Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice or in chinese "khor tung", and I just cannot help myself, those memories keep on flashing. While we were together, this 3 years we never fail to go back to her mom's place for dinner but this year will be different.

And Christmas is approaching, I could not help myself to think of how we celebrated our past Christmas together. Those X'mas experience in Singapore still vividly flashing on & off my mind.

Well... I am just human, human with feelings. No matter how I want to be strong, there is a part in me which is still weak. Her face, her look, her expression, her likings and dislikes, her voice, all this just something that at the moment conquering my mind.

Anyway, happy Winter Solstice to all my fellow bloggers and readers. Appreciate while you can.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Those Were The Days, Love You Always

I replaced the embedded video posted earlier to a link. Please click the word "Love of My Life" to view the video. The video is specially made for my ex-girlfriend. She is my love, my best friend and my best companion.

Let's cherished the best moments we had and look forward, if you belong to me, fate will bring us back together one day, who knows?

Bird Without Wings

Exactly a week into my breakup, sometimes we just tend to be ignorant. At times when we heard that someone breakup and how bad it was, you never really know it until you experience it for yourself. To let go and forget about a relationship of 3 years, it is easy to be said than done. Friends around me giving consolation and never ending SMSes to wish me best of luck, glad about it and many thanks.

It is even heart breaking to know that whatever I do now does not bring any meaning anymore, no matter how hard I tried, it will not change the fact, well... I just need to let time heal this wounded bird that cannot fly at the moment without its wings.

How I wish now I can tell her how much I love her, how I wish she never suspect my 101% commitment to love her and care for her. Perhaps I am just not the kind of guy who knows how to love a girl or it is just plain poor luck in love?

Sigh... there is so much in me now that I want to tell her but conditions do not permit me to. My mind telling me to be strong but I am just a very weak soul. How I wish I just can have this final relationship without having to start a new one again.

In this aftermath of breaking up, alot of people I have to sincerely apologise. My mom... Mom, sorry for not making Emmery my soulmate, I am deeply saddened with this as well, hope you understand. Another person I would like to say sorry is to Emm's family, auntie, I am sorry for not being able to take care of your daughter, my apology in any event I have mistreated her and I am glad this 3 years you had been half a mom to me. And finally to all my friends who looked up on me to get married with the girl I love, sorry for letting you guys down.

God please give me the courage to be strong and accept this very fact.


Guys, although I had broke up with Emmery, I thought whether should I end this blog or not as most of the postings were of those happy and memorable moments I had had with her, at this very moment, I just felt that I only got this blog to let off my feelings and whatever I can say here, I felt will be my best companion throughout this tough period I am going through.

So guys, mikemmery is going to stay definitely, after all she is the girl I love most in my entire life at least for now.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hey guys, I just do not know how to break the news to you guys. Me & Emmery just decided to give ourselves a break based on mutual understanding.

Sad, yes but if it is mutual and for good, I will need to learn to let go.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Malaysian Govt ~ Tell Us The Truth

It had been a while since my last post. Just could not have the inspiration to write but the news involving the price hike in tolls next year trigger my temper to write and condemn something which I am totally disgusted about...

As a Malaysian, I just feel that my freedom of speech, my right to speak up had been limited. With the ISA regulations and with Pak Lah issued a stern warning to bloggers not to write anything that will create unrest among Malaysians, I just could not be bother anymore as I need a platform to express myself here.

The news broke for next year; most of the highways here in Klang Valley will increase their toll rates. This year alone had not been a good year for us Malaysians, as petrol price increase to RM1.92/litre, price increase on Electricity and lately Water bill as well. And upon hearing that the price of LDP toll will be increased from RM1 to whopping RM 2.10 , I was like WTF to this increase. A f**king 110% increase.

My government, can you imagine how much we got to spend on toll rates for those who stay in Kepong & Puchong to travel to PJ for work? Secondly, all the taxes you imposed to us, what had you done with the money? And highway was meant to ease traffic congestion, then what the F**K for us to pay money along LDP stretch and yet have to face the lousy jam everyday? What had you done to clear the bottleneck? For the dollar and cent we paid to you daily, please show us the benefit and reason behind it, for god sake.

I am sick with all the news of family members in politics and ex-PM vs current PM issues. Please work something out for us citizens instead. And allow us to voice ourselves since it is a free country, we need a more transparent government, a government who can stretch our every dollar and cent in a wise way.

