Monday, June 29, 2009


I am having this crisis, a crossroad in life where I need to make a certain decision. It is always not an easy decision to make but I do wish I can find the answer soon.

I am losing focus in what I am doing. 3 major projects secured now and so what's next? So what is the meaning of securing some multi-million sales and yet losing inspiration and focus at work?

Where is the passion?

Where is the inspiration?

Where is the pride?

Where is the challenge?

And where is the love?

At times, when I worked till late, while driving back home, I think hard. Think hard of what I had achieved all these years. Think hard of my career path. Think hard of what industry I will best excel in.

To the extent I am losing inspiration to write, to blog. The best time I had and I truly enjoyed would be my traveling period. I had just back from Thailand, had great food and met great people.

I look at my peer and I look at myself. Perhaps I did well in many's eyes but the fact is I am not. People said when you are in your early 30s, you will be in a crossroad, a crisis called middle age crisis. I guess that's what I am having now.

In 2 days time, I am leaving for Bali. Hope to get out of hell as much as I can. Bali here I come and perhaps for a Monday's blues, this song suits me best now.

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