Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tired Friday

After work, went back home to pack stuff for futsal. Before futsal, dropped by at One-Utama florist, to get a bouquet of flowers for mommy, Mother's Day next week but I am goin back this weekend mar. Bought a card to. Then head to Tmn Megah futsal court. Just before started, watched how Malaysia bungkus themselves back for Thomas Cup.

Played hard futsal, then went yam char wif my ex-colleagues and surprisingly my ex-boss also turned up. Chatted till about 1am. Went back home and got scolded by girlfriend for waking her up from her sleep and she could not sleep, then I have to wait until she dozed off before I go for my sleep cos once I sleep, the motorboat will start its engine.

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Chris said...

Wahahahhahhaa...this motorboat thingy is funny...