Oh ya, in between crude oil prices drop, any chance you rebate it back to us? I guess no right? DAMN!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Me, Thank You My Dearest

Another memorable birthday for myself this year. As my big day fell on a weekday, me & my gf took a day leave and we went all the way to Genting to celebrate. It had been a while since we last went to Genting together. If not mistaken it was 3 years back, it reminded me of how we both survived a relationship full with ups & downs, I wanna take this opportunity to express my gratitude for making my birthday a memorable one. Also I want to apologise at times you have to bear with my fluctuative mood and temper. Not to forget too, I want to say "I Love You"...
Genting (06/11/2006)

Thanks for arranging such a lovely dinner for me @ T.G.I. Friday's. Great dinner, thanks for little lovely note you wrote for me
Dinner @ T.G.I Friday's

TQ 4 Your Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to all the birthday wishes I received for the past few days. I had a quiet birthday but a memorable one though.

Thanks to FeiRim, Ah Fung, Meow, Chong & Gooi for the cake and celebrated with me @ a mamak nearby my house as we cheered to Chelsea lost to Spurs.

Not to forget too, the SMS wishes I received from Crystal, Andrew, Mandy, Roy, Lai Huat, James Ng, John Chang, Shirley and my youngest brother KokRong.

And for those who called, thanks to Siew Ling, my brother Kok Yit & my mom.

Thanks to those who sent me messages via Friendster & mail, Poh Keek, Amy, Anitha & Myke Ang...

Thanks a lot and I appreciate it... Happy Birthday 2 Me!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vietnam : Day 3

Day 3

Full day City Tour around Ho Chi Minh city. Below just some of the places I visited. Enjoy!

City Hall built by the French.

The White House of South Vietnam, formerly official residence of the President of South Vietnam, after the unification, it had become a museum.

Catholic Church built by the French.

The post office, another building by the French.

Chinese temple in the middle of the Chinatown.

The War Museum.

The Bazaar at Chinatown.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Vietnam : Day 2

Sorry for my late late update. It had been a busy days since back from Vietnam trip. So guys & gals, here you go...

Day 2
Time to get serious of my main purpose in Vietnam, half day conference at the ballroom. Sony conference and new product launching. The launch of the most anticipated storage drive "Blu-Ray".

After conference & lunch, we went to this post-War site "Chu-chi Tunnel" about 40minutes from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). It is a place for the Viet-Cong (Vietnamese guerrilas) to go hiding and plenty of secret tunnels. It is amazing how it was built just with bare hand mining. The tunnels comprises of 3 levels, I only managed to go down one level and gave up due to the heat, imagine those war time, they were hiding down in the tunnel and amazingly there is meeting room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet in the tunnel itself. Worth a visit and what an experience though I can really feel the Vietnamese suffering at that time.

After the tunnel visit, proceeded for dinner and call it a day. For more Vietnam pictures, please check out HERE

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vietnam : Day 1

Day 1
Touched down Vietnam I'tnl Airport @ 10AM Vietnam time (11AM M'sian time). Very run down airport and system is poor, waited for an hour just to get through the immigration. And at the same time, happened to know that it is a Communist country.

Big culture shock the moment I stepped out the arrival hall. The arrival hall was flooded with people. Then I was told it is the Vietnamese culture that whenever a Vietnamese came back from another country, the whole family will be there to invite them. Kinda havoc. Became instant millionaire with the Vietnam Dong currency rate.

Ho Chi Minh, the economic city of Vietnam. It was known as Saigon before it changed its name after the Vietnam wall. Vietnam population is about 4 times of Malaysia with 90million population. First impression, you rarely see any big/fat people here. Most of them look slim and of Chinese complexion. Traffic is crazy, the city itself got a total of 3million motorbikes with the consistent daily sales of 300bikes. Accident rate is high with 40 fatalities per day.

Checked in @ Renassaince Hotel in District 1, the higher income district of Ho Chi Minh. Nice 5 stars hotel. Went for a good session of massage. The package is just USD15, inclusive with a body massage, foot massage, facial, manicure and pedicure (my 1st time), hair wash & spa facilities. A very good refreshment after a tiring day of travelling.

Nite : Went for some local delicacies, had those spring rolls, Vietnamese salad and Seafood Hotpot. Then went to this local club, kinda good with good trance and house music. Went back @ 3am and phew... what a day... more updates to come on my day 2. Cheers!


This was taken at the boarding room before my departure to Vietnam... bad haze...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Off To Vietnam

My ticket and passport ready... I am flying off to Vietnam for a conference-cum-trip for 4days & 3nights tomorrow. So guys & gals, I might not be able to update my blog that often for this weekend, but this will be my first trip there so depending on the internet availability there, perhaps I will post something interesting on Vietnam... Cheers!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Injury Report

Went to see doctor yesterday evening, it is confirmed ligament torn. But doctor explained to me, there are a few ligaments on the joint of the knee, so he prescribed me some pain killers, anti-swelling pills, sleeping pills & a gel to apply on. If by this Saturday it is not improved, I might need to go for x-ray & scan. Hopefully it is not as bad...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

God, My Ankle

I had never felt this pain before, I snapped my right knee last night during my normal futsal session, at first I thought it was a minor injury but to my dismay, the piercing pain is unbearable and I could not have a good sleep.

