Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Know...

Since there is someone who is asking me the meaning of the song, so here you go and being someone who does not know how to read Chinese characters, correction is very much appreciated, so here is what I think is the meaning of the song. Enjoy!

从来没想过 不能再和你牵手
Never thought that I would not be able to hold your hand

委屈时候 没有你 陪着我心痛
During troubled times, you were not there to company me enduring my heartache

一切都是我太过骄纵 以为你会懂
It was because I was too arrogant, assuming that you would understand

一直忘了说 我有多感动
Kept forgetting to tell you how much I was moved

Chorus: 我知道你还是爱着我
I know you still love me

虽然分开的理由 我们都已接受
Despite the fact that both of us are accepting the reason of our separation

You knew that I would have been devastated

所以即使到最后 还微笑着要我加油
So that's why you kept on smiling and encouraged me to keep on fighting

I know you still cannot let me go

才会在离开时 闭着眼没有回头
That's why when you left, you closed your eyes & never look back

We both know that deep inside

其实 这份爱没停过
Actually that this love has never stop

(Repeat All)

Bridge: 曾经完整幸福的梦在脑海里头
The happiness we had still very much embedded on my mind

How I wish you were still by my side

(Repeat Chorus)


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