Monday, July 06, 2009

It's A Relief

I had done it. And the results are so obvious, the moment I took the decisive step, I felt a sense of relief in me. It's my second time in the same company, and I guess a man got to do what he needs to do, now I have time to do more things for myself
  • Exercise and shed some weight and look good again
  • Travel, end July to Thailand and with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines & Krabi in the pipeline of my traveling itinerary
  • Look for new challenge in my career - perhaps regional basis
  • Go and find my fate & love perhaps ;)
People asked will I regret making such decision? Hell no! I felt a sense of relief. Guess perhaps there will better candidate to fit the position. And secondly, I had done at my best, cross fingers, if all the deals that I secured come in this year, it will be a history making for my current company in terms of dollars & cents, volume and value too. And if ever there is a counter offer, what will I do? We shall see, we shall see...

For the time being, it's yippee yay yay time for me!!!! No Monday blues!

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