Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice or in chinese "khor tung", and I just cannot help myself, those memories keep on flashing. While we were together, this 3 years we never fail to go back to her mom's place for dinner but this year will be different.

And Christmas is approaching, I could not help myself to think of how we celebrated our past Christmas together. Those X'mas experience in Singapore still vividly flashing on & off my mind.

Well... I am just human, human with feelings. No matter how I want to be strong, there is a part in me which is still weak. Her face, her look, her expression, her likings and dislikes, her voice, all this just something that at the moment conquering my mind.

Anyway, happy Winter Solstice to all my fellow bloggers and readers. Appreciate while you can.


chammie said...

bro....stay strong k.
i tried calling u on xmas but i guess u were sleeping or been busy. anyway, it's been a while that i didnt see ur blog, but u added a few posts lately. altho u lost ur love aka best fren/companion but dont forget, u'll always have us brothers by ur side....happy new year.

crystal said...

happy new year, mate..
Look forward in the new year.
Wish u all the best in the coming year..