Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Earning With Blogging

It felt just like yesterday, this year I am entering my 4th year blogging at this site. I am still an idiot to be frank on some jargons, whatever SEO or search optimization, blah blah blah... Even this decent design of my blog was done by fellow blogger Splashmilk. I just write when I am inspired to regardless how many unique or visitors actually read my blog.

I think (not sure) my readers are mainly comprising of my friends, family members, relatives, people close at my heart, colleagues, my bosses & even my clients. Perhaps this blog is the other side of me which they find interesting. Perhaps so, I am not sure.

I blogged about everything under the sun, politics, love, my trips, food I ate, my relationships, etc. 4 years ago, there was no Nuffnang. But I did played a minor role in my day job shortlisting "big bloggers" to review some of the products that my company carries such as mobile phones. There was a blogger who charged my company as high as RM4000/post but his traffic was high back then. Most of the big bloggers charge averagely about RM2000/post. Good money huh?

I know I shouldn't have share this piece of info but then let this piece of info inspire those who really have passion for blogging to seriously think of this as a profesion. There are not many big bloggers, just handful of them and people who read blogs will definitely bump into their blogs before.

Then come Nuffnang, earnings not much but no complain isn't it? Our main agenda as blogger is still writing quality piece. Best thing about Nuffnang is every blogger can register it, whether you are big or small and of cos if you are as big as the coconut, your purse will definitely be thicker than small fry just like me. Though small, thanks to Nuffnang, I do have a few hundreds in my account, no complain. Give it a shot for a start.

And on Google Adsense, this is something I could not be bother to even analyze it. You must be good in some search engine optimization and high page rank which I do not what the hell was that.

And this year, besides maintaining my own journal here, I am looking forward to managing another virgin blog from a MNC and some of its online campaigns. I never expect to be selected but when the call come and in view of the dollar & cent, I grabbed the opportunity. It is still under progress and will share once it's in the execution stage.

So bloggers there, you might not be big but opportunities are everywhere. With the additional portfolio, I hope I can still blog as much as I can here but I assure you people I am gonna bring more love & peace to my readers during this sorry state of recession.

Cheer up! My wedding coming soon....

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e l d y said...

try to not blog about everything ..

Top blog must be something attract those blogger(or readers) come to that site ...

Hehe^^ Promote mine here ...