Monday, December 31, 2007

Mikemmery's New Year Wishes

Here I am with the very last post for 2007. And been blog hopping a while ago whilst many already posted their happenings in 2007 and their resolutions for 2008. I had received a few new year wishes via SMSes and had also sent out a few SMSes out. Tonight I will be @ The LOFT Upstairs, LG will be giving out a brand new phone, so early birds please register before 11pm to stand a chance to win the phone ya.

Now 2007, I wouldn't want to talk much the past, though it is not a superb year as in overall, I have not much complain about it but the best part all in all was the networking I gained through my work & through blogging. Thanks and it will be definitely something that I will continue to cherish in many years to come. And in times of difficulties, I got to thank a friend who had been through thick & thin the time I needed him the most, thanks brother (I guess he knew who I meant, he is a loyal reader of my blog too)

And talking bout resolutions for 2008... firstly, I wish love for all, I wish love to my family; my parents, my sister & my 2 younger brothers. And to all my friends; family is everything, love & treasure them while you can. For my friends who are attached, hope the relationship gets stronger as ever and hopefully to see some of my friends walk the aisle (wedding bells ringing), for my single friends, let's make 2008 a year full with parties k (I'm single, call me!!!)

Ok now for myself, I had set my personal goal on career wise. I wish that I can make a breakthrough in my new department together with my compatriot Jeremy. Let's work hard towards our goal and enjoy the fruits together!

Relationship put aside, that is not my main priority at the very moment. Best wishes to the girls who once walked together with me (if they happened to read this lah). And of all the girls, the one who had been my shadow all these times, Emmery, good luck in your new undertakings k. Will pray for you.

Traveling will also be my main objectives for 2008. 2007 been special, I had been to a few beautiful destinations and will continue this for this coming year. Destinations that top my list,
1. Japan
2. China
3. Hong Kong (visit my sis)
4. Thailand
5. Australia

And my wishlist for 2008, arrrghhhhhhhhhhhh.... I want a MACBOOK!!!!

And secondly, an iPhone, no more obligation using a certain brand phone now. iPhone certainly top on my list :)

And I am taking this opportunity here to wish all my readers a very happy 2008. Happy New Year!!! I love you all!!!

ps: this post entry was done for the very first time with a MacBook

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assasinated


Benazir Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state. She was twice elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She was assassinated on the 27th December 2007. Read more...


Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Day in Office 2007

The time now is 8.41PM and the office is rather in a jovial mood. There are far more people today than any other day, to all of us, today will be our very last day in office for 2007. I am bidding farewell to my former department and welcoming my new assignment with open arms. Thanks to all well-wishers for my new role.

And today, the HR held a year end party for all staff, something that made us felt working hard for the whole 2007 worthwhile. Introducing my MD, Mr. TY Ko. Thanks Boss for the words of wisdom and your trust in me, will strive even harder in 2008.

Great food by our caterer, Kelana Seafood Restaurant. And some other random shots taken a while ago. To my colleagues who are reading this, Happy New Year to all. In any event, I might have hurt anyone's feelings or misunderstanding occured, my sincere apology to all ya.

Yes, we do have our own anthem too ;) And after this, I am heading down to Fraggipani to check out my roadshow there. All of a sudden I felt pretty empty and lonely... dunno why... hmm... what am I missing now?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas

I have not share this picture before right? Taken back at my house in Melaka. And I received yet another post Christmas gift all the way from Hong Kong, a Nautica shirt. Thanks to my beloved sis, you want a Viewty? :P

Was celebrating my boxing day with bunch of my guy friends who complained not seeing me for like 3 weeks (work, work), watching the Devils thumping Sunderland 4-0, Devils BOLEH...

After this very post, I will be heading to Cineleisure as there will be Viewty roadshow today & tomorrow starting from 6pm til 10pm, so if you guys happen to be @ The Curve, do drop by as mikemmery will be giving out some freebies ya :P

See ya!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Ending, Welcoming New Beginning

I am back from my Christmas break. This year's Christmas was much a cheerful one, I am glad that I am able to adapt to my life now, I thought I never ever able to cope with the painful breakup. This year I celebrated back in my small humble hometown in Malacca with my bunch of friends who I grew up with. It had been a great weekend I should say, we played futsal like those days, we had a pre-X'mas dinner and had a lot of drinks. Myke Ang, Chris, Jacky, John, Jason, Fabian, Alan, Damian & Zachary. Double thumbs up guys! Can't wait till our next gathering :)

I hope it is not too late to congratulate Fabian for his daughter's birthday. We had great party back @ his place.

Now back to work, first day in office after a much needed rest & break, unpacked and moved to my new seating in the office. I will be officially taking charge of Business Development in my company, many said it is a promotion, thanks for the credit though, for me, it is a new challenge where I believe I can excel much better than what I currently do.

