Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka, Mike Pimped Melaka

Dear fellow friends, mikemmery is on leave for a few days, patient peeps... alot alot of updates and photos will be up soon after my holidays...

Happy holidays to all... thanks for all the wishes, sms-es & comments left here... MERDEKA!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's Something About smashpOp

Still remember the above button? I got pimped and I pimped you... remember???

Finally the results were out, in total mikemmery hits 15 entries, far away behind from the winner but nevertheless, 4th placing was not that bad right? I wanna take the opportunity to thank all who had helped to add pimps for me. To my 15 blogger friends, thanks a lot and I love you all... Watch out for the character badge for mikemmery in a very near future ya!!!

I invited smashpop & jennisurf over to my launch last Friday. Too bad rames couldn't make it but perhaps can catch up with him at the MS Tech Ed in weeks to come. Below are pictures grabbed from smash's site. Thanks mate for the lovely photo, you gotta send me the rest of them ya...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

AirAsia Ngoh Tiu Nei (AirAsia, I Fcuk You)

I became hero again today, I woke up at 5.55am this morning as I need to catch my Kota Bahru flight at 7.20am @ LCCT. This time I do not have the luxury to travel MAS as for my company policy AirAsia comes first for domestic flights, I was lucky I am on MAS yesterday on Kuantan flight.

I reached LCCT 35 minutes before my flight, realizing I am late for check in, I ran my way to the check in counter, there were so many of them. Unlike MAS in KLIA, all domestic flights can be checked in at any domestic counters but AirAsia, they are so fucking organised that they have a dedicated counter for each and every single destination. Like an idiot, I went to one of the counter, queued up and when it was my turn...

Me: Good morning! I am sorry, I know that I am late, can I still check in?
(One frustrated AirAsia Indian lady because she needs to handle the big crowd before me, looked at my e-ticket and said)
AirAsia Indian Gal: Can you check the counter please? This counter is for KK flight.
(Niamah ke hai, my fault ar you have to handle many customers? Blame your smart CEO lar for the RM9.99, RM19.99 or watever dot.99 deals lar)

Found the right counter, showed the counter man my e-ticket, I managed to look at my watch, I have about 25 minutes before the plane departs. But to my dismay, this Indian guy also rejected me saying...

AirAsia Indian Guy: Sir, you are way too late. Stated here in the terms & conditions the counter closes 45 minutes before the flight.
Me: But please, I am on my business meeting trip and I sincerely hope you can help. I was on teh same situation yesterday at KLIA for Kuantan flight with MAS but they managed to check me in.
AirAsia Indian Guy: MAS is MAS, this is AirAsia, we have rules & regulations. There is another flight to Kota Bahru later this afternoon, you can purchase the ticket at the counter.

YES, I am on the wrong side, so I got no right to argue or rather debate with the people there as it was already stated in black & white that the counter will close 45 mins before the flight. But can the staff some basic manners since they are in service line, knowing me a panicked traveller needing much consolation and yet bang me again & again.

So I forked out RM 153.00 for a one-way trip to KB from the ticketing counter, the next flight is 1.40pm which means I got more than 6 hours to go. Arrrggghhh...

While I walked around the LCCT like a sohai, I managed to look at how AirAsia had created history in the Malaysian aviation industry but the way they manage things, I can feel the quality of services had been deteoriating day by day being compared to my first experience with AirAsia years ago when they just started.

Now, Everyone Can Fly (AirAsia tagline)
not only that Uncle Tony
Now, Everyone Can Smell The Best Ammonia scented toilet in LCCT
Now, Everyone Can Have Their Flight Delayed but NO compensation
Now, Everyone Can Miss Flight if They Don't Check in on time

I am just so pissed that I can continue ranting here...

So fucking pissed to the extent of me spending on perfumes to make myself felt better. I got this girl syndrome, shopping makes mikemmery happier :P

But one compliment I have to give at least for the LCCT airport, they have a relatively fast wifi connection, I managed to download a handful MP3s and did my MSN chatting. My overall emotion cools off as there were something to keep me occupied.

Time for boarding, again it was delayed. Not due to any technical issue, it is due to the heavy downpour that prevented the passengers to get to the plane. Remember the old school way of boarding a plane? They do not have enough UMBRELLA ella ella eh eh eh, not enough UMBRELLA ella ella eh eh...

2.10pm-finally boarded the plane. A scene from my window seating

Reached Kota Bahru about 3.15pm and obviously I am late for my launching in Grand River View Hotel. Took a taxi and reached the hotel at about 4pm, lucky enough I managed to do a half hour product talking and passed the message through the dealers. Again, the dealers turnout to be quite disappointing. So imagine my fcuking feeling of being through all this flight scenes and gave a presentation to only a handful dealers? Wasted my time isn't it?