Went to office today, limp-walking and I will be seeing doctor a while more, get some pain killer and sleeping pill to ease my agony... DAMN!!! I hope it is nothing major but the sad thing is that it will be a while until I am fit again to kick a ball... 2 months maybe... SHIT!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

My Day

Today is a compulsory holiday for my company as my colleagues are all on a company trip to Vietnam which unfortunately I opted not to join as I am not confirmed and need to pay for the trip. As it is my off day where most of my buddies are working, I went back to office in the early part of the day to do some email reading and replying.

Then went to Alliance Bank @ Ikano to make my credit card payment (**PHEW**)... proceeded with lunch with some of my ex-colleagues in LG, Andrew, Roy & Wendih @ Ming Tien foodcourt... after lunch went to PTPTN to help my sis on her loan issue... came to Starbugs @ The Curve at about 3.30pm and updated my blog (earlier post for feirim's birthday)... went back home, took a shower and had a quick chat with my gf...

And now I am back @ Starbugs The Curve to again online... although a little monotonous but I do enjoy this kind of lifestyle... dont know what to post here and just scribble down what I did for the day... Tomorrow again is another holiday for me... Happy happy holiday!!! ;)

Happy Birthday.....

Last Sunday (08/10) was one of my brother's birthday... gave him a surprise with cakes & gifts... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN BROTHER FEI RIM.... pictures taken were not of good quality, sorry to my lousy O2 XDA Mini...

Finally, you see a soft side of Feirim, crying tears of joy...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Single? What's Wrong?

Browsing thru a blog of a friend of mine, it triggered me to write something about this cos I am not being spared each and every time some hit and run occassions, events, dinners, etc. They will start query you, "When getting married? Make it fast... blah blah blah"... relatives, friends always ask the same ol' questions like there is no tomorrow. Initially, I will just answer for the sake of answering a question but after a while, it really getting on my nerves...

What's wrong being a single? Or should I say what's wrong being an attached bachelor? Maybe you care or maybe you just being nosy... but i believe there are many other people which you in dire need of your care... get a life ma' mate... :)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gathering @ Prince Cafe, SS2

Had a gathering yesterday (29/09) @ the above mentioned cafe, quite a cosy place except for the cold aircond that I had to bear since I am just recovering from my fever. The menu was quite interesting, much better than Kimgary in my opinion. Worth a try.

From left to right; PC Yap, Wong Yet Han & Roven Cheeng

William & GF

Myself and angry Wendih

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gathering (Ex-Colleagues)

Last Friday had a gathering with my ex-colleagues @ Ming Tien foodcourt. Quite a number of them turned up and thanks to Wendih, here are the photos. Hope to have more of this gathering in the future...

This is ex-LG Service Dept Supervisor, Chen & his wife. Now attached to AIC Group of Companies.

This bunch still LG loyals, from left to right : Wendih(Service), PC Yap(Product-HA) & Andrew(Product-A/C)

Ex-LG, Mani(TDR),now with a food manufacturing company in Shah Alam and still LG-ian Daniel Ng(IT)

Ex-LG, Danny(Logistics) now with Timber company & ex-SEE Paul Khung now with Toshiba.

Finally, ex-LG Angela(EDP) now with Shell IT and the former rascal of LG, myself & my girlfriend.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sunday... what should I post here? I am now @ The Curve Starbucks to make use of the free Timezone broadband. A lot of people here, and just like me, I am surrounded by not less than 10 individuals hooked up with their laptop.
I am sitting outside in between Starbugs and Marche restaurant. So thought of taking the cow picture here. To me, Sunday is just like a normal routine, nothing special. Later will be going for dinner at Ming Tien foodcourt cos my gf's mom wanna go to the pasar malam.
And tonight is a big night for guys. 2 good matches of football live on Astro. I will be watching too. But before that I should go back and take a short nap.
Man Utd vs Arsenal (will MU continue their unbeaten winning run or will Arsenal get their 1st win?)
Chelsea vs Liverpool (frankly I want Chelsea to lose this one)
Ok... signing off for now, dunno wat else to post here... Cheers!

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Secondary Schoolmates

These are some of the really old photos which one of my best friends took all the trouble to scan and email to me. At the first glance, it took me a while to stop laughing from the fashion and hairstyle point of view. After that, it reminded me of how time flies. More than 15years mate...

And this is the latest pic we took at our latest gathering somewhere in August this year. Obviously the group became smaller and lesser joining. Although at times we are disappointed with some of our ex-schoolmates, nevertheless they are still a great friend in the end of the day... SWOOING...

Thanks Myke & Cham for the pics...