Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pre-Last Day @ Work

Thursday... counting down to Friday which will be my last day in this dreaded company. This company got 3 bosses on the helm. Two of them really nice person, must be one of the best superiors I ever worked with but unfortunately I was under the one wicked boss who treated me like a communist.

Big THANK YOU to the two bosses, Stanley & Avelyn. Just after I tendered my resignation on the 1st August. They had been talking, comforting and listening to me. To the extent they even asked me to stay with a better package but I had made my decision to venture elsewhere. Past one week, I got to know my two bosses better, we had good dinner twice for the past one week @ Renaissance & Hilton, PJ. But the past one week too, I had not been talking a single word to my communist boss. But what is over, just let it be, I will cherished the good times I had here.

Yesterday was my farewell lunch together with all my other colleagues. Thanks to Avelyn for initiating it for me. Then evening went to Starbucks, Mont Kiara for a drink with a friend. They also have this flea market there.

Got back home, watched some TVB serials until about 1.30am then head to bed. Counting down to Friday...

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