Monday, February 01, 2010


Since my return from Hong Kong, there are massively a lot of things happening. Things that sometimes I myself can't define whether it is good or bad. But as I grow older, I tend to see things in a more positive manner, my family also can see that change in me, even my siblings commented that my temper changed dramatically.

A lot of things inside me, I am glad that I have 2 best buddies to listen to me. They seem to be like my pillars of my life now. And for my family, of late, I managed to handle certain problems wisely which I do not feel comfortable to share it here, but there ain't much concern now because we managed to pull it through.

Secondly, as predicted, I am romantically linked with someone out of the country. Something which I will not deny but I had recently calling it off because it will be better for both parties. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, every decision must be justifiable and must be processed through sanity. Without sanity, every decision will be impulsive and the consequences will be bad (that is at least how I feel). For meantime, we both had decided to chill off a bit, let's see what the future will be. I guess this has much or less answer a lot of questions posted by caring friends who want to know my relationship status :)

Thirdly, I am still working on my project right now and will be back to Hong Kong probably after CNY to conclude it. Then my plan, I might go into employment again depending on offers that are coming. I am glad that there are offers coming in at this point of time, but to me, the right offer & position will be the key factor for me to join into employment again (keeping fingers crossed)

And of late, I have few friends who ended their relationships. One is my schoolmate buddy, another is a close friend who I had been lending my ears to her. I had been thru that stage, it is not easy and trust me, everyone can pull through it. I am always there for you people. Love you!

Ciao for now...

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