Thursday, August 18, 2005

Great Company Great People

Life is so routine that sometimes you tend to neglect the important people around you. At school, college, university and not to forget too people around you at work place. As for myself, this year will be almost my 4th year associated with LG Electronics, one of the best company to work with. I am very fortunate to have bunch of colleagues who always there for me. This blog is specially dedicated to them.

My best colleague & friend at work : Andrew Tan, a specialist in its own division. Bright character and very popular among girls, he somehow got that kind of charisma to attract girls. Very aggresive at times and when he blows his top. Sincerely giving me good advice and constructive criticism when I am in the wrong path. My Futsal buddy as well. Love his girlfriend a lot and secretly told me he definitely going to marry her, same here mate with my Emmery. People in the company saying us like brothers, we were born in the same month and same year, only 6 days apart from each other. Andrew, appreciate our colleague-ship, brother-ship & friendship. This is for you k.

Sometimes when meet up with my friends & relatives, when discussing about work, some might critically critisized their superior, some might say nice things about their superior. For myself, I considered very fortunate to work under a Korean boss, although position wise, he is my superior and my boss but frankly this few months of working with him had been a pleasure for me. He is by far one of the best boss I had worked with. Aggresive and loud character, I think I am influenced by him, becoming a little more loud compared to the past. A very passionate character about his work and his product. Nevertheless, he played his role well taking very good care of us, me and my other product guy Chai. Mr. Jung, thanks a lot for everything.

My other colleagues that I want to show my gratitude for being the best companions in the office. Chai, the guy sitting beside handling DVD & Audio, funny character, just look at his picture and you will know. :)

Jason Teoh, the guy who only happened to be selected for a press ad who always call himself celebrity. And Mandy Mah, girl who drink alcohol like water, girl with bad mouth, always with bad words but that make us closer. Thank you people!

Thank you all... Love you all!

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