Friday, January 15, 2010

I Can't Wait For The Next General Election

If we do a simple analysis on the results of the past 2008 General Election (GE), the East Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak saved Barisan Nasional (BN) by giving them the edge over Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Under Najib 1Malaysia, the popularity of ruling parties is definitely diminishing despite the mainstream medias in Malaysia which mainly controlled by the ruling government reporting endless conflicts within the opposition coalition.

As the title of this post itself, I got a very strong feeling that Malaysia is heading for a change. Malaysians are ready to get out of its so-called "comfort-zone" to at least try out the change.

Let's look at BN and its component parties in an overall picture since the 2008 GE.

Since I am a Chinese, I start with MCA who is representing the Chinese in Malaysia. Look at them now, they are a joke as far as I am concern. The conflicts within the party itself is far worst than the much reported disagreements between component parties in the Opposition.

Now, we look at MIC, party that represents the Indians in Malaysia. Where is this guy Samy Vellu now? Perhaps hibernating at the moment to keep low profile as there were high profile cases against him which was reported on Malaysia-Today.

Now, UMNO which I need not have to say more. The recent government supported demonstration (Najib & his cousin brother said it is ok for the public to protest on the Catholic publication, Herald for using the word "Allah" in their publication) & the protest had caused arson attacks on worship places. If you still remember, the very much peaceful BERSIH & HINDRAF rallies were entertained with tear gases & water cannons. Talking about inconsistencies.

And I have not even touch on issue where the Malaysia military force can afford to lose 2 jet engines. For foreigners reading this, don't laugh, it is true, my country military forces had recently said they lost 2 jet engines :)

All in all, I urge all my friends who have yet to register themselves as a voter, please do so to practice your right instead of complaining and talking about it in mamak or kopitiam. And be a well-informed voter by getting facts & truths from all independent sources.

Enjoy the below Al-Jazeera videos. Time to change!

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