Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday Blues

Was not feeling well cos not having a good sleep the previous night, after work, went for futsal session, sweat alot, good game but many injured. All so motivated to play well because the World Cup is approaching, my colleague sprained on of his ankle and cramped the other leg, pity him. Get well soon, Kenneth. My another brother, Chris sprained his ankle too after snapping his leg on the ball.

For me, again my backache problem. Went back, showered and applied Yoko2. And woke my gf up as she was asleep, we were on a date for Da Vinci Code with my ex-colleagues at GSC One-U for 12.30midnite show. Reached One-U early at 11.30pm, had toasted bread and cuppa 'cham' with my gf while waiting for my friends to come. Finally they showed up at 12.15am, was so eager as this movie is so much anticipated after I read the book. And u know what? Damn, my friends forgot to bring the tickets, I was so upset, that I went back with my gf. Showing my temper and my dark vader face to them. In the end, went home and head straight to bed. A big Friday BLUES.

I start to believe that my ex-colleagues got this Malaysia Boleh syndrome, typical Malaysian. Sorry to Sandra, Andrew, Shawn & the rest who is reading this. I am upset. Please improve your attitude.


kennethnorman said...

Yo brader.... Malaysia Boleh!! I pun Boleh!! that's why i got my ankle sprained.. to bad then, have to rest for about 2-3 month to fully recover.. c my recovery how fast lo..

Dun be so up set la... chill out...they din purposely wan ma... like me lo..totally unxpected..

Malaysia Boleh!!

I think i'll put the tag line everytime i blog..

Chris said...

Bro...rilek World Cup hopes Sven would leave me out of the 23 man squad...neway will have a full scan today and see what's the outcome...wahahhahaha...**kidding**
last Friday wasn't that bad's all in the mind bro...tomorrow is another Friday...cheer up bro...