Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Blogger

I happened to browse thru one of my best friend's blog, most of them are in Chinese which is too bad for me for not understanding Chinese language (my only regret). I found that it is quite interesting to share certain values in life, informations among friends and those who interested in it.

For a start, looking at my blog name, it reads "Failure Today, Success Tomorrow", just to share some of my motivation thoughts with all of my beloved friends. This remark really helps to urge us to think more positively in everything we do. Of course yes sometimes we complain, sometimes we got frustrated but it is part and parcel of life. Life without challenges will not be a life, life is like a roller coaster which i always believe, sometimes u are up there and sometimes u will be down.

My mentality mindset might be influenced with the company I am working now. Great Company, Great People...

I hope my new blog will create a stir and be one of the best.



Anonymous said...

pretyy honoured to become the first person put some comments..well, the site is not done in the flowery & the bombastic way.. but truely it was one of the most "true feelings" site that i have seen! after reading, i feel very warm & happy for my fren (the one i have knew for less than 3 mths, but the chemistry between both us is just like to those who knew for ages). Well, wish both you (emmery & mike song) will be happily ever after..gegege (neighbour)

Daivd Chung said...

Now I realized your father is working for Melaka branch. When I visit Melaka with Chong, Paul and Jamal, your father took care of us well. It was really appreciated.
I hope we will meet in LGEML office soon and have a drink with Chong. Bye