Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Is A Manager?

Yesterday evening (17/07/2006), I was called by my boss (DC) to his place.

DC : Have a sit.

So I sat down.

DC : Company banned MSN for a reason, even myself also cannot use it but somehow I found out you got your own way to MSN.
(I was thinking to myself that time, I am smart enough to find a way. There's saying, when there's a will, there's a way)

DC : I hope you will stop your MSN and get your things done.
(My boss face turning into Justice Pao face)

DC : Don't always wait for business to come. When you want to go to visit the 3 branches of Maybank that I asked you to? I am too busy myself to handle this things already, you should take up the responsibilities.

Me : OK, I will do the reporting to you tomorrow. Anything else?

DC : That's all.

Yes, he is trying to find my fault. He commented that I sit down and wait for business, when I first join this company, I did asked him if he wants me to contact my network and seek business or not, he said we are too busy to do that. As my boss, you always condemn me, have you ever in your sincere heart, compliment me for the jobs that I had done well? Nothing. Do not say that I wait for business. When I was in my previous industry, I am once the best salesman. Your whole company turnover per year cannot even fight my personal sales figure. As my boss, have you ever listen to what I said? As my boss, have you ever defend for me when the client asking for the impossible? Do you know what is the meaning of a "MANAGER"? Have you manage your people well enough? I am not school leaver nor I am brainless, have you ever talk to me in a proper manner? In a more civilised way? In front of me, you can condemn the client like there's no tomorrow, but when you face them, you are as timid as you are. I will start to ignore you cos you are an insult to my intelligence, cos you will be a pain in my ass. No worry, I will go out more often to report what you want.

Back-up plan for me soon. Friends out there, keep me inform of any suitable vacancy k.


kennethnorman said...

hai....people who wanna act orang atas is like that la...i'll support u...we'll be the communists in the office..terror of the rist. He likes to fuck people's backside so u'll be in pain. No worries, i'll defend the turf...
Malaysia Boleh!!

phindoltheploy said...

hehehe.....mike...seems like u got a cool coll who will fight wt u wo~~!

well...he's correct~~!!those bosses think they noe everythg...and they expect everythg from us without needing to let us noE!~~

all d best,k??sure u can handle this~~!

kennethnorman said...

call me cool...hahahaha....eh..i want some backup plan oso...incase my backside backfired..
Defend wat is right ma...if not like sojai only..putih putih kena

kenji said...

mike, come to Japan join us.

keeykeey said...

no problem mike!