into it with 25 jpeg pictures, and guess what, I still have another 1GB of free space!!!

So this is my iPod Nano side-by-side with my current LG KG820. Though the phone comes with MP3 player, but I always believe a phone is a phone, nothing beats a real MP3 player. It took me some time to get familiar using it though, the jog dial is fun to play with.

And finally, camwhoring with my new iPod...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Singlehood - Month # 4

Today marked the 4th month anniversary of my singlehood. Things are not that bad after all being a single, thanks to all my friends who kept me occupied during my long lonely nights and I am anticipated for my new assignment in LG, so there will be minimum time for me to think of the unnecessaries.

Nevertheless, no doubt I am enjoying every single moment of my singlehood, there are certain things that I am unable to enjoy at this very moment. In life, we made a few mistakes, we learnt and we pick ourselves to continue this journey.

I miss all her nephew & nieces.
I miss the time surrounded by kids.
I miss the way they addressed me as "Michael Kor Kor"
I miss her favourite niece, Huihui.
I miss hugging her and giving her a swing at the same time.
I miss buying stuff for them.
I miss taking pictures with them.
I miss their antics and the way they did those funny faces to me.

I miss her mom.
I miss auntie's dishes.
I miss fetching auntie for shopping every weekend.
I miss going for groceries with her mom.
I miss pushing the cart for her mom.
I miss going back to Kampar.
I miss her dad too.

And above it all, I still miss her.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

To The Left, To The Left...

This week (2nd ~ 6th April) will best remembered as one of my most memorable week in my entire life... I had never been party-ing like this before. Here is my field report:

Mon : Happy hour @ Black Hole, Sri Hartamas. Drank about 4 jugs, went off @ about 10pm, continue my quest down to KL, suppose to be @ Poppy but it is a ghost club today so we bunch went to Aloha instead, songs were OK but live band sucks to the max, my dad can sing better than them... drank hell a lot, thanks to Mikro-lembut.

Tue : Happy hour @ Sanctuary, Curve. We changed spot as we kinda sick of Black Hole already. Not a bad place, beer is cheap. 3 tier rate. 4pm-6pm nett RM 29, progressively 6pm-8pm RM 34, 8pm-10pm RM39 (hey black hole, u asshole extend ur happy hour lar and when u mentioned nett per jug, u make sure it is nett). We had maybe 4 or 5 jugs. Nice nice. I will come back.

Wed : Fuck! We are so attracted to Sanctuary's rate that we came back. 2 days in a row in Sanctuary!!! We had dinner. Their food is good, recommended!!! Again 4 jugs.

Thu : Headed for Cafe Flam as I still have a balance of one bottle there but fuck you dennis, my card only fucking expired for one damn day. I will not ever step in the club again, fuck off and get a life. Guys stayed out of this damn club ya, this supervisor named dennis (his mobile : 016-285 1308), at first he said he will get me the bottle, then in the end told me his grandma story, how she finished up my bottle and vomitted...(takes a deep breath)... We drank 4 jugs again, with turkey ham pizza.

Fri : This sums up my freaking week, damn 9 good, damn 9 pack, must be because of the F1 party around the golden triangle. We were @ Poppy, damn 9 syok man... I cannot recall how many girls I danced with that nite, damage : 2 bottles of Chivas.

Sat : Was back @ Melaka. I thought I can have a good rest but I think I am destined to party the whole week (hehe). Ok lar, since F1 once a year, heck care lar, party mar party lor. John called and asked me to join him at this new chill out place, had 2 bottles. Nothing much I can say about this joint, a chill out place only for so called VIPs. But who cares leh? I am there for the alcohol :P *updated*

Friday, April 06, 2007


I came across this term "CAMWHORING" when I visited XiaXue's blog (Singapore #1 Blogger). If I am not mistaken, it is about one taking pictures of ownself. Who say guy can't CAMWHORE???

Monday, April 02, 2007

My COACH Wishlist

My this friend asked to go check out the COACH website, thanks to devil Nikki (now my buntut gatal wanna buy), although the price is not as dear as LV or Aigner, still there is too much of stuff I like. They do have decent monogrammed stuff. Got no budget, so thought of putting it in my wish list here, perhaps can get a surprise on my birthday... Plenty of time to save enough money and most of my friends not some cheap skates who will get it from Petaling Street. Check it out.

COACH Lanyard

COACH Messenger Bag

COACH Monogram Wallet

COACH Monogram Card Holder

COACH Key Chain