Saturday, June 10, 2006

Criticism : Politics & Government - Episode 2

With this week newspaper headlines debating hotly on Tun Mahathir outburst on the current reign of government under Pak Lah, I cannot help myself to view and to voice myself as a citizen of Malaysia. To a certain extent, I do agree with Tun Mahathir, we all do have the right to voice ourselves out. Not many people dare to do that as we might be caught and integorrated by the police under the ISA rules, in this case many people rather keep their mouth zip all the time but nevertheless in the coffee shop, cafe, kopitiam, this issues is freely debated during their quick breakfast time.

Current government, I cannot help but to critisize. Our living costs have increase in a rate where many working level people felt the pinch. 30cents price hike on petrol per litre and 15% increase on electricity tariff, nothing have been good since Pak Lah took over. Lots and lots of news or policies announced by the government left the public complaining of the ever increasing living costs. At least during Tun Mahathir reign as PM, we do have many many good news that made Malaysian proud to a certain extent. The KLCC, the Commonwealth Games, the KLIA airport, this are few landmarks which put Malaysia on the world map.

So many doubts and uncertainties are not answered by current government. There is this AP issue which cool off after the NAP was announced. And there is this investigation on the MRR2 bridge which also cool down and latest on the Matrade building which took extra cost to get it done. Have they ever think where all this money from? What is the reason we pay taxes? Why do we always saying discrimination remark about government servants? Government department who is offering public services for eg : passports, identity cards, etc, I believe out of 10 citizens, at least 8 citizens are experiencing bad services or rude replies. And yet all this people who is government servant continuously getting increment out of nothing? On what based is their increment on?

The government announces there will be no further increment on petrol for 2006, what if in 2007, they announce another 30cent increase, what should we do? With petrol price increases, living costs will increase. And half year already gone, I wonder what further bad news or policies the government will announce for the coming another 6 months before 2007.

I never have this bad negative feelings about the government during Tun M's time as PM but the current situation sometimes make me think of migrating or getting out of Malaysia sometimes. I am a Malaysian born Chinese and yet I do not enjoy privileges like my fellow MALAY-sians. Am I in the right country? How long more can we survive in this country which is going to bankruptcy?

I dontknow whether it is appropriate to condemn and critisize my government here or not. I take the risk, I do not mind. Just like our former PM, I just want to voice myself out. To the current BN lead government under Pak Lah, you guys sucks!!! Please improve.

Malaysia BOLEH? Talk only lar... DAMN!!!


keeykeey said...

so much agree with you.

kennethnorman said...

Every chinese now thinks of migrating correct me if i'm wrong. Living in Boleh Land makes the chinese stirves for more hunger of success whereby the Malays took things for granted. But for now we are lucky that we can enjoy peace and hamrnoy. Only some minor hiccups in the governments that made us like an idiot. Compare to those developing nations, we can count ourselves lucky.
Anyway, living in Boleh Land makes everyone of us Boleh in criticising.
Malaysia Boleh!!

Anonymous said...

you might be right, but please remember those unanswered questions you mentioned are created during Dr.M's time, and the current government have to bear it. KLCC, the Commonwealth Games, the KLIA airport makes you proud? where we got the money to build all this? Dr.M's government borrow it from all over the world, and who have to repay it? the current government, where the current government have to find more money to repay it? from our taxes and petrol subsidies, so Mike, it is a chain reaction thingy.

chammie said...

Imagine yourself staying in Sri Damansara, working in Sg Buloh. Instead of a mere 3km and 10mins daily, you gotta take a detour to LDP, pay RM1.00, go to Kota Damansara, back to Sg Buloh. My colleague who stays in Cheras wakes up at daily, but thesedays watch the 3am world cup match, brushes his teeth and shoot to work.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that the government is not good. After all, we vote and chose our own government(Does that make us not good too?). The local gov & housing ministry, and agricultural ministry for instance, has been doing a good job. It's just that some ministry that are slacking should buck up, and not just support every word the PM says without giving any facts. Our beloved PM has taken over for a few years now, and why only now say that we have no money? The agenda when he took over, was TRANSPARENCY....and now? Every question is answered with "Dr M, your time is over, don't mess with us". Where is the TRANSPARENCY?

The same goes to the MPPJ issue. I'm only curious...Or some say, KEPOH doesn't matter, we only want to know. It's not to condemn, it's to help find a better solution to manage OUR funds....After all, it's OUR money.

We as normal citizens who pay taxes, just like Dr. M, are only concern about what our country will become in a few years. More worrying, what we ourselves will become in a few years. And most of all, what our future children will become.

No doubt, there is a special clause in the making of Malaysia, that the Malays are given 'hak istimewa', this we cannot undo. So, instead of just complaining, we should double up our effort for a better living. Chinese are everywhere in the world, and we always become stronger and smarter after every storm and thunder.

For those who are totally lost, Michael Chong is always there for you.....

Don't like our country? Then save up and migrate.

But we grow up here and spend half our lives here. We have sweet and bitter memories of the past, which will be remembered forever.
If you ask me, I'd want to continue to stay in Malaysia...Negaraku.

Remember the communist who's not allowed to come back to Malaysia, even before he dies? That's sad man....real sad.....

chammie said...

Hey anonymous, do you want to be staying in the Phillipines?

No KLCC, no KLIA, no Commenwealth Games, no Cyberjaya/Putrajaya and only famous for riots, street demonstations and corruptions? Oh ya, the former President's wife has millions pairs of shoes... that's something very famous.....

I'd rather Malaysia be famous, technologically advanced and peaceful, altho' not as rich as the European counties.

Oh ya...talking about peaceful, lately(been around for quite some time already) there's this snatch thief thingy. It never ends. How come the police is not taking any DRASTIC action? My cousin just got her handbag snatched, and had a few stiches on her head after she fell down being the victim of a snatch thief.
Over here, do you dare to walk in a couple on any street in KL after 12pm? the answer is NO. BLODDY HELL...NO. Your might probably get kidnapped, and tied up, and watch your gf get gang-raped in front of u. But in Singapore, even if it's in the wee hours of the morning, everyone feels safe to walk ALONE in any backlane. This is what I call SAFE & PEACEFUL....

Ok, enuff of comments. Time to work. Cheers mate.....

Michael Song said...

Good one... cham... bravo!!!