Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August Month End

Today 30th of August 2005, how time really flies, we are now in the end of 8th month of the year. And we are going to celebrate the 48th National Day.

Kinda stress as pushing for sales for the month of August. Since morning, we had done a non-stop pushing & billing trying to reach our target. It is not easy to work in the Korean company like LG. Everything is so tough, so competitive, we have to fight to emerge the winner in the end of the day. Lucky for me is that this company culture is like battling in the war, everyone is like a fighter.

After fighting for today, I will be on a long stretch summer. 31st August is a public holiday and I am taking 1st & 2nd Sept on leave, going back to my girlfriend's place tonight. Trying to rest & rejuvenate myself so that I can start afresh again on Monday and fight again.

Happy Holidays everybody!


kenji said...

banzai...nihon banzai

Master_Yip said...

nihon stupid...I support Korea now~~~~~

No Janpanese product in Malaysia!!!!

Boycott Japanese product!!!!

I Love Korea!!!!!!

Master_Yip said...

Mic, ur pic is in my car.....only have some photo we took lately....old time 1, tak tahu pergi mana....Maybe kat saya punya meow meow's computer.....