Monday, December 07, 2009


Leadership remains one of the most relevant aspects of the organizational context. However, defining leadership has been challenging and definitions can vary depending on the situation. According to Ann Marie E. McSwain, Assistant Professor at Lincoln University, “leadership is about capacity: the capacity of leaders to listen and observe, to use their expertise as a starting point to encourage dialogue between all levels of decision-making, to establish processes and transparency in decision-making, to articulate their own values and visions clearly but not impose them. Leadership is about setting and not just reacting to agendas, identifying problems, and initiating change that makes for substantive improvement rather than managing change.”

The above was an excerpt from wikipedia of what leadership means. Over the past years, very unfortunately I have not met much of leaders, managers or even directors who carry the above traits.

Perhaps before we employ one to work, we should ask them the real definition of leadership instead of getting any Tom, Dick & Harry from competitors.

These are just purely my opinions, it is not in any way related to anyone for that matter.

At the same time too, I hope leaders can stop pointing fingers and stop all these rumor-mongering.

Life's is short so enjoy it then only life's good! So go get a life will you?

In meantime, this song got me emo a bit, enjoy the song. I am missing someone...

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