OK, enough said, I already do not have energy to complain about my launching. My scheduled flight back to KL was at 9.30pm. As my function ends at 5pm, I called one of my Kelantanese buddy to catch up for dinner, it had been a good 5 years since we last saw each other.

Went to this nice Thai restaurant (I am too tired that I did not take any picture of the food here), in the mid of our dinner, I was interrupted by an SMS and the content was as below...

Wah lao eh, KNNCCB, you delay flight can, I late 20 minutes earlier this morning to check in, cannot? Wah, Tony, lu really taikor lar... The biggest notorious gangster in Malaysia also cannot fight you...

I am too tired to get upset already really.. really really dead tired... Now I know why MAS got a turnaround this year to a profitable year. Thumbs up Dato Jala. Hope you got cheaper fare next time, I will travel Malaysia Airlines.

The last thing I had in Kelantan, a sudden crave for ice-cream made me go to one of the shop in airport...

Goodbye Kelantan, KL welcoming...

ps: AirAsia, you suck! you suck! you suck, suck, suck!!! Cuckoo...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's My Lat Tag?

Today I felt like I am a hero lar... From my years of flying experiences, I have never been so adventurous before... Why???

I almost miss my damn flight this morning. Flight departure to Kuantan this morning was 9.20am and I reached KLIA @ 9.00am... Frankly I am kinda freaked off, when I was @ the check in counter, the counter girl gave me the 'one kind' look like I owed her a million ringgit. OK, OK, saya yang bersalah kak, terbangun lewat mar... Lucky enough I managed to check in...

So what the fuck I am pimping Kuantan??? Everytime I have a new phone, LG got this practice to do launching simultaneously, this time I am assigned to East Coast while my other colleagues take care of other region. My expectation was kinda high after the very much successful launch in KL last Friday (Smashpop & Jennifer pimped that launch too, Thanks)...

However to my disappointment, dealers turnout was seriously bad, the whole set up was crap, the salesperson in charge of East Coast was a turn off, the sales, sigh... Do I need to say more???

It is a tiring day trip for me. After the whole event, I gave a bad presentation if were to compared to my KL speech. Must be the crowd, I hope a better turnout later @ Kota Bahru though... YES, I am flying in 6 hours time and I can post this blog... (*cross fingers I don't miss flight ya*)

Upon reaching KLIA from Kuantan, as I walked my way out the departure hall, I saw a reasonably pretty girl doing some promo thingy... Went over, and saw this Malaysia Airlines Enrich program... The girl said, "Fill up the form, be a member, freebies for you"... So wtf, I signed up and got a very cute gift...

The LAT TAG... the radio advert sounds like this "Where is my LAT tag?" So this is Lat Tag, out of 5 designs, I chose this... cos the next time you see me carrying my laptop bag with this tag, beware, I can be BUSUK or WANGI, depending on what type of nose you have....

I felt like heaven now actually... just gone thru 2 hours of good good reflexology massages... ok dude, pimp here more, I will have more time in Kota Bahru this time, will force my Kelantan colleagues for real good Kelantanese food and share with my fellow mikemmery-pimpers.

Signing off.... Ciaoz!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mikemmery Pimped Astro AEC

Some of you peeps might have seen it live on TV, and thanks for those SMS, MSN & phone calls I received and thanks to Deb who took the trouble to use her camera phone to shoot a short sniplet and showed it to me the other day. So guys & girls, ladies & gentlemen, here's the full version of myself pimping on the national cable TV, Astro AEC on Go Go Trendy program.

It's totally a fun experience for me, this is my 2nd time on national TV, the first was on NTV 7, about 2 years back. The host for this show, Jym & Yan and the whole crew are fun and comfortable people to work with. And do I need to say how pretty Yan is? Managed to take a photo with them too after the shooting.

*Blogger includes the video function, now less hassle d, no need to upload to youtube then to blogger. Thumbs up BLOGGER!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Banana Leaf... Pimped...

For the past few days, I had been working under a tremendous stress as my product launching night is around the corner. Presentation after presentation prepared, was rejected by my lovely Korean boss saying "Is this the best you can do, Michael?" And when you work under stress, you tend to eat a little bit more, that is simply the reason why today I will blog more on food instead. And amazingly, this week I have not gotten the chance to pimp happy hours with my mates.

Had yam char session with fellow blogger friends Alan & Kenny few days back. It was so nice of Alan to bring me something I had been craving for so long. Something that brought me memories, you seriously got me there mate. Well, to cut the story short, Alan brought me the famous 'Kok Chai' from Kampar (my ex-gf hometown). In fact, it suddenly created a rush of memories and all the good food that I miss so much in Kampar. Any Kampar-ian reading my blog? I really hope to visit it in a near future...

