Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Dad

This post is specially dedicated to my dad.

Happy birthday dude and may you have a blast back home!

It is always known that your son is not doing a very good verbal communication with you as we do share a lot in common especially our temper. The world knows me as a person who can express myself better through writing and in fact, I was motivated a week ago to post up something here but I hold it to today as it coincides with your big day today!

Something from the heart, at times I felt dreaded as well for not being the model son you expect me to be. Well, in valuing success, perhaps we have different definition for that. For you, success means face value in terms of materials gain, wealth, dollars & cents and I do apologized for not being able to achieve the level you are expecting from me.

But, I do have a dream and I do share my dream with my siblings and all I need is support from family members. I hope you can feel my sincerity in this.

On rumors & sayings, I cannot control what those managers had spoken to you. It is unique that we were once colleague and to be frank I am having tough time confronting this. But of recent, I believe I have again prove to you that those rumors and sayings are baseless accusations. If I am not good, I would not have been associated with them for 8 years. There is anger in me to write unpleasant 1001 things about them, but why do I need to do that? The word manager & management came from the word "manage", leaders who cannot manage its people, then leaders should be deemed to be a failure. If people is the failure, leaders should remove them indefinitely as it would make matter worst for the organization, but I do not see that happening.

And dad, do not pressure yourself too much, your age, you should be laid back. As a son, I support you to quit your job! Quit the job and time for you to travel, to Hong Kong to visit me or sis or perhaps next year visit me in Thailand when I am confirm to be posted there. I do not want to pollute this post with stains of the organization you and me know who are them.

So let's make this post not a heavy one, what I try to let you know is that I have plans in mind, but I do not share because it has not been a reality as yet, I do not share does not mean I am not doing anything at all. Trust me dad, trust me...

Again, happy birthday to you!

Love you always,

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