Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

This post is specially made to thank all wishes I received via Facebook & MSN. This is the first time I am out of Malaysia on my birthday. And it is those wishes I received kept me warm while I am at foreign soil.

Received a call from Thailand as well and it did somehow brightened up a bit of my day although I know I got to wake up 7AM later to attend a meeting with client. And thanks to a dear friend who sang me a birthday song all the way from Malaysia, my dear, believe in yourself and let's look at the happier and brighter side ya!

I am indeed really happy now... Guess I am gonna have a sweet sweet dream, and pray for me people, cross fingers that the client will give me a big YES during the meeting on my birthday!

Once again, thanks people!

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kenwooi said...

happy birthday to mike! =)