So back to my main title of this posting, I pimped the Banana Leaf restaurant together with my fellow colleagues. The restaurant is situated somewhere in Subang, it is a shame of me not being able to get hold of the address of this place to share with you guys. It is hereby to announce that this restaurant is one of the best that I had banana leaf rice ever. I prefer banana leaf rice over nasi kandar actually because there are too many times, nasi kandar seriously charged ridiculously overprice food.

Besides the rice flooded with curry and served with 3 types of different veges, we ordered side dishes of Sotong Curry, Ayam Massala & Mutton Curry. Price wise pretty reasonable, my colleagues particularly amazed of my skill eating with my hand. All in all, each of us paid about RM14 for the lunch plus drink. And a single meal like this, you can be expected to skip dinner as well.

Hungry yet?
ps: Won't be able to update later today as I will be attending product convention to launch 2 of my latest LG mobile, KU970 & KE500. Saudara Jeff Ooi will be giving a presentation during the press conference. And later tonight, hope to see some bloggers I invited over... More update on this ya...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pimp Mikemmery's Office

For readers who had been pimping mikemmery, it is always the crazy side of me, clubbing camwhoring all the time right? To the extent, that some guys (munak!!!) who I knew call me a PIMP for the massive camwhoring with different girls all the time.

Besides my house (sleeping place) & Sanctuary, actually I spend an average of 12 hours in office, so do not get me wrong peeps, I work hard and party hard at the same time. I enjoy my time in my office cubicle actually, today I will bring you peeps to pimp my cubicle.

I have 2 screens, that is why I can manage my emails, my work and ks cbox at the same time, just that my eyes are kept busy all the time, I think I would soon need to be on my spectacles, as it gets pretty tired lately. I have not been pimping ks cbox lately as my schedule for this coming 2 weeks pretty tied up, I am launching 2 new LG Mobile soon.

Pinned on my cubicle, my holidays itinerary with Airasia. Next month I will be heading to Macau & China (biz trip) and in November I will be going to Cambodia with my besties. Also pinned here - the 2 tickets of Q-final & S-final AFC Cup matches in Malaysia & my Korean team scarf.
Pinned here are those souvenirs I received from my fellow colleagues every time they came back from biz trip overseas, I already very tired of receiving Korean related souvenirs, I got dozen of them already. And I am a fan of laughing Buddha, these are some of my collections which purchased from various countries. The blue tumbler is a gift from Angeline (my reader & friend).
And my ex-colleague dropped me a message just before she left the company. It is really sweet of her and Joanne if you reading this, appreciate all the time working together with you too. Hope you the best of things in your new company ya.
And now I need to get back to work, before my boss starts to shout @ me. This week, I am very angelic, rejected a few offers for drink from friends, thanks to my work lar. This friday, perhaps I will pimp Poppy Garden after my function, anyone interested to join?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Great power comes with great responsibilities. Lately there had been active charitable activities on the side bar of this site. There had been banners to encourage us not to abuse animals and stuff, I felt good that I can make use of my blog to do something back to the society.

My personal favourite of course is the Save The Rhino campaign run by both Honda & nuffnang. I believe most of the nuffnangers already embedded this cute litter logo onto their site. One purpose, to educate and to save the most endangered species in our Bolehland, the rhinoceros.

I had placed the logo on the very top of my sidebar, as I felt there is a need to save the rhinos before our future generation will not even know that this animal existed. Can you imagine the population of less than 50 rhinos in the whole freaking Bolehland?

Besides that, I also had this SPCA banner to stop animal abuse and educate all to be kind with animals. All of a sudden, I felt that there is a feeling of love & care in my space and I felt real good...

And there's even a movement to stop animal abuse, I had joined. Have you not?

And cross fingers, hopefully there are still donation cards left for the event below. Myself & my youngest brother will be joining this fund raising charity work to help the less fortunate. I am now hungry for HOPE.

And now to the administrator of Bolehland...



Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mikemmery

Sekelip mata, I had already been blogging for more than 2 years. And the blogosphere indeed had a significant impact in my life, the people I met and befriended thru this blog, constructive critism that I received, ideas and support, I sincerely appreciate every single moment of it. Thanks to all readers and followers of mikemmery, I am stronger and will blog without fear.

It is mikemmery's birthday and I do not really felt any joy at all. Why? Why? And fucking WHY?

Perhaps I am disgusted and disturbed with THIS. Just felt that certain individuals that administrate this bumi Malaysia tercinta JIAK PA BO TAI CHI CHOR (from hokkien it meant "too free got nothing to do"). Everyday, I pimped on some interesting blog in this country, surely there are something that makes me wonder "What the fuck had happened in this country?" Frankly I had stopped reading The Stars since I found the existence of Malaysiakini.

