Monday, May 22, 2006

My Weekend

Other than the previous post about Friday's Blues, overall my weekend was good. Normal working Saturday for me, when I got back home, there was already lunch prepared for me by my gf. She also went to One-Utama to queue (I believe it was a long queue) to purchase tickets for "The DaVinci Code", only managed to get Sunday tickets as Saturday were all fully booked. 4 Halls showing and yet FULLY BOOKED. Then later on Saturday night, went dinner @ La La Chong, Subang in conjunction of belated Mother's Day celebration with my gf's family.

Sunday, begin the day with Bak Kut Teh @ Kelana Jaya, then proceed to Giant for some minor shopping. Went back home, played PS while my gf ironing the clothes. Proceed for dinner, first time trying "Pun Choy", a mixture of many stuff, nothing special though. Then went for the most anticipated movie, almost 3 hours I guess. Enjoyed every part of it although I knew that my gf was not as keen as I am for the movie. Got to give a big Thank You to my gf for making my weekend a good one after the Friday's ordeal.

Thanks & Love you dear....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday Blues

Was not feeling well cos not having a good sleep the previous night, after work, went for futsal session, sweat alot, good game but many injured. All so motivated to play well because the World Cup is approaching, my colleague sprained on of his ankle and cramped the other leg, pity him. Get well soon, Kenneth. My another brother, Chris sprained his ankle too after snapping his leg on the ball.

For me, again my backache problem. Went back, showered and applied Yoko2. And woke my gf up as she was asleep, we were on a date for Da Vinci Code with my ex-colleagues at GSC One-U for 12.30midnite show. Reached One-U early at 11.30pm, had toasted bread and cuppa 'cham' with my gf while waiting for my friends to come. Finally they showed up at 12.15am, was so eager as this movie is so much anticipated after I read the book. And u know what? Damn, my friends forgot to bring the tickets, I was so upset, that I went back with my gf. Showing my temper and my dark vader face to them. In the end, went home and head straight to bed. A big Friday BLUES.

I start to believe that my ex-colleagues got this Malaysia Boleh syndrome, typical Malaysian. Sorry to Sandra, Andrew, Shawn & the rest who is reading this. I am upset. Please improve your attitude.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Today, all of sudden, I felt lost, empty, no direction and all sorts of negative things. Perhaps did not sleep well last night. Hope that GOD will lead a way

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I was chatting with a female friend of mine today over in the MSN, so we started this debate on conservative, she said she is a very conservative person, she will not venture into sexual relationship. Then I ask her is virginity that important to you? She replied yes. I do not know about the rest of people who is reading my blog.

For my humble opinion, virginity is just another word in english vocab which does not bring any significant meaning to me. When one falls in love, you will love him/her regardless of whether they protected their virginity or not. I am not sure if you people would agree with me. After much debate with my friend on the MSN, I gave her a scenario (case study). It goes like this, a guy fell head over heel for a girl who had a dark past working as a call girl (prostitute), the guy know the truth, what should the guy do? She puzzled and cannot answer it.

For me, when you love someone, you love him/her for who he/she is at the moment and the future. You cannot utter the word "I LOVE YOU" if inside you, you still care about her past. Whatever past for me is history. Look forward positively for a better and brighter future? Agree?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Vote for K Cars (Compact Cars)

Yet another K Car launching this month. Toyota Yaris, RM 99,000 to own it

Still I think Myvi value for money for K-car category. RM 49,500 at the moment

Then we got Honda Jazz for RM102,800. Of course then we have Hyundai Getz and Proton Savvy. But this 2 are not Malaysian favourite.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Greed of Man

Last weekend just passed just like that. I was spending my whole free time in front of the idiot box finished the entire "Greed of Man". Superb show, touching too, luckily can hold back my tears at some point. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Myvi Add On 3

Passo replica Visor. A must add on for cosmetic purposes on Myvi.

Rear Strut bar. Results : better handling, less sway on the back.

Front strut bar. Better manuveur and steering handling.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I happened to come across one article in The Star paper yesterday on the title above. It mentioned that women will only experience menopause at the average age of 50-51 years old. As far as I know, my understanding of menopause is simply when the monthly period for women comes to a stop. I got 2 curiousity here which I need your valuable comments,

Firstly, when women come to menopause, will they still enjoy normal intercourse & sex life? And why there will be mood swing?

Secondly, in the article it said 75% of pregnancy after the age of 40 is not plan. Why is it so? Why women are afraid to get pregnant after the age of 40? Any special reason? And even menopause, can a women get pregnant via in-vitro way? Meaning bayi tabung uji.

Please comment, thanks.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Myvi Add On 2

Still backache here but managed to send my baby for the 1st 1,000KM service. Added this heat insulator. Results : Front bonnet no so heated easily & engine soundproof is much better.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Now... Sick & Backache

After the Friday ordeal, now I realised perhaps I am no longer young as I think off. Backache because of futsal and sick because of not getting enough sleep. Last time during college years, still remember I can hang out with Guninkia until 5-6am in the morning. Can play counter-strike for 24hrs non-stop but now, age is catching up with me. Miss those college days...

Tired Friday

After work, went back home to pack stuff for futsal. Before futsal, dropped by at One-Utama florist, to get a bouquet of flowers for mommy, Mother's Day next week but I am goin back this weekend mar. Bought a card to. Then head to Tmn Megah futsal court. Just before started, watched how Malaysia bungkus themselves back for Thomas Cup.

Played hard futsal, then went yam char wif my ex-colleagues and surprisingly my ex-boss also turned up. Chatted till about 1am. Went back home and got scolded by girlfriend for waking her up from her sleep and she could not sleep, then I have to wait until she dozed off before I go for my sleep cos once I sleep, the motorboat will start its engine.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Myvi Add On 1

I added this armrest on my baby. Carbon fibre lookalike with leather finishing. Also added replica PASSO visor but will post picture later on the visor. Here is my armrest.