Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mikemmery Pimped Siem Reap, Cambodia

This trip was planned way back in April when AirAsia was doing their airfare promotion. It was initially a guy with 2 girls trip, but during that many months I managed to tag Alan along, so it was 4 in a party to paint Siem Reap town red :)

A few more post to come, mikemmery will be filled with his experiences in Siem Reap. Thanks to slowcatchupkuan, I managed to get a few tips before I fly off last Wednesday, shall again share the tips here for those who plan for a breakaway from the stressful KL City.

Our trip was 5d/4n, our flight was at 7.30am, I only packed my stuff that midnight itself while Alan had a catnap at my place. Things to bring to Siem Reap:
1. Digital Camera (a MUST - with a lot of memory card)
2. Short Pants - it's hot & easier to walk around temples with shorts
3. T-shirts - plain light shirt, prepare to sweat a lot
4. Sunglasses
5. Cap
6. Sunblock
7. Small tower - did I just mention sweat???
8. Sandal - myself, I wore only a pair of Crocs for the whole trip
9. Tiger Balm - lots of insect bites, itchy itchy itchy...

Myself & Alan went to fetch Angela & met up @ Angeline's place, oh ya let me introduce my travelling companion for this trip.


Angela (left) & Angeline

Last but not least, my shameless camwhore.

We all met up @ Angeline's place @ about 3am, none of us actually slept. Went mamaking and the limo came & picked us up at 4am, reached LCCT 2 hours before our flight, we were like walking zombie. And I got my first gift for my birthday, I got to thank her here, she's also my avid reader, thanks Angeline for the lovely gift.

Passport checked, boarding pass checked, arrival & departure cards checked, ladies & gentleman, mikemmery gonna paint Siem Reap city red...

Stay tune....


maegen said...

welcome back ~!!

Michael Song said...

thx maegen, post nice nice picture 4 u ya...