As working place is now like a second home to me now, I always tried to make it really felt homely and cosy, thanks to Nicole for the pillow she gave me as X'mas gift, I need that badly :)

Nowadays, the amount of time spent on blogging getting lesser & lesser due to much work commitment and by the time I wanted to write some stuff with quality, my brain would have already drained out. And if you can see, most of the pictures I posted lately were snapped with LG Viewty, it is indeed an amazing substituition to a digital camera compared to other camera phone.

A single for a year now, many asked When? When? And when? No worries, if there is fate, I will not say no right?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mikemmery's Christmas

I know it had been a while since I last update here. Like I said, I am expecting good things & new beginning for 2008 in my previous post. Yes, for the past few weeks I had been clearing whatever pending under my belt currently before I move over to take over a new portfolio in my company. Besides that, I am also currently busy with Viewty roadshow & I was also invited for DA Mouth promo tour this coming Sunday which unfortunately I cannot make it as I will be away from KL. I would also love to share some of the Viewty night spot venue, in the event you guys can buzz me if you are there, there is a lucky draw for some lucky peeps in Klang Valley.

20/12/2007 Aloha (8pm-12am)
21/12/2007 Modestos (8pm-12am)
22/12/2007 Zouk (8pm-12am)
24/12/2007 Rum Jungle (8pm-12am)
28/12/2007 Fraggipani (8pm-12am)
29/12/2007 The Loft (8pm-12am)
30/12/2007 Maison (8pm-12am)
31/12/2007 The Loft (8pm-12am)

See the above schedule??? I am expecting a heavily drilled December this year but at the same time welcoming a brighter colourful 2008, goodbye GSM, hello to Business Development.

And I wanna thank all suppliers & friends who sent me cards during this festive season. But there are a few exceptional simple cards that really made me felt warm.

Thanks Nicole, my darling in office, who always been a great companion, a colleague & a friend. With her around, my last few months in GSM had been an enjoyable one. Thanks for decorating my life...

Thanks to Joyce of Universal Music for being the first few to send their cards in. Thanks, and appreciate how our friendship journey when we first met in Bangkok. Hugs hugs...

And surprising, I received a card from Nuffnang too. Thanks to the whole Nuffnanggies, you guys ROCK!

And besides those cute cards I received, the biggest Christmas gift for me this year was from Nicole, came to office this morning greeted by this large IKEA bag and the cute little red ribbon tying on it. Thanks dear...

And thanks to Mandy for the cute little bear that can play music. Hope you like what I got for you too ya :)

The last gift I received as of today was from someone special, my very first ex-gf, thanks and I appreciate it, wish you best in everything. Thanks for your wishes and I do hope I find love again soon :P

Merry X'mas to all, I will be back home this time around. Safe journey to those who travelling. Thanks for all wishes and keep on staying true blue with mikemmery. My journey is not complete without you readers and kind words of support.

Enjoy the song here ya


Monday, December 17, 2007

Colbie Caillat : Coco (Album Review)

Sorry for my long abscence here. Work been occupying most of time now, and it is not worth to talk about it anymore, for those who had my MSN would have been curious with my nick "It's Time To MO!", in the short span of 2 weeks, I shall reveal my plan.

At the moment, I need a lot of good music to lift my heart, to warm my soul & to make me feel good. I had been listening to Colbie Caillat (pronounced as Col-Bee Cal-Lay) with her debut album "Coco", which is currently
No.1 in the Billboard Chart for Top Modern Rock/Alternatives Album.

Don't you think she resembles the look of the infamous Jennifer Aniston? She is noted for her MySpace profile which led her to become the number one unsigned singer in her genre for four months. Check out her full detailed biography at her official site.

This is a very much a highly recommended album, at least it tops in my list of the best album of 2007, with hits like "Bubbly" and my personal favourites "The Little Things" & "Realize". Here is the track list for her debut album;

01 Oxygen
02 The Little Things
03 One Fine Wire
04 Bubbly
05 Feelings Show
06 Midnight Bottle
07 Realize
08 Battle
09 Tailor Made
10 Magic
11 Tied Down
12 Capri

Wondering what's for X'mas gift? Something soul uplifting? Go get "Coco" now! Signing off with one of her finest piece video. Enjoy!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Past few day my schedule was like....






Almost everyday for the past few working days, I got a critical dark eye circles... anyone can help me?

I will be back with Colbit soon!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DUNHILL Gaya Party

Today officially is a public holiday for the state of Selangor in conjunction of the birthday of Sultan Selangor. I shall think that my workplace is like my 2nd home now as I am now in office finishing a report due for my upcoming workshop this Thursday & Friday.

