Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football Rivalry - Why I Hate The Liverpudlians

There are so many reasons to hate the bitter rival. Especially when two of the biggest clubs (in terms of achievements & success - better for me to state this before some less educated Blues & Gunners start to condemn me) in English football history clashing tonight.

The only thing that the Liverpudlians can boast about their club would be winning the European Cup for 5 times while ManUnited only won it for 3 times. It is pretty sad sometimes that the Liverpool fans can only tease us on this fact when we can boast on our club currently holds the most FA Cups, Manchester United holds the record for the most Premier League titles (11) when Liverpool none! Two of United's managers had been knighted while none of Liverpool's managers are in the same league or appreciated by the Queen. Torres must be freaking out of his mind to choose the Kops over Devils.

Anyway, Liverpool still deserves our respect in terms of club success in England. Chelsea & Arsenal are nothing and no where near us nor Liverpool.

Anyway, to cut long story short, watch the football rivalries videos below (a lil aged but still enjoy every bit of it)... Good luck Devils!


Ken Wooi said...

United FTW!

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