Thursday, June 22, 2006


For the past 2 weeks, it had not been a good weeks for me. My car tyre punctured twice while at work and was involved in 2 minor accidents that caused minor dent to my car.

The latest incident happened yesterday while I was on my way back from work. Went past this narrow lane in SS2 where there are cars parked alongside the road. I was about to pass the lane and suddenly one of the car just open its door and slam on my front bonnet and mudguard. Plus it is a female student, I told her it was her fault, and she admitted and willing to pay me only RM200 in the process. I declined her offer and instead I told her I will send to workshop and she needs to settle the bill later. She accepted the offer. Check out the picture below, minor dent and red paint scratches on my bonnet above tyre. What an unlucky day for me


Chris said...

Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Bro sad to hear that ur baby myvi kena hit...anyway get her back in shape man...!!!

Michael Song said...

ya mate... definitely will do