Soon we will not see this anymore...

Or even this a celebration like this by our masyarakat majmuk...

And those who do this, chances are you might end up behind the bar doing the nude squat...

Arrrgghh... a cake also can be a national issue. WTF? Thought of celebrating mikemmery's 2nd birthday with this cake, but... sigh...

Instead I celebrated my blog's birthday with this...

Why durian? Because...
Blog aku sama macam durian
Keras dan tajam tetapi
Tengok engkau berani buka ke tidak tengok apa yg di dalam
Ia boleh dikatakan busuk, ia juga boleh dikatakan wangi
Cuma tengok engkau ada macam mana punya hidung...

Ahhh... at least this uncle found that my blog is wangi...

So people, my blog busuk or wangi???

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Got Pimped!!!

I just got pimped by Smashpop, the famous photo blogger. Since I am looking for a new header for mikemmery, I am trying my luck & hope my blogger friends can help me to get more pimps.

Who doesn't like prizes right? To help, simple. All I need you to do is to cut & paste the codes provided below and paste it anywhere in your space/blog. The most entried blog will win the prizes below. Do let me know when you had pimped your site with the badge, k? Please, please, please....


Copy & paste the above codes and get a chance to get pimped by others to your blog. Drop me a line in my comment/chatbox once you put up the code k. Love you all... MUACKS!!!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Berhati-hati di Blogosphere

The controversial video by Namewee. It is really up to viewers discretion in my very humble opinion. Yes, that particular video might consists some real sensitive issues but what irritates me was the way our BOLEH government handled it. First, we got MCA people trying their best to convince the poor boy & family to apologise which he did but later got his apology got rejected by the cabinet. I mean wtf? According to reports, cabinet cannot take this matter lightly due to the offended remarks on the nation, my question here is how about the 2 jokers that blurted out the remark that offended the whole world?

I mean the mainstream media are seriously trying to insult our intelligence. The blogosphere is something they cannot get a control over, all the other papers that we read everyday already made the word "BERANI KERANA BENAR" a non-existence in the public.

Wah lao eh, I fucking cannot understand what the fuck is happening in this land. We need a change, seriously. I thought 50 years ago we already got ourselves independent with certain right as a democratic country. And now 50 years down the road, I still thinking whether I will be arrested for what is inside my heart now.

But one video that made my day really, check it out people, he is the man, if can I wanna make a duet with him also :P , but now thinking a little bit more, I hope blogger friend Kenny, will not land himself in trouble for this, personally I do not find anything that will create unrest or whatsoever, I guess readers are all adult enough to absorb what is the truth and what's not.

Kepanasan membara inside me slightly cool a little when watching the video above. Come on bloggers, we need to be together & united, when a platform that we used to be free to speak & to rant is now being threatened for nothing. Blog without fear but blog responsibly.

And is this ever shown on our TV? Check out 2 fellow Malaysian bloggers being viewed in the international Al-Jazeera. One of them is blogger friend, Nathaniel Tan who slept in the jail 4 days for nothing.

Our freedom of expression? How long will it last until we open the paper the next day, dozens of reports from the media saying that we bloggers are bunch of liars, calling us name like 'goblok', giving us warnings, etc.

Think again...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shower ME With Your Gifts

Lately, I had been receiving souvenirs & gifts from fellow friends-cum-bloggers, it is always nice to receive gifts isn't it? My sincere gratitude to all and I appreciate it.

Remember the Head Porter tote bag I blogged about a few posting ago? That same friend also gave me two pieces of T-shirt from Japan, it is a B.E.A.M.S, a brand that we will never be able to see back here. Thanks Kenji for the lovely shirts.

I received more and more T-shirts. One of my best blogger buddy, Alan gave me this from Bali. Hard Rock T-shirt, very nice, I like the back of the shirt especially. Will save it for our Cambodia trip together ya ;)

And the last piece of shirt I received was from Taiwan. Meow who went to Taiwan for some musical event bought me this cute Simpsons shirt from Bossini. Sweet!

Once again, thank you peeps very much. You people are real sweet! Don't forget to buy me more ya :P

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fashionably Drunk

Pimped Sanctuary again last Friday. Supposed to meet up fellow blogger Munak there but he did not turn up. Party with my best happening bunch ---> Cecilia, Nikki, Joyce, Heng & Shah. And it was a really good outing... uhh... as in we were not drunk... hmm... maybe FASHIONABLY drunk, perhaps.

Did not camwhore much, but it always felt good to hang out with peeps who love to take pictures and the best is they do not mind I shared here in my blog. Girls, you bunch are great!!!

So Sanctuary again this week girls? :P