Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Update From HKG

Many might regard working here in Hong Kong is a glam as this country is more developed than what we have back home. For foreigner like me, I am considered lucky that I do not have to pay for my accommodation which might cost me a bomb if I were to go out and rent a place.

A decent apartment or flat here would cost not less than HKD10k per month, that is approximately RM5k. What I enjoy most here for the time being is the weather, though sunny it is not even warm, a perfect day to walk around and sightseeing.

So back to my work, it had complications last week. And I had a chance to participate in a regional meeting and I am currently having a savior to back me up on this project. My target to finish this region would be 3rd week of December if they can approve it fast for me, I just hope there will no longer be any delay further.

If I happen to meet my expected time line and get paid at the same time, the first thing that I want to reward myself is a holiday! Definitely I need a break, I need to see beautiful sea, beaches, do some reading by the beach, drink as much beer as I can. This is how lonely my life is here in Hong Kong. I agree with my friend who stays here as well. This city can be very vibrant but also can make one lonely as well.

I can't wait to eat my nasi lemak and hokkien mee. There's so much I miss back home now.

Pray for me, I shall be back soon!


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