Thursday, January 14, 2010

1Malaysia? Think Again Fellow Malaysians

I was watching this "Inside Story" by Al-Jazeera, one of the well-known news network in the world. I do not have to elaborate further, this video is worth watching. Without fail, you will find who is the one barking at the wrong tree.

Kebodohan-mu tidak terkata, stop reading script, goodness sake!


Anonymous said...

thats not reading script u ass hole he has been interviewed he write something for his talk and then he apply it on televisis kebodohan? kamu tu yg bodoh, have u seen debate before? where they provide pen and paper for putting ideas?

Karen said...

Sigh! International news channel somemore.

I remember last time Malaysia also been in Jazeera, but forgot what incident. Same thing.

Anonymous said...

i think the first anonymous's eyes got problem, if that case doesnt deemed reading script then i find no word to replace that, seems like there is another stupid and idiot guy giving comments here, i am wondering how the hell malaysia can improve with this kinda rakyat, sigh, more pathetically is that this kinda ppl still think they are so great and right but actually they are juz jokes in those developed nations' eyes, feel shame!!