Prior to that, was having sort of farewell lunch with one of my favourite girl also ex-colleague, Vivienne @ SOHO, One Utama. I am so gonna miss her, her laugh & her antics who never fail to cheer me up when I need the most, thanks Vivienne & keep in touch, I hope to see you again back here in a very near future ya.

After lunch, back to office, a friend of mine invited me over to Maison this coming Thursday. So what's happening in Maison? There will be a DUNHILL Gaya Party there and I am in the guest list and I am allowed to bring a few friends over, so anyone interested to meet up & join me for a chill out session, please do drop me a comment or email me ya. Just in case, Maison is located in Jalan Yap Ah Shak or just next to The Heritage Row.

And oh ya, yesterday 10th December 2008, was exactly a year anniversary of my singlehood, how time really flies. I jokingly told my ex-gf wishing her happy singlehood anniversary, she asked me how should we celebrate it. I am happy that she is leading a very bright life now as both of us are pursuing our dreams in our career. All the best dear...

Ok, I got a life, I cannot spend my holiday draining my brain for work, going for a dinner with a friend and followed by a happy hour session... Yippee!!! Stay tune, tomorrow another album review for a hot singer which is currently pimping my car audio now...

Monday, December 10, 2007

DA Mouth : The Review

This is my very first album review and it is indeed a very challenging task for me as I am reviewing a Chinese album and I am a non-chinese educated myself.

Unleashing DA Mouth (Chinese: 大嘴巴; pinyin: dà zui ba), I was given the CD by the label executive of Universal Music Malaysia. DA Mouth is a newcomer in the Chinese music scene. It is a hip-hop band based in Taiwan comprising of 4 members; MC 40, DJ Chung Hua, male vocalist Harry & Japan born female vocalist Aisa.

They released a self-titled debut album "DA Mouth" on November 16th 2007 and it was released here in Malaysia on the November 23rd 2007. On a personal note, they sounded very much like an Asian version of The Black Eyed Peas. There are a few songs with catchy beat & tune which worth listening. And did I mention that Aisa is cute!!!

Here is the tracklist of the album;
DA Mouth
01. The Starting 4
02. 靠過來 (pinyin: Kao Guo Lai)
03. Get You Back
04. 結果咧 Intro (pinyin: Jie Guo Lie)
05. 結果咧 (pinyin: Jie Guo Lie)
06. Step On The Beat
07. 我願意 (pinyin: Wo Yuan Yi)
08. 我就是喜歡你 (pinyin: Wo Jiu Shi Xi Huan Ni)
09. Mr. Cool Boy
10. 大嘴巴 (pinyin: Da Zui Ba)
11. 119
12. 無可取代 (pinyin: Wu Ke Qu Dai)
13. 懷秋 (pinyin: Huai Qiu)

DA Mouth will also be on the promo tour to our shore as I have yet to get confirmation from Universal Music at this time of the review. Here is the MV for one of my favourite track. Enjoy!

More ADs From Nuffnang

After I removed totally Advertlets ads from my space, my site seems to load faster than before, I am not sure if my readers felt the same or not, and for those who came in Malaysian IP can actually see that I have 2 new ads for this week.

Although my site was not chosen for the LG Viewty campaign as of today (I am working for LG... wtf) , but
Nokia advertised on mine... yippee... and also the campaign for "Kerana Karina" replacing the previous Guiness ad. I can see more Ads coming in since I fully removed Advertlets from my site.

And I had been receiving mails from readers & bloghoppers asking me to compile cases of bloggers being conned by Advertlets, there is even one who left comment in my previous posts, his willingness to share about Advertlets owner private life. Fellow bloggers, if you had any bad experiences with that company, and if you happened to blog about it, leave your permalink on the comment box, I shall compile it and share with the rest. Check out my other 2 posts about them here & here.

My very first album review tomorrow.... stay tune...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Apartment Pimped

Taking my time off from my busy self in the office today to meet up with some friends which frankly I miss hell a lot *at least mike got a life k :P* It had been a while since I last met up with Timothy aka Boss Stewie of Nuffnang. I am pai seh in a way that he himself took his time off at work to meet up for dinner and it had been quite a while. I made the call, so I decided to try out at The Apartment, The Curve. Tim reached early *sorry Boss, I came late & kept you waiting*

It was my first time there and prior to this dinner outing, my colleague had recommended myself to try the roast duck. Flipping through the menu which made of some graph book that I recalled using it during my secondary school days for add maths, I ordered the Roast Duck while Tim had his target on Baked Fish.

While waiting for the food to be served, we chatted up what's happening and what's not in almost everything. And for Tim's admirers, I know what's on top of his wishlist for X'mas gift d, want a hint? :P

And we both agreed that girls nowadays seem to be attracted to Bengs or Sengs, one of the topic he
posted lately, and yes although he is always seen to be surrounded by girls, he is very much a single or should I say the most eligible bachelor at least in the blogosphere and so do I. Pathetic huh? 2 single males having fusion dinner a cosy restaurant :P

Before some minds swayed thinking otherwise what's happening between us, we were then joined by another friend of mine who frankly I miss a lot, someone I befriended during my
trip to Bangkok, the bubbly & pretty Joyce. And guys, she is also single *promoting promoting* :P Together with Joyce, her colleague Miselyn. Hey Miselyn, if you reading this, nice to meet you ya.

It is always nice to meet people from different industry, although most of the topics we shared were mainly on work, a lot of fresh & innovative ideas popped up which could be a good use. We should do this more often frankly.

And guess what???

Wondering what's inside the pretty paper bag???


Thanks to Joyce, for the coming few posts I will do reviews on some music albums made of various genres. It is not a paid advertorial lar, I am not that big yet lar :)

In between, we should do the dinner more often. Thanks for the short but much needed breakaway from office and Joyce, I do not care, the next outing we go movie k :P


Monday, December 03, 2007

S.H.E Live @ KL Concert

To further cleanse my site before some would regard that I had a poor anger management, I decided to share one of the best concert I ever witnessed. Rest assured my fellow readers & friends, I am not explosively angry but just got a little bit irritated only. Thanks to Kuan for her air tebu though, it helps :P Get ready peeps, this gonna be a super duper long post with a lot of pictures...

As many would know, LG once again the presenter for 2 consecutive concerts in 2 weekends at Stadium Merdeka, first was the
TVXQ and the very recent weekend was SHE. Was there as early as 5pm to lepak work as I have a promotional booth there participated by one of my dealer. The crowd ain't that packed as compared to TVXQ the previous week, but wait till you read until the end of the post.

Met up with my childhood friend-cum-schoolmate-cum-blogger, Chris, glad to see himself & his gf Janice at the stadium... psst, psst, don't mention so much about the ticket, alot other bloggers will get upset :P

I was a day earlier being given 2 VIP tickets by my boss to watch the concert and it is not a very hard task to get a date to accompany you to concert like this, so I called up my long time friend, Meow to accompany me, thanks for the company and patience while I am busy with my clients at the site. Also met up with Alan who happened to be on duty as well.

Although like I mentioned earlier, the early crowd ain't that packed as I foreseen compared to TVXQ, but believe me or not, it is a sold out concert, the crowd and atmosphere is simply electrifying. The set-up of the performance stage though is not as advance as TVXQ but it was the showmanship by these girl band that ROCK!!! And seriously, not only having the girls-next-door look, they really can sing, I mean sing in live. Live vocal performance wise, they faired better than TVXQ minus the minor glitches on microphone error.

I saw Jeff Ooi there too!!! Check out his site, it is not always about political, he got a far better snap shots for the whole concert. *How I wish someone buys me a DSLR this X'mas... sob... sob*

Picture courtesy from Jeff Ooi's Screenshots ~ Hebe with Fahrenheit

Many of my key dealers came for the concert, introducing one of the nicest dealer & friend since I joined this industry, Mr. Tom & his wife from Phone Two, key dealer located in BB Plaza, if you are looking for LG Mobile at a reasonable price with great after sales service, do check his outlets in BB Plaza.

Who said life after singlehood is bitter? At times, yes, you long for those touches but heck care, I am not only being accompanied by one female companion, I have 3!!! From left to right ~ Meow, me, Nicole & Sylvia Wong. Thanks girls!

You know what happened when you are with a bunch of fun outgoing girls? Apa lagi... camwhoring session lar, my shameless camwhoring thanks to Meow...

Met up my biological brother there, I mentioned "biological" as I might confuse some because most of my male buddies who got featured here before, I regarded them as my brothers... kekeke... oh ya, in between, my brother is flying off to Macau tonight, he perhaps now in the plane while I am updating this... bro, enjoy your holidays ya!

Introducing also this leng-lui, Nicole, a friend & colleague, someone who walked the journey through hardship & bitterness while working together in the GSM department. Tough tough girl, and if you happen to read this, thanks for everything ya, you are one hell of a girl!

Phew... 2 weeks in a row, I hardly had enough sleep and now I guess many would have know why didn't I update my blog regularly for the past 2 weeks, thanks to LG Mobile for this 2 great concerts, and this weekend I shall be back to Melaka to enjoy some kampung feeling and rejuvenate my tired soul.

LG Mobile BOLEH!!! Ending up with one of my favourite SHE song to all... I love HEBE!!! :P