Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Vote for K Cars (Compact Cars)

Yet another K Car launching this month. Toyota Yaris, RM 99,000 to own it

Still I think Myvi value for money for K-car category. RM 49,500 at the moment

Then we got Honda Jazz for RM102,800. Of course then we have Hyundai Getz and Proton Savvy. But this 2 are not Malaysian favourite.


kenji said...

I will choose Toyota.
Toyota is superb

kennethnorman said...

well, previously i would prefer Jazz coz no other K-car chunner then Jazz & it's xpensive though to own a car.

Yaris came out & i can smell something on it. Not bad.. the design is not so squarish compare to jazz.. For now the price is cheaper than Jazz but i'm sure i will raise the $$$...

I vote for Toyota...coz i am a supporter!!

Malaysia